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We know that professional accountants, bookkeepers, and even business owners rely on QuickBooks for handling their accounting tasks. This incredible tool offers hundred of unbuilt tools to manage businesses smoothly and help users, vendors, customers, etc to progress quickly. However, being software there are some common QuickBooks Error Codes that users face while using it.

These error codes stop users from performing important accounting/bookkeeping tasks and impact business growth. To estimate, there are tons of errors affecting your software and system such as Accounting, technical, and banking errors. Also, you can’t repair them successfully until you know about the errors list and their origin. So, let’s learn about these errors codes and the most preferred methods to repair them.

quickbooks error codes

Common QuickBooks Error Codes in Each Version

It is obvious that you will encounter errors in QuickBooks because it’s a technical software that releases annual updates, adds up features, tools, etc.

While doing so, the software becomes vulnerable to technical glitches and bugs, therefore, popping up errors. Let’s check some common QB error codes faced by users.

Common Error Codes in QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise Common Errors
QuickBooks Error 103QuickBooks Error 3140
QuickBooks Error 102QuickBooks Error 176103
QuickBooks Error 108QuickBooks Error 1321
QuickBooks Error 324QuickBooks Error 61689
QuickBooks Error 106QuickBooks Error 179
QuickBooks Error 15203QuickBooks Error 7300
QuickBooks Error 9999QuickBooks Error 105
QuickBooks Error 15223QuickBooks Error 504
QuickBooks Error 15243QuickBooks Error 590
QuickBooks Error 12057QuickBooks online error
QuickBooks Error 12007QuickBooks Error 1303
QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5QuickBooks Error 429
QuickBooks Error 6000, 832QuickBooks Error 1706
QuickBooks Error 500QuickBooks Error 121

Our next step is to examine QuickBooks Payroll, its features, and some common errors.

QuickBooks Payroll

Through this version, payroll taxes are calculated, direct deposits are sent to customers, and paychecks are generated. If you need to create payroll tax forms such as 940, 941, or W-2, then only payroll service is a smart solution. It also creates reports that can be utilized for tax preparation. You can integrate the payroll service in your software, allowing yourself to manage tax forms with confidence.

The common QuickBooks Error Codes (Payroll) are listed in the table below.

Now, let’s learn the common errors codes of QB Online.

QuickBooks Online

You use QuickBooks Online on your PCs and smartphones, to manage your business accounts properly. It is designed to meet the accounting needs of accountants, bookkeepers, freelancers, independent companies, and entrepreneurs. It’s a simple tool for keeping track of sales, expenses, and taxes. It also helps in the development and tracking of reports based on data graphics.

The table below contains some QuickBooks Error Codes in Online Version.

QuickBooks Online Error Codes
QuickBooks Error 6000 308QuickBooks Error 103
QuickBooks Error 1303QuickBooks Error 102
QuickBooks Error 429QuickBooks Error 324
QuickBooks Error 1706QuickBooks Error 106
QuickBooks Error 121QuickBooks Error 9999
QuickBooks Error 3140QuickBooks Error 108
QuickBooks Error 176103QuickBooks Error 15243
QuickBooks Error 1321QuickBooks Error 15203
QuickBooks Error 61689QuickBooks Error 12007
QuickBooks Error 179QuickBooks Error 15223
QuickBooks Error 7300QuickBooks Error 6000,832
QuickBooks Error 504QuickBooks Error 12057
QuickBooks Error 185QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5
QuickBooks Error 590QuickBooks Error 500
QuickBooks Error 190QuickBooks Error 500
QuickBooks QuickBooks Error 500

Now, let’s move to QuickBooks Point of Sale to check the common error codes it shows.

QuickBooks Point Of Sale

QuickBooks POS is a component of QB software that allows business users to access accounting functions. There are two versions of the POS itself: Pro and Basics.

It is created to make essential daily tasks easier for small, medium, and large enterprises. Customer management, automation of the complete banking process, employee management, and inventory tracking, are all services performed by POS.

The table below contains some QuickBooks Error Codes in the POS version

QuickBooks POS Common Error Codes

QuickBooks Error 6105

QuickBooks Error 3180

QuickBooks Error 7149

QuickBooks POS error codes

QuickBooks Error 2000

QuickBooks Error 1328

QuickBooks Error 77

QuickBooks Error 1334

QuickBooks Error 1311

QuickBooks Error 176109

QuickBooks Error 6000 82

QuickBooks Error 12031

QuickBooks Error 1406

QuickBooks Error 12157

QuickBooks Error 100

QuickBooks Error 3008

QuickBooks Error 193

QuickBooks Error 3007

QuickBooks Error 143

QuickBooks Error 4120

QuickBooks Error 195

QuickBooks Error 6143

QuickBooks Error 100060

QuickBooks Error 1014

QuickBooks Error 175305

QuickBooks Error 3003

QuickBooks Error 1722

QuickBooks Error 176104

Lastly, let’s learn about QuickBooks Desktop’s functionalities and some errors that users encounter.

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QuickBooks Desktop

This specific version has to be installed in a PC setup and only one user can use it. It can also generate invoices, create sales, track sales, generate tax reports, and handle accounts payable/receivable. This version is designed to meet all needs of a product-based company that requires inventory tracking.

The table below contains some QuickBooks Error Codes in the Desktop Version


Just there are errors troubling you, there are some solutions to counter them as well. If QuickBooks sometimes bothers you with errors then it also offers various inbuilt tools to help you tackle them with ease. Some inbuilt tools are QuickBooks File Doctor, QuickBooks Tool Hub, QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool, etc.

Now, you must have acquired some idea about how QuickBooks help you in growing your business and what errors it can show. There are many QuickBooks Error Codes you can encounter while using QB online, POS, or desktop version, and we have listed all possible errors here. We also have a list of QuickBooks update error that you can see. Does not matter if it’s a bug causing an error or its user inattentiveness, resolving the issue should be your absolute priority. With these lists here, you will understand what error takes palace in which QB version. And when you identify this, it becomes easy for you to troubleshoot it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 How do I fix errors in QuickBooks?

You can fix all the errors in QuickBooks on your own, as all the errors are easy to resolve when you know the cause. However, you can use easy tactics of reopening the software or reinstalling every error. Moreover, every error has a different way of getting resolved.

Q.2 What is QuickBooks error 43?

Error 43 of QuickBooks comes up when your system is getting data damage and QuickBooks is unable to run. Then you will get this error on your screen.

Q.3 Can you repair QuickBooks?

Yes, you can repair QuickBooks easily with some easy techniques. Majorly QuickBooks got crashed with different errors that you are required to resolve. Well, you can perform some basic techniques of restarting Windows or running the software as administrator.

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