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You all might be loving QuickBooks as it is easy to use and also saves your time. With this, you can increase your productivity and profit too. As, it will give you the option of creating invoices, keeping track of employees, and many more. But, sometimes you may see that you are facing errors that interrupt your ongoing tasks. One such error is QuickBooks Error 1311 which you will see when you are exporting a file from an accounting statement. So, today we are discussing why error 1311 QuickBooks is appearing and how we can fix it. For that be with us and use one of the troubleshooting solutions to get out of it. Let’s start.

Overview of QuickBooks Error 1311

QuickBooks Error 1311 Error 1311 when updating QuickBooks data1 cab prevails when you are trying to update QBs with a CD or exporting a file from a financial statement. This creates a problem for businesses as they can’t transfer files to excel. You can get a pop-up “Error 1311: Source file not found. Ensure the file exists and you have permission to access it”. You might also experience this if your device is experiencing a problem.

Possible Causes of QuickBooks Error 1311

It is important to note that QuickBooks error code 1311 can result from a variety of reasons. Here are some of the most common ones: Damaged Microsoft Office
  • It is possible that the version you are using is not appropriate for your QBs software.
  • Your installed QuickBooks file is corrupted.
  • The CD-ROM drive is having some problems.
  • You are using a damaged CD for installation purposes.
  • Microsoft Office installed on Windows has been damaged.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 1311

We find it easy to find out the error if we know that these are the symptoms that we will get when QuickBooks error 1311 appears:
  1. When you are transferring files to the media but your software gets frozen.
  2. Not able to export one or more files from QBs files to excel.
  3. Installing QuickBooks desktop is unsuccessful every time.
  4. An error 1311 message and description may appear on the screen.
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Troubleshooting Solutions of QuickBooks Error 1311

Now that you know what QuickBooks error code 1311 is, you can finally get started on resolving it. Here are some troubleshooting solutions to resolve QuickBooks error 1311:

Solution 1: Fix CD-ROM Entry to “Local Users”

Basically, it protects a user from having sensitive information accessed on their computer over the network by other users logged on to the computer. So, to resolve error 1311 QuickBooks you need to fix the entry of local users by following the steps: Restrict CD-ROM access to Local users
  • Hold Window + R and write the Control Panel in the Run screen.
  • Choose Administrative Tools and tap on the Local Security Policy.
  • Then click on Local Policy Folder by extending the list.
  • Select Security Options and then choose your MS Windows mode.
  • Lastly, hit the Restrict CD-ROM access to Local users button.

Solution 2: Download QBs from ‘Local Storage’

In order to eliminate QBs error 1311, it is better to download QBs from local storage. Follow these instructions:
  • Firstly, you need to open the CD-ROM and put the QBs installation CD into it.
  • Then see if it automatically opens QBs installation window just press Quit.
  • Tap on Windows Desktop and drag your mouse to the New option and choose Folder.
  • Now, give it the name QuickBooks Installation and then open “Windows File Manager”.
  • Choose all files by holding Ctrl + A and hit on Ctrl + C to copy the files that you have selected.
  • After that paste all files to that folder and start to download QBs again.

Solution 3: Scanning & Installation

If you scan all your files and then install it will show you all the problems in starting so that you will not face this issue afterward. For that follow these procedures: Scanning & Installation
  • Look for the Command Prompt in the All Programs menu.
  • If you see the command option on your screen, just select Run as Administrator.
  • Now, you will see a black window, where simply write SFC.
  • Once done, go to Command Prompt and Enter msiexec.
  • Later on, write msiexec and finish it after visiting CS. 

Solution 4: Verify the Suitability of MS Office with QBs

It might be possible that you are using that version of MS Office which is not compatible with QuickBooks software installed on your computer. To check follow these steps:
  • Tap on Windows + R and write Control Panel.
  • Then choose Add or Remove Programs and click on Microsoft Office.
  • Now, select Repair so that you are able to fix installation issues.
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Solution 5: Download “CS4 Application” Again

Sometimes you face QuickBooks error 1311 because of a CS4 application installed on your computer. So, it’s better if you uninstalled it and install it again by looking at the instructions: Download “CS4 Application” Again
  • Choose Start or Windows Key then tap on Run Window.
  • Write msiexec/unreg and then reinstall the CS4 application.
  • Lastly, follow the instructions to finish the process of installation.


QuickBooks Error 1311 is not a very common error but interrupts your work. Moreover, you will not be able to use QuickBooks accounting software and therefore will not be able to complete your daily tasks. Hopefully, the above methods will fix QuickBooks error 1311. If not, the problem must be underlying in some other situations. Thus, we would like to assist you with anything you need 24×7.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do I fix QuickBooks desktop update errors?

  • Open QBs as an Administrator.
  • Verify the Date & Time of your PC.
  • Check and Configure the Internet Connection.
  • Run Quick Fix my Program.

Q2. How do I fix error code 1321 in QuickBooks?

Q3. What is the purpose of error codes?

Answer – To simplify research into the cause and how to fix an error & error codes can be used to specify it.

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