QuickBooks Won't Open or Doesn't Start Error [Solved]


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while trying to access the Quickbooks software, you may encounter several errors that won’t allow you to log in to your Quickbooks account. However, this is one of the common errors that most of the users encounter while trying to open the Quickbooks software. the Quickbooks software might not open even after clicking on the icon for some time. this issue can occur due to some technical issues in the software or due to any kind of network issues or how Quickbooks communicate with these components. Quickbooks won't Open Error

this error can occur while you are processing something on the Quickbooks software, hence it is advisable to keep your Quickbooks software updated to the latest release so that it will have the latest tools and features to troubleshoot these kinds of error in No time. however, there are multiple reasons that can lead to Quickbooks not opening error. One such reason can be any damage to the local hard drive of your computer or any kind of damage to the windows components that can cause this error. Quickbooks requires updated windows component in order to install and start the program. Hence make sure to keep your windows and Quickbooks software updated to the latest release.

however, most of the Quickbooks error can be resolved by performing a Quickbooks install of the software. if you are getting Quickbooks error 429 then you can troubleshoot this error by re-installing the Quickbooks software. it will clear all the junk and spam files from the program and the cause of the error will be resolved.

You can troubleshoot this error by using the Quickbooks component repair tool or by rebooting the computer and disabling the anti-malware software temporarily.

Quickbooks Won’t Open error

You will get a message on the screen that will say “Quickbooks won’t Open or Stopped working” or you will get nothing, the program will start freezing or crashing. Or while opening a company file on the Quickbooks software, it might start responding slowly or not respond at all. even the Quickbooks company file errors like Quickbooks error 1603, 1935, and 1402 can also lead to Quickbooks won’t open error. still, you will get multiple solutions to troubleshoot this error as soon as possible.

Reasons for Quickbooks Won’t Open Error

there are some of the reasons that will lead to Quickbooks not working error.

  • Long Company name
  • Damaged QBWUSER.INI file in windows.
  • Corrupted or damaged hard drive.
  • issues with the windows operating system.
  • issues with Quickbooks Desktop Installation.

Quickbooks Not Opening Error Effects

there are some of the symptoms you will face if you have got Quickbooks Won’t open error.

  • the Quickbooks software will stop responding to your commands.
  • You might need to update Quickbooks software.
  • Quickbooks might have not installed properly.
  • Now able to open the Quickbooks company file.
  • the software will respond slowly to the mouse and keyboard commands.

Troubleshooting Methods of Quickbooks Won’t Open Issue

Solution: 1 Reboot/restart your Computer

The best way to troubleshoot any of the Quickbooks error is by rebooting or restarting your computer. Restart your device and then try accessing the Quickbooks software again to check whether the error still persists or not. if you are still getting the error then you need to disable the anti-malware software temporarily. Try opening Quickbooks software again after disabling the Quickbooks software.


Solution: 2 Quickbooks Install Diagnostic Tool

Quickbooks error

If you have tried the above method and the error still persists, then you need to run the Quickbooks install diagnostic tool to automatically detect and troubleshoot the Quickbooks installation error. you need to simply go to the official Quickbooks website and run the tool. it will automatically troubleshoot the error with Microsoft components like .Net Framework, Microsoft Visual C++, and Microsoft MSXML.

Solution3: Perform a Clean Install of Quickbooks software

Quickbooks won't Open

if the Quickbooks install diagnostic tool is unable to troubleshoot the error then you need to install the Quickbooks clean install tool. this tool will help you to perform a Quick and clean re-installation of the Quickbooks software. this will delete all the existing errors and fix the Quickbooks won’t open error. you need to just run the Quickbooks clean install tool and follow the prompted instructions to complete the process. after this process, you will get the latest release of the Quickbooks software. this will be a faster way to troubleshoot this Quickbooks error.

So these were the solutions that you need to follow if you have got the Quickbooks won’t open error. if you are unable to recover this error then you can take help from professionals at Quickbooks