How to Fix QuickBooks Requires That You Reboot Loop Error


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Have you downloaded a recent QuickBooks update and your system suddenly started showing a “QuickBooks requires that you reboot loop” error? Here’s how you can fix it. 

QuickBooks is a perfect accounting tool for all kinds of businesses, be it small or large. Many businesses have been using this software for years to keep track of their money. Not only this, but QuickBooks performs various other useful functions as well, like tax planning, automatic payments, salary payments, etc. 

However, since QuickBooks is a software, you may sometimes face issues while operating it. One such common error that can occur is the “QuickBooks requires that you reboot loop” error. The error restricts you from updating or installing the QuickBooks application. In this article, we have discussed all the causes which trigger this issue and their fixes.  

What Does QuickBooks Requires That You Reboot Loop Error Means?

QuickBooks reboot loop error occurs while installing an update of QuickBooks. While installing, QuickBooks will ask you to restart your system and even after restarting your system, the same message will pop up on your screen. The same message stating “QuickBooks requires that you reboot your computer to complete the installation” appears on your system every time you open QuickBooks to install the recent update.

This never-ending loop of restarting your computer can frustrate the user and waste a lot of their time. If you are also encountering the same issue, let’s first understand the reasons behind the QuickBooks update keeps asking to reboot error. 

Causes of QuickBooks Requires that You Reboot Loop

QuickBooks update requires that you reboot loop error generally occurs when you are trying to use or open QuickBooks, but it is suggesting for a reboot. This error can be really frustrating and can delay your work. But the good part is, just with a few steps, this error can be fixed. Before jumping on to the solutions, let’s find out the common causes of QuickBooks 2023 requires that you reboot loop. 

a) Issues with User Account

This error might occur if your Windows account has not provided all the required permissions for QuickBooks to function properly. 

b) Company File is Damaged

If the company file that you are trying to access is corrupted, it can start the reboot loop, where your QuickBooks will not work until you reboot your computer. 

c) Conflicting Software 

If you are using any other software on your computer that is not letting QuickBooks operate properly, it can trigger the reboot loop. 

d) Installation is Corrupted

In case you have recently installed QuickBooks on your computer and it is asking for a reboot, then you might have installed a corrupted version of QuickBooks. 

e) Old QuickBooks 

As the new updates of QuickBooks come, the old version stops working. Hence, you might face this error if you are using an outdated or old QuickBooks. 

Preliminary Requisites To Fix QuickBooks Update Reboot Loop Error

Now that you are aware of what can trigger QuickBooks requires that you reboot loop error, we advise you to follow these preliminary steps that can help you fix the issue easily. 

  • Ensure that you have downloaded the latest version of the QuickBooks app.
  • You can also suppress the current version of the QuickBooks desktop on which you are facing the QuickBooks reboot loop error.
  • Change the name of TLG and ND files.
  • Ensure hosting isn’t turned off on your computer.
  • Troubleshoot the QuickBooks desktop app downloaded on your system.

How to Fix QuickBooks Requires that You Reboot Loop?

In this section, we will explain how to fix this issue. So, let’s examine the solutions to this error.

Solution 1: Update QuickBooks 

To fix this reboot loop error, first, you will have to make sure that you are using the updated version of QuickBooks. Here is how you can update QuickBooks. 

a) Go to QuickBooks. 

b) Select ‘Help’. 

c) Tap on ‘Update QuickBooks Desktop’.

d) Click on ‘Update Now’ and follow the instructions given on your screen. 

Solution 2: Reboot Your PC

For the next solution, you need to reboot your computer. For this, close all the running programs and then reboot your PC. 

Solution 3: Use QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

Use QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

a) Download and Install QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool on your computer. 

b) Follow the instructions given on your screen and complete the repair process. 

Solution 4: Install QuickBooks Again 

Sometimes, you might need to delete the QuickBooks and then reinstall it again on your PC. Here is how you can do it. 

a) Go to Windows Control Panel and then uninstall QuickBooks. 

b) Now, go to the official Intuit website and download the latest version of QuickBooks. 

c) Install QuickBooks on your computer, and you are good to go. 

Solution 5: Find Conflicting Software 

There might be software like antivirus, firewall settings, etc., that might not be allowing QuickBooks to operate its functions properly. To fix this, remove the conflicting software from your computer. 

Solution 6: Restore and Repair Company File

a) Open QuickBooks. 

b) Go to the ‘File’ menu. 

c) Tap on ‘Utilities’ and then select either ‘Verify Data’ or ‘Rebuilt Data’ depending on the issue. 

d) Now follow the instructions that show up on your screen. 

Solution 7: Make a New Windows Account 

Sometimes, QuickBooks requires that you reboot loop issues may also arise due to some problem with your Windows user account. To fix this, you can try creating a new Windows account. 

Solution 8: Run Quickbooks In Selective Startup Mode

In case any other application running on your computer is hampering QuickBooks’ operations, running your system in a selective startup mode can help you. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Press the Windows and R keys together to open the Run window on your screen.
  2. In the run window, type msconfig.
  3. Click on the OK button and the system configuration window will open.
    Click on the OK button and the system configuration window will open.
  4. Under the general tab, click on the selective startup mode option. 
  5. Make sure to choose the load system services option.
    Make sure to choose the load system services option.
  6. Move to the services tab and click on the “hide all Microsoft services” option. 
  7. Next, click on “Disable all”.
  8. Now, uncheck the “hide all Microsoft services” option.
    Now, uncheck the “hide all Microsoft services” option.
  9. Ensure to tick the Windows Installer checkbox from the list of services.
  10. Click on OK button.
    Click on OK button.
  11. Finally, click on the Restart button and your system will reboot. Again, try to open QuickBooks on the system and install the update. Once the update is done, switch back to the normal mode. 

To switch back to normal mode, follow the following steps:

  1. Open the run window by pressing the Windows and R keys together.
  2. Open the system configuration window by typing Msconfig.
  3. Under the general tab, choose normal startup mode.
  4. Click on OK.
  5. Finally, click on the restart option to reboot your system.

Solution 9: Run Quick Fix My Program

Run Quick Fix My Program

Another method to fix the “QuickBooks requires that you reboot loop” error is to run the Quick Fix My program feature present in the QuickBooks tool hub. To use the tool, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Close the QuickBooks app on your system.
  2. Update QuickBooks tool hub. 
  3. In the Quickbooks Tool Hub window, go to the “Program problems” tab.
  4. Click on the Quick Fix My Program button.
  5. Start QuickBooks on your system and attempt to open a data file.
  6. In the end, reboot your system.

Solution 10: Access Company File From Another Location

Try accessing the QuickBooks company file from another location and see if you still get the “QuickBooks requires that you reboot your computer to complete the installation” error message. Follow the below-mentioned steps to access your company file from another location:

  1. Start Windows Explorer by pressing the Windows and E keys together.
  2. Find a file with .QBW extension.
  3. In case you are looking for the file on a network server, you will have to look for it in the network drive.
  4. When found, right-click on this file and copy it.
  5. In your C drive, create a new folder and rename it as QBTest.
  6. Paste the copied file in this new folder.
  7. Open QuickBooks and simultaneously hold the CTRL button.
  8. Try using the company file now.

Solution 11: Rename TLG and ND Files

Transaction Log and network data files are crucial for the proper working of the QuickBooks application. In case these files get corrupted, you can encounter a QuickBooks update reboot loop error. Therefore, to fix the issue, you can rename these files. This will recreate these files on your system when you install or run QuickBooks, ensuring you work with fresh files, not the corrupted ones.

Solution 12: Edit Temporary Folder Permissions

As mentioned, one of the common reasons that triggers the “QuickBooks update asking to reboot” error is insufficient file permissions. Therefore, we recommend you edit folder permissions and see if it works for you. 

  1. Press the Windows key.
  2. In the search box, type %temp%.
    In the search box, type %temp%.
  3. The temp folder will now open on the screen. Here, in the folder, right-click and from the menu, choose properties.
  4. In the properties window, click on security and then tap on edit.
  5. Go to Windows Username.
  6. Tick the checkbox for full access and choose allow.
  7. In the next prompts, click on OK twice.
  8. When done, install QuickBooks again and see if you still encounter the QuickBooks reboot loop error.


QuickBooks requires that you reboot loop error can restrict you from opening QuickBooks or accessing any related file on your system. The error can be triggered due to multiple reasons including corrupted software files, outdated QuickBooks version, or even insufficient permissions. Although the error can be resolved easily, if nothing works, you can contact us for technical guidance. Our expert team will help you fix the “QuickBooks requires that you reboot loop” error.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

In order to update QuickBooks, you need to open QuickBooks, go to the Help section, and then click on the Update button. After this, you just need to follow the instructions given on your screen, and you will get to use the new QuickBooks version.

There are a number of reasons why this error may arise:
a) Using outdated QuickBooks

b) Conflicting software

c) Issue with Windows user account

d) Damaged company file

Here’s how you can fix this error: 

a) Update QuickBooks 

b) Fix damaged files 

c) Remove conflicting software

d) Use diagnostic tool 

e) Uninstall and then install QuickBooks again