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QuickBooks is one of the trusted tools of the business industry. Many small businesses have evolved into a big one by relying on this one software. Intuit has made this remarkable software to deal with many small and big accounting tasks. There have been so many advancements made to this iconic tool to improve the flow of work. You can conduct the QuickBooks download in different versions and editions. 

Not only do you find the yearly quickbooks versions but editions like Pro, Premier, Mac, and Enterprise as well. Well, several entrepreneurs are still in dark about the QuickBooks downloads. That’s where the needs come to prepare this guide. Make sure to learn about dynamic features associated with the different versions of software. Also, let us first clear our understanding of QuickBooks.

What is QuickBooks?

Quickbooks intuit

QuickBooks is a widely known accounting software designed to track income and expenses. Intuit brings it to aid all the mid-sized companies to meet their financial goals. The software provides some key features to keep track of financial health. 

The list of features goes like outsourcing, mapping, bank reconciliation, e-mail functionality, payroll features, payment functions, and lots more. Intuit brings lots more to updated versions and editions so that the user can opt for the best one from various alternatives.

It is the best suit for everyone from a freelancer to an entrepreneur. Mid-sized businesses trust this to operate the invoices, pay bills and keep a note of the cash flows. Not only this but the tool is also ranked as the top-notch accounting software among others. You can make the best out of it once started using this tool.

Well, Intuit keeps on modifying and adding some more advanced features to this software. Also, it keeps building other helping tools like QuickBooks tool hub, QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool, QuickBooks Install diagnostic, QuickBooks file doctor, and lots more. If you are also fascinated with this tool then must learn the QuickBooks downloads and installation.

How Should You Download and Install QuickBooks?

The procedure would be done in five easy steps. So, learn how to conduct QuickBooks download free. 

Step 1: Ensure these Things

  • Make sure that you bought the rightful version of QuickBooks. 
  • Check out the system requirements.
  • Examine the functionality of Internet connection.

Step 2: Purchase and Download QuickBooks

  • Move towards the Inuit official site. 
  • Pick the most appropriate version from different alternatives. 
  • Just check out the prices of different products like QuickBooks Desktop, Pro, Premier, and Enterprise. 
  • Tap on the desired product.
  • Further, try to fill in the details of your credit and debit card. 
  • The window with license and product code will emerge now. 
  • Also, you will get a confirmation in the mail. 
  • Hit the Download QuickBooks button when the screen appears with it. 
  • Just save the software where you can locate it easily. 
  • Later, tap to run the downloading process. 
  • You must wait till the process ends.

Step 3: QuickBooks Installation

  • To initiate, access the downloaded file of software QuickBooks.exe.
  • Then, hit Yes on the permission dialog box. 
  • Go through the instructions carefully. 
  • Click I agree. 
  • Choose Next. 
  • Thereafter, just specify the product and license code. 
  • Tap Next then. 

Step 4: Pick the Installation Method

Installation can be done in two ways. Just opt for the appropriate options from Custom and Network install and express install.

Express Install

Use this method when you have examined the following things: 

  • You are a newbie user of QuickBooks. 
  • Reinstalling QuickBooks for the first time. 
  • And, will use the software for single-user mode. 

After confirming these things, conduct as stated below: 

  • First of all, click Express. 
  • Hit Next. 
  • Tap the Install button. 
  • Choose Open QuickBooks when the procedure ends.
Custom and Network Install

This installation method would be preferable for users who: 

  • Want to install software on a server. 
  • Will use the multi-user network 
  • Place the company file on a server. 

To continue with this method, act as suggested below: 

  • To begin with, click on the Custom and Network Options. 
  • Thereafter, choose Next. 
  • Give the answer when asked how do you want to use QuickBooks. 
  • Later, tap Change the install location. 
  • Choose the Browse button to find where you want to keep the QB folder. 
  • Subsequently, hit Program Files. 
  • Proceed with the installation while hitting Next. 
  • Finally, pick Open QuickBooks. 

Step 5: Activating QuickBooks

This is the last step that requires activating QuickBooks. Just specify the login or license code to activate and you are all set to use this software.

Download QuickBooks Versions

Intuit brought all these different versions of QuickBooks given below:

QuickBooks Version 2022

QuickBooks Version 2021

QuickBooks Version 2020 

QuickBooks Version 2019

QuickBooks Version 2018 

QuickBooks Version 2017

QuickBooks Version 2016

QuickBooks Version 2015

QuickBooks Version 2014

QuickBooks Version 2013

QuickBooks Version 2012

QuickBooks Version 2011

QuickBooks Version 2010 

QuickBooks Version 2009

Download QuickBooks Version 2022 (Pro Plus, Payroll, Premier, Accountant, Mac & Enterprise 22.0)

QuickBooks downloads 2022

QuickBooks version 2022 is the newest launch of Intuit. It is estimated to run at 38% more powerful speed. Also, provide 64-bit processing. That means the user can tackle the business tasks instantly. 

The capabilities of this version go far beyond the imagination. Not only do you get the basic feature but lots more on this updated device. You can also use the mobile application for more productive results.

Download QuickBooks 2021 (Pro, Pro Plus, Mac, Enterprise 21.0)

It is yet another version of QuickBooks offered by Intuit to bring some advancement to the software. Every year Intuit comes up with new enhanced features. This version also contains the same and takes care of all business needs and requirements. 

Although, the program has equipped all the essential features you can also get the most of it by updating it to the latest version. Updating QuickBooks always adds some key features into the existent software. Every user must aware of all the newest releases to use them in a more profound way.

Download QuickBooks Version 2020 (Pro, Premier, Accountant, Mac & Enterprise 20.0, Desktop)

download QuickBooks version 2020

This version enables the user to use the software among 5 different users. That means the users can work on the same company files from different locations. Not only this but users can also add multiple emails, customer payment reminders, and customers PO. 

QuickBooks download version 2020 provides you access to top features. Also, aids you in operating business tasks. If you want to work on QuickBooks with other 4 users then it must be the right choice. 

QuickBooks Download Version 2019 (Pro, Premier, Accountant Plus, Mac, Enterprise)

QuickBooks version 2019 for Mac is available at the best price. While spending on accountants to prepare the financial records prove to be costlier, this software takes care of all the need with its easy interface. 

If you just entered into the business then it is the right choice for generating reports, taxations, tracking payments, and creating invoices. You can also conduct the improved edition QuickBooks enterprise downloads to enhance productivity.

QuickBooks Version 2018 (Pro, Premier, Mac & Enterprise)

Unlike other accounting software in the market, QuickBooks version 2018 provides the best user experience. The tool helps in regulating multi-monitor support, combining vendor records, payroll reminders, and much more. 

If you are using different accounting software and are fed up with its slow performance then this version proves to be helpful for you.

QuickBooks Version Download 2017 (Premier, Pro, Accountant Plus, Mac, Enterprise)

QuickBooks 2017 downloads

QuickBooks version 2017 contains other best features like feature tour, scheduled reports, multi-user mode, and smart search. It is the most preferable software for accountants located worldwide. 

The software conducts several tasks in an easy way like quick payments, transaction reclassifications, processing invoices, and rectifying sales tax errors

QuickBooks Version Download 2016 (Pro, Premier, Accountant, Enterprise & Mac)

QuickBooks has some of the best features inside it. There have been so many positive reviews about the software since it launches. The user needs to first go through the system requirements before proceeding with QuickBooks downloads. 

The software will install successfully once you fulfilled all the system requirements.

QuickBooks Version Download 2015 (Pro, Mac, Premier, Enterprise & Accountant)

The software incorporates exciting features to keep the good flow of QuickBooks. The user can easily download it from the official site of Intuit. Just hit the download button and you are all set to know about its dynamic performances.

Download QuickBooks 2014 (Pro, Premier, Mac, Accountant & Enterprise)

QuickBooks 2014

Here, you will find various kinds of accounting-based features that not only uplift the work progress but also take you closer to the financial goals. Use this QuickBooks version 2014 to track income/expense, examine the bounced checks, and identify the newly added email features.

QuickBooks Version 2013 Download (Pro, Premier, Mac & Accountant)

QuickBooks 2013 is another version that is known for its capabilities like QuickBooks Ribbon, financial management, workflow navigation, and journal entry syncing. You can have it to provide all these key helps to your business endeavors. 

QuickBooks Version 2012 Download (Pro, Premier, Mac & Accountant)

The software works by taking care of all the needs of a business. It is famous for its outstanding influence on small entrepreneurs. Moreover, the tool provides assistance in managing tax finances. 

It involves the best user interface that even a non-user can understand. You can use the software for tracking personal finances as well.

QuickBooks Download Version 2011 (Pro, Mac, Premier, & Accountant)

QuickBooks 2011 downloads

Lots of features like batch invoicing, Intuit data protection, collection center, and paid customer invoices are found within the software. 

Not only this but you will receive company snapshots and QuickBooks pro features as well.

QuickBooks Version Download 2010 (Mac, Pro, Accountant & Premier)

QuickBooks 2010 downloads unlock the door for many multiple features of QuickBooks. It has been in so much use since the originator launches it. You can download and install the trial version to your desired operating system and tracks income and expenses if have some doubts about its performance. 

QuickBooks 2009 Version Download (Mac, Pro, Accountant & Premier)

The software covers a vast range of features that can assist businesses in every way. It brings you closer to your business endeavors. Simply download QuickBooks 2009 and conduct several tasks just right away. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to download QuickBooks 2021 on the computer?

  • To initiate, move towards downloads.quickbooks.com. 
  • Thereafter, select the product. 
  • Hit Download. 
  • Just let QuickBooks complete the downloading procedure.

2. Do I have to pay for QuickBooks? 

Answer – Yes, QuickBooks software can be accessed only after paying the genuine subscription amount. But, Intuit provides you with one month trial time to use the accounting software for free. So, you can simply apply for it if you are not sure about using this tool. 

3. How to Install QuickBooks without CD?

  • Go to the Download QuickBooks products page. 
  • Choose your product/version. 
  • Once the file downloads, carry out the installation steps. 
  • Save the file on a hard drive. 
  • Further, just access the Intuit download manager. 
  • Choose the location on your hard drive. 
  • After that, fill up the license and product number. 
  • Finally, the QuickBooks installation gets completed. 

4. How should I activate my QuickBooks?

  • Open QuickBooks
  • Navigate to the Help button. 
  • Choose activate QuickBooks. 
  • Verify the information now. 

5. Where do I find the license number of QuickBooks?

Answer – You can search for the emails from Intuit to get the license number. However, if it is time-consuming then make sure to look for the label on the products packaging. 

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