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Intuit has finally released its most awaited advanced featured QuickBooks Desktop 2023 in September 2022. Almost two months have passed, and one month is around the corner for the beginning of the new year. However, regular users or accountants have access and are impressed with the latest release along with four most enhanced features in the software. To find out! What is more for you in the structure QuickBooks 2023 desktop Plus, Enterprise and Accountant? Adhere to our article to read the complete details from features, pricing, to the downloading process. Let’s delve into it. 

Pricing: QuickBooks Desktop 2023

A subscription package is the only way to benefit from QuickBooks 2023. That means how you go with the pricing; in the same way, the feature will work for you. Moreover, as per the declaration of Intuit’s QuickBooks, Accountant leader “Ted Callahan,” there is no discount package for any QB desktop product users. Following the same, we have disclosed the pricing list for your reference. Let’s have a look at it. 

  1. QuickBooks 2023 Desktop: $549(Pro Plus)
  2. QuickBooks 2023 Desktop: $549 (Mac Plus)
  3. QuickBooks 2023 Desktop: $799(Premier Plus)
  4. QuickBooks Desktop: $130.00 – $9,226.00(Enterprise 23.0)
  5. QuickBooks 2023: $799 (Premier Bundle- Proadvisor)
  6. QuickBooks 2023: $1299 (Enterprise Bundle- Proadvisor)

QuickBooks Desktop 2023 prices

Pricing: QuickBooks Online Version 2023

  1. QuickBooks Online: $30/month (Simple start)
  2. QuickBooks Online: $55/month (Essentials)
  3. QuickBooks Online: $85/month (Plus)
  4. QuickBooks Online: $200/month (Advance)
  5. QuickBooks Online: 30% off (Current retail price- parent entity) & Additional file ($20 for each)

QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2023

QuickBooks Desktop 2023 has multiple products for accounting software users like before. Desktop Pro 2023 is for those who have just entered the business or any profession that requires payments, deposits, invoices, and payroll track records. Not only that, this desktop product has several other accounting features. Accounts Payable or A/P, Accounts Receivable or A/R, Inventory, STM or sales tax management, and bank reconciliation. 

Some Additional Information 

  1. It supports equal to three accounting users for SMBs (Small & Medium-sized businesses) with three different yearly subscription packages. 
  2. $549.99 (one user), $749.99 (two users), $949.99 (three users)
  3. For the unsatisfactory customer, it has a 60 days full-refund guarantee.
  4. It is above average for ease of usage.
  5. Call back, live chat, self-help guide, and chatbot (customer support)

Features: QuickBooks Desktop Pro

In this paragraph-we will summarize the complete details of desktop pro features. Let’s see the summary below. 

  • Basic Features

On the initial level, you can work on the new company by entering its name, contact number, email id, and organization type. Furthermore, there is a tool to customize the CoA or chart of Accounts and import or export chart of accounts feature. Not just CoA even, it can import beginning or ending balances and closing yearbooks. With single licensing, you can afford the booking of unlimited companies. 

  • Accounts Payable (A/P)

As you know, it is above average in its usage, the same applies to the accounts payable feature. A/P can allow you to save bills & credits for vendors. With few difficulties for non accountant users, it helps you enter the invoice you received from the creditor for their payment on the due date. Vendor Menu opens the space to enter new bills.

  • Accounts Receivable (A/R)

In this section, you can create the bills and invoices to be paid from customers and clients. In the process- you can add or remove some elements with the automation feature available via the development. Desktop pro can quickly track your income and overdue to give a notification to the customer for timely payments. 

  • Banking Reconciliation 

With time-to-time advancement, it is the best scorer in banking reconciliation features compared to QuickBooks Online. Once you finish the bank feed and credit card information in the software, transactions become flowless. The cash and check management is perfect in the QB desktop version, even in the pro version. To add the transaction details to the account register, you can make any changes that require modification. 

  • Inventory Management

Users can calculate ending inventory and COGS with ease in desktop pro. Moreover, it has the space to record the stock of your business or entity. When you find a lack in the minimum stock availability according to the policy and market requirements can quickly execute purchase orders against vendors. 

Latest Features: QuickBooks Desktop 2023 (Pro, Premier, Enterprise)

Let’s discuss some of the enhanced features of a Pro-Premier (plus) & enterprise QuickBooks 2023 desktop.  

Upgraded Banking Connections 

In addition to API-based banking connections, the new launch has an advanced level of direct connectivity with the banks, unlike downloading bank and credit card information from a bank server desktop. Now with automatic programming, one can download financial data via user-specified intervals. 

In the end, if you download QuickBooks desktop 2023 and want to add this feature to this software can do this with simple steps. 

  • Go to the “Banking Menu” and choose “Bank Feed” for the settings of improved banking connectivity. 
  • Alternatively, go for the shortcut side of the home screen to choose the bank feed or the changes. 

Advance Mileage Tracker 

QuickBooks-advance-mileage tracker

It is always best and crucial to track the mileage of any company of any location. The QuickBooks mileage tracker is not new for QuickBooks. However, the improved version demands another way to be adopted by the user to benefit from it. You have to switch to the company menu to have an advanced experience with this addition. Furthermore, if you have iOS support on your mobile device to log in with intuit account, then only you subscribe for it for pro-premier (plus) or enterprise. 

One can record, view, monitor, and manage the company mileage. Not only that! You may share the track record with IRS & chargeback clients. Tax filing becomes simple with wise and accurate information on professional trips. 

Updated Cash Flow Hub

Whether you go for desktop plus or enterprise, you may have access to every piece of information related to financial transactions made in your company. Cash flow is the backbone of every business or profession, and Intuit, following its traditions- has worked on the most delicate feature of its software. Now, save, examine and keep the track record clear of the cash, check, bank accounts, record loans in QuickBooks, and credit card statements. See where the money is going and what are the sources of receipts. 

  • Go through the Company Menu/Report Menu of any QuickBooks product to work on the latest feature. 
  • Or, go with the Home screen shortcut sidebar for the modern cash flow hub. 

Developed Payment Links Tracking

Developed Payment Links Tracking

This feature is valuable for those who do accounting on QuickBooks 2023 desktop Pro-Premier (Plus), Accountant Plus, Desktop Enterprise (23.0- all editions). Here, in this feature, the accountant doesn’t require the preparation of defined invoices to get the payments from its customers. Instead, they can create the link for basic-level services and track them from the software dashboard. To share the link, you have options for contact number messages and email id for prompt payment actions from the payer. After this task, you can enter this information in the account register for future analysis accompanying financial statements. 

Go to the Customer section of the software and click on payment links to create and track it. 

Earning Verification from Equifax

With the emergence of this feature, you can opt for an accurate report of your employment and income after an exhaustive analysis from Equifax. In the partnership of Intuit and Equifax, the desktop payroll user can get QuickBooks financial assistance faster than others. Not just that, but it is safe because you are not revealing your information on unknown platforms or sources.

  • Open QuickBooks. Go to the “Edit” option, and select “Preferences.”
  • Choose “Benefits & HR” to hit “Company Preferences.”
  • Finally, click on the “Income & Employment Verification” choice to see the latest feature. 

Node Card Reader

It unloads the burden you bear while receiving payment from your client and customer. Nord Card Reader customizes contactless cards or other UPI payments (Google Pay, Apple Pay). The user must have an active QB payment account with QB desktop integration. Moreover, it doesn’t mess with your account book for any transaction. 

  • Open QB desktop Pro Plus/Premier Plus, Desktop Enterprise (23.0-all editions), Accountant Plus 2023.
  • Select “Customers” and then “Receive Payment” from the “Menu Bar.”
  • Finally, access the feature.

Download QuickBooks Desktop 2023

Intuit’s official website is the source to download QuickBooks Desktop 2023. As we have initiated to guide you about everything related to your 2023 desktop QuickBooks we have summarized some steps to download and install it on your device. Let’s have them step-by-step. 

Download Quickbooks Desktop 2023 (1)

  1. Visit the website (downloads.quickbooks.com) and take time to understand the software from the authority. 
  2. When you initiate the download, you have to answer the questions out of the options.
  3. “Will you be using QuickBooks Desktop on multiple PCs at the same time (multi-user mode)?” 
  4. The options are “Yes, No, or Unsure.”
  5. For “Yes or Unsure,” follow the complete setup process. 
  6. If It is “No,” go with the Express Setup.
  7. Contrary, the user has to go for “Standard Setup.”
  8. You will find the “Standard Setup” option; down in the “Question Box.”
  9. Click on the same option and deal with the question.
  • The country; You want to select to use the software 2023? 
  • Which Version; You want to select to download and install?
  1. Choose the Version according to your business requirements (Pro Plus/ Premier Plus, Mac Plus, Enterprise, and Accountant Plus 2023. 
  2. After selection, click the “Search” button to go to the software page. Download the software edition and version. Follow the business requirements for this selection. 
  3. Now, hit the “Download” button. 
  4. Downloading will pop up the save location question. You can save the download file according to the location selected by you. Contrary! The file will get saved in the default location of your desktop. 
  5. Exit from the web browser and search for the file from the downloaded location. 
  6. The installation process will proceed with the setup wizard. Read the instructions carefully to go ahead. 

Installation Process: QuickBooks Desktop 2023

  1. Go to your workstation to find and open the “QuickBooks2023 edition.exe.”
  2. You must right-click on the file to deal with a “Small Menu.”
  3. Choose the option “Run as Administrator.” That will run the installation under administrative privileges. 
  4. Read the Download instructions. 
  5. Give a thorough study of the License agreement terms and conditions of QuickBooks 2023. 
  6. Check the “Agree” button. 
  7. Select the “Next” button for software authentication with the QuickBooks license number and product key. 
  8. Pick any of the installation processes among the two. Network & Custom Install, Express Installation. 

Network & Custom Installation Process: QuickBooks 2023 Desktop

Network and custom installation process

There are primarily three questions to be answered by the downloader and installer for desktop products, version, and edition for 2023. Let’s unearth the question to know the installation process. 

  • QB company files hosting server date. 
  • Will the software work for multiple users or not? 
  • Default installation location confirmation. 

Once you figure out these questions, go with the procedure like this. 

  1. Click on “Next” after the selection of one question.
  2. Select the option “How will you use the software.”
  3. In case- you go with the third question (default installation location), a window will appear you can screen to scan and change the location.
  4. Click on the “Next button after changing location. Checkmark the option if you want to see the QuickBooks opened once it gets installed on your workstation.
  5. Finally, hit the “Finish” button to complete the installation and browse the automatically opened QuickBooks desktop 2023.

Express Installation: Download QuickBooks Desktop 2023

Mark, do any of the questions go with the Express Installation process? 

  • If the software is getting installed for a Single Workstation
  • If the reinstallation is possible from the users’ side
  • If you are at the initial stage of using the accounting software QuickBooks 

Check out the course of action deciding on any of them. 

  1. Select the “Next button after choosing the purpose of the installation. 
  2. Hit the “Install’ button to press “Finish” once the installation gets done. 

After successful installation from any methods described in the article, you would have to go for the “Help” Menu of the software to activate it. Choose the option that supports the application activation. Follow the instructions and come to the finish line.  

Workstation or OS-Related Requirements 

QB 2023 is out for the users with heavy modification and developments compared to the last editions. On that note, the workstation also should be compatible with access to new and modernized features. Have a look at the hardware & OS requirements. 

  1. 64-bit version (Windows Operating System), 32-bit will not work.
  2. Minimum 2.4 GHz Processor
  3. 8-20+ GB Workstation RAM
  4. RAM for Server: 8 GB (1-5 Users), 12 GB (10 Users), 16 GB (15 Users), 20+ GB (20+ Users)
  5. 2.5 GB: Hard Drive Space. Extra for Data files. 

The Bottom Line

Users who had been waiting for the more well-classified edition of QuickBooks Desktop can now cheer up for their patience with the release of QuickBooks Desktop 2023. With the end of the analysis of the features, pricing, and downloading procedure of QuickBooks 2023! We are to have a few more words with you. That QB is the best program for your account register where you can’t miss the best opportunity for your business goals. What you have to do is! Just determine your requirement, subscribe to one product from the product box. For any further assistance, we are available 24×7.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.1 Which Version of QuickBooks Should I Buy?

You need to check what are your requirements? Especially the business type can be fulfilled by the QuickBooks Desktop, Online, or Mobile Editions, and buy the product accordingly. 

Q.2 What Does QuickBooks Do?

QuickBooks helps you do accounting for your business with multiple features available on the software. Inventory, Bank statement reconciliation, tax filing, payroll, and invoicing. 

Q.3 How to use QuickBooks Desktop 2023?

You can use QuickBooks Desktop 2023 in various ways as it provides you with tremendous features such as banking reconciliation, inventory management, etc. You can simply download and purchase the new desktop and get into it for use.

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