SASSA Status Check R350 Payment Updates [2024]


SASSA stands for South African Social Security Agency. In 2005, the South African government took the initiative to create an agency to administer social security in the country. The primary goal of this agency is to establish a social development scheme that includes distributing grants and monetary benefits and recognizing frauds. By 2022, almost 46% of the country’s population had joined the scheme initiated by the agency. 

If you have also applied for benefits and are a reliable recipient, you must get approved for the grant. Certain requirements must be fulfilled to get the approval, such as a declaration and consent agreement, active mobile number, bank details, employment details, and details related to personal identification. Let’s explore how you can perform a SASSA status check and a specific SASSA status check for r350 payment dates.

How To Perform SASSA Status Check?

How To Perform SASSA Status Check?

South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) provides SRD to those who are struggling with their day to day employment. SRD is offering them financial aid to help them be financially stable. The SASSA SRD program is crucial for unemployed individuals in South Africa. However, it is also crucial to keep checking the SASSA status to be updated with the latest information on your payment status and application. This helps the recipient take the next step toward getting the monetary benefit. Here are some steps through which you can perform the SASSA SRD status check.

  • Launch the official website of SASSA for srd sassa status check
  • Enter your South African ID number.
  • Enter your registered phone number in the form.
  • Click “SRD Status Check” button.

This way, you will be done with the SASSA status check online by ideally sitting at your home and at your comfort zone. Moreover, your efforts should not end here. You must go ahead with your status and take the next step based on your depicted status. 

Why Perform SASSA Status Check Regularly? 

Frequently checking the SASSA status check is important for every recipient. It can help you in the following ways:

  • It helps you to confirm your application.
  • Help you be updated with the latest progress of the application.
  • Payment disbursement time is important for you to know.
  • Help you to know and learn about any unforeseen delay in the payment.
  • Boosts your management of payments and grants.
  • Prepares you to quickly address any glitch regarding your aid. 

Ways To Perform SRD SASSA status check

Status checks in Sassa can be performed in many ways, and you can perform the check online. We are listing all the possible ways to attain the status of your SASSA SRD aid application. All these options are readily available and reliably workable around the clock. So you can do the SASSA SRD Status Check anytime. This will avoid the need to physically visit the Sassa center and waste precious time. Let’s check all the options:

1. Through The Offical website

As we have seen above, the official website helps you to check the status of your application. The process is straightforward. Well, this is the most reliable and straightforward way to access your status. Here are simplified steps:

  • Launch the official website.
  • Locate the option for SASSA Status Check.
  • Enter your ID and registered mobile number.
  • Run the check.

2. Through Moya App

With the help of the Moya App designed to facilitate the needs of the recipient. The South African government has developed this app to streamline various government’s cheme/s applications. Let’s explore the steps:

  • Download the Moya App through the Play Store.
  • Install it on your device.
  • Launch the app and get into the discovery section. 
  • Locate the SASSA Status Check option.
  • Enter your ID enrolled with SASSA along with your registered mobile number.
  • Run the check and access your status.

3. Through WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the quickest way to check your SRD application. This method is mainly preferred by those who use WhatsApp frequently and find WhatsApp to be their source of information. Let’s explore the way or the steps through which you can access the status:

  • There is an official number for SASSA: “082 046 8553.”
  • Save this contact on your device.
  • Search for this contact on WhatsApp.
  • Send them a message including your name and ID number. Make sure you send the message through your registered mobile number.
  • They will respond to you with your application status. You just have to wait patiently. 

4. By Calling the SASSA Call Center

To have direct access to their agent, you can simply connect with their executive through a call. Moreover, their customer support is readily available around the clock. Well, they are really useful in attaining information on your application and can resolve any problem you may be facing with the application. Here are the steps to follow:

  • This is the contact number of SASSA “ 080 060 1011”. Dial the number.
  • Reach out to the customer executive and provide your ID and full name.
  • Make sure you dial your registered number.
  • After sharing the details, the executive will inform you about the status. This way, you will be able to perform the SASSA SRD Status Check.

How To Do Verification of SASSA Status?

The verification is crucial for every recipient, as this will allow the authorities to cross examine your application. This verification is easy to perform and helpful for you to get quick access to your funds. Here are the steps through which you can perform the SASSA status verification:

  • While applying, you must provide your active mobile number, which will help you receive the SASSA ID.
  • Provide your bank details for direct deposit of the financial aid to your account.
  • SASSA updates applicants’ status every 30 days. Therefore, it is advised that every recipient check the status every 30 days after applying.
  • You must consistently check your application status and progress to have a timely grant deposit. 

Understanding SASSA Grant Application Statuses

Understanding SASSA Grant Application Statuses

SASSA grant applications can have multiple statuses, and you may end up confused about what your next step should be. Here, we are listing six possible situations for you to resolve ideas. Let’s check them:

  • Pending Application Status

After completing the application, your application status will be marked as pending. This means that your application is being reviewed. This status can depend on three situations:

  • Type of grant you have applied for.
  • Application completeness.
  • The workload on the SASSA.
  • Application Approved Status

An approved status means your application for the grants is confirmed, and you are all set to get the aid in your account. Well, the time and amount would depend on the type of the grant you have chosen. Moreover, the approved status information will be sent to your via message, letter or emails. Make sure, you have given the right account details to get the amount.

  • Declined Application Status

Your application can be declined if the authorities don’t find you suitable for the aid. When you check for the status, it will show up as “your request for the application of the scheme has declined.” Not only this but you will also be given a precise reason for the decline of the application.

If you do not find the reason is right then you can make an appeal to reconsider your application. This way, you can go further for sassa status check appeal. This will show you the status of your appeal.  Make sure, you do this in the next 30 days after getting the information of decline.

  • Status Under Review

The status under review suggests that your application is still in progress. SASSA is looking for some additional information or documents from your side. In this case, you must be all ears with SASSA and complete every requirement of them. They may ask you for additional documents and infirmation for the approval of your application. To eliminate delays in your application, you must promptly reply to all of them at the designated time.

  • Status On Hold

During the review process by SASSA, if they find any information or document missing, then they will put a hold on your application. In this case, you must resolve the issue with SASSA by providing the documents they need. This is the only way you can resolve the issue. This information could be anything, from your name, bank details, contact information, personal information, etc. However, you can always update your infirmation by heading to their official website. By performing minimal verification, you can simply update your information.

  • Cancelled Application Status

If the status of your application shows “Cancelled,” then it means your application progress has been completely stopped and is not progressing. This may happen because of three issues such as noncompatibility with the norms, incomplete application forms, incomplete documents, or missing documents. 

In this case, if you feel your application should progress, you must appeal the status within 30 days of receiving the information. This can help you resolve the issue.   

What To Do After SASSA Status Approval?

If you are done with the SASSA R350 grant application status check and it shows approved, then it is time to update your contact and bank details. This will help them access your account and deposit the aid amount into it. Let’s see how you can perform this.

How To Add Bank Details?

Adding a bank account is an important segment of your application, as your grant will be redirected to it. Let’s check how you can update the bank details: 

  • Launch the official website and look for the updated action
  • Enter your ID with your registered mobile number.
  • Add your bank details and confirm submission.

Essential Things To Consider:

  • Make sure the account is with the same name as the recipient. 
  • The registered mobile number should be same.
  • These are the details that will work for you after that.

How To Update Contact Details?

Updating contact details is crucial for every recipient; well, it is a straightforward procedure; you just need to follow the below written steps:

  • Launch the official website and look for an updated section. 
  • Enter your ID number on the form and submit it.
  • Update your contact details; it may be your phone number or email address. 
  • Verify your information via OTP and confirm everything. 

Contact Details for SASSA

If you are encountering any issues with your application or with its status, you can simply connect with them. There are ways to interact; you can simply connect them with the call, or you can visit their centers as well. However, you must keep in mind their operational timings, their operating hours are 8.00PM to 5:00 PM. and Monday to Friday. Well,  this can vary as per the center’s regulations. Here are their contact details:

  • Call Centre: (Toll-free) 0800 60 10 11
  • Head Office Phone Number: 012 400 2322

Is SASSA’s Scheme Worth Applying?

Yes, SASSA’s SRD scheme and various other programs are worth applying; you can simply attain financial aid from the government in case if you are unemployed. This unique scheme is designed for the welfare of unemployed youth. WIth this financial aid, you can help your self with your minimal expenses. Moreover, they have various other schemes and programs for the welfare of deprived sections, such as COVID grants, special permits for asylum holders, R350 social relief grants, etc. If you find yourself eligible for any program, then you can simply apply for them and get your financial aid directed to your account.   Details of every program and scheme are readily available on their website.

Frequently Asked Questions


The approval time for SASSA’s status is typically 90 days after the application. You must frequently check your SASSA status; this way, you can help yourself to take the next step after the status update.

You must update your reliable email ID and phone number. This way, you will be notified about every step and progress of your application. You can acquire your status pin through that. They will keep you posted about every update. 

The SASSA reconsideration portal is easily accessible to every recipient with the Internet. You can simply launch their official website and use their portal to appeal and apply for any scheme. 

The processes are simple and multiple. You can check your status via their website, WhatsApp, call, and Moya app. Simply get on their website and enter your ID and registered mobile number to check your status. After submitting, you will receive your status; it can be approved, denied, pending, etc. Based on the status, you should move forward to your next step. You can even appeal again for your application if it has been denied.

Yes, you can change your name and surname only when your application is declined. You can update your name and surname to match it with other documents. Moreover, they allow you to change and update your bank details and contact details.