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Managing payroll has never been an easier task, but you can bypass this challenge of managing payroll with a top-notch financial management tool QuickBooks. It is an accounting software that helps manage expenses and income. This accounting software has helped a lot of businesses in simplifying the management task of accounts. However, some setbacks are always there when it comes to crafting payrolls. Well, one of the most common hurdles that every other user faces while generating payrolls is QuickBooks error code 9000. If you are also encountering this error, then our guide can help you bypass it with the top 10 expert troubleshooters. So without further ado, let’s get started with the troubleshooters.

What is QuickBooks Error 9000?

QuickBooks Error Code 9000

QuickBooks error code 9000 is associated with its payroll system. Payroll error code 9000 will emerge while submitting a payroll check or while attempting to deposit direct funds in either the employee’s accounts or the client’s accounts. Whatever the reason behind this error code, it can interrupt the whole payroll system and leave you scratching your head. Since it has the ability to stop the overall workflow of your system, hence it requires effective solutions and troubleshooting to fix the error.

This error code will appear when you try to send a payroll. Your screen will be refrained by performing the task. Your screen will show an error message: “error 9000 or payroll connection server error. Please try again later.” After this, your system will experience a crash and witness a complete freeze, which will result in slowing down the system.

Reasons Causing Error 9000 in QuickBooks

To effectively fix the error, you will need to know the root cause of the problem. By knowing the root cause, you can attempt the fixing of troubleshooters in a better way and will be able to boost your system’s workflow. Let’s take a look at the reason for the error 9000 in QuickBooks.

  • Poor or unstable internet connectivity can lead to Error 9000.
  • Security settings, including firewalls and antivirus software, may block QuickBooks from accessing the internet.
  • Incorrect or outdated SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or TLS (Transport Layer Security) settings.
  • Using an outdated version of QuickBooks or missing important updates.
  • Problems with the QuickBooks company file or issues with the active Payroll subscription
  • Incorrect date and time settings on the computer can affect the synchronization.
  • Configuration problems within QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Problems with the local network, router, or network settings 
  • Compatibility issues with other running applications.
  • Incomplete installation issue and presence of other malware.

Error Code 9000 in QuickBooks Desktop: Symptoms

Before performing the actual troubleshooters on your system, you must be assured about the error code you are facing. Hence, we are coming up with a section containing all the symptoms of your system that you will witness while your system experiences the error code 9000 in QuickBooks. If you are experiencing the below-written symptoms, then you are advised to take care of the precautionary measure, or you are also advised to follow the troubleshooters.

  • A special error message will appear on the screen. Saying, “error 9000 or payroll connection server error. Please try again later.” 
  • Your system will suddenly crash or experience a shutdown while accessing the payroll system.
  • The overall performance of QuickBooks becomes sluggish, and you will experience frequent hangs.
  • The payroll tables will not get updated on time and will refrain you from performing the process.
  • Disruption of payroll processes, such as subscription verification, sending and receiving data, and payments.
  • Inability to access internet facilities in QuickBooks.

Essential Considerations Before Attempting Troubleshooters For QuickBooks Payroll Error Code 9000

Before you execute the below-written troubleshooters to your QuickBooks error code 9000, in order to fix that, there are a few essential considerations that you have to keep in mind for better results and to eliminate the risk of any deletion of the data.

  • Take the backup of your company file; this way, you can avoid the risk of losing your company data.
  • Ensure that your Windows drivers are up to date.
  • Ensure that the QuickBooks version you have installed in your system is the latest and up-to-date.
  • Check your router and try to reset it in order to rectify the issue of error code 9000 easily.

Fix QuickBooks Error Code 9000 With Top 10 Troubleshooters

Now, the time has come to explore the top troubleshooting and fixing steps for QuickBooks error code 9000. Try the below-written troubleshooters one by one if the issue persists, then you can connect with the QuickBooks personalized assistance team. This way, you will better be able to modify the error and get back to the regular synchronization of your QuickBooks.

Solution 1: Correcting the SSL Setting

Incorrect SSL settings are one of the primary reasons for the error code 9000 in QuickBooks. If you are experiencing the same, then correcting the SSL setting is crucial. As it will facilitate the data transmission while payroll processes are receiving and sending payments. Hence, you are required to check your SSL setting in the browser with the below written steps:

  • If the internet browser is not your default browser, then you are required to change the setting and set it as your default browser.
  • Get into the Tool Options and open Internet Options.
  • Now, locate the Connection Tab and click on the LAN Settings.
  • Look for Automatic Detected Settings and keep the proxy server blank.
  • Make sure the SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0 boxes are checked.
  • However, the option of TLS 1.2 should be left unchecked.

By making the above changes in your browser settings, your system can become compatible with the QuickBooks demand of browser settings. Furthermore, if the error code is coming because of the browser settings, then it should be resolved with the above steps. If the issue persists, then you must keep reading on and try other troubleshooters to fix the issue.

Solution 2: Changing Firewall Setting

Changing Firewall Setting

A firewall is an important component for avoiding security damage to the system. However, it also serves with certain blockages in QuickBooks. If you have incorrect firewall settings, then you are more likely to experience errors in QuickBooks synchronization. However, if you adjust the settings update, then you can bypass the error code in QuickBooks easily. Here, are some steps to change firewall settings to make them appropriate for QuickBooks.

  • Launch Windows Firewall and look for Advanced Settings Options.
  • Now, you will see an Inbound Rules Option, make a right click on it.
  • Now, select the New Rule Option, this will open a new window for you.
  • Select the QuickBooks Option on the new window and click next.
  • Here, you will see the option of the Program Path, which includes a lot of names. Here, you are required to look for “qbw32.exe” and “qbupdate.exe”. Check whether these two names are granted access or not.
  • If the excess is not available, then you are required to grant access.
  • By clicking the Allow Action Button followed by the next option, and, now, you are required to finish the task.

This is the desired setting for running Quickbooks seamlessly, without witnessing interruptions of error code 9000. If the above steps don’t help you, then you are required to jump on solution number 3.

Solution 3: QuickBooks Tool Hub

QuickBooks tool hub is a well known toolbox that helps every other QuickBooks expert to resonate with the workflow of their organization.  With this tool, you can also fix the issue of error 9000. The QuickBooks tools are a collection of diagnostic tools provided by Intuit to address common QuickBooks issues. These tools include QuickBooks File Doctor, Quick Fix My Program, etc.

However, you must keep in mind, that this way of resolving the error is only applicable with the QuickBooks 2016 version. Moreover, this version does incorporate this tool hub in itself. Here are some basic steps to follow.

  • Open the QuickBooks Desktop Application and make sure you don’t open your company file.
  • Open the File and get into the Utilities section.
  • Now, locate the Repair File and then Network Problems Options. After that, open the company file by browsing.
  • Find the option to show Advanced Settings, and in the drop-down menu, locate your type of repair to fix the code 9000.

Log in with your credentials and check if the issue still persists or is gone. If the issue is still there, then you must jump to the next solution.

Solution 4: Eliminating The Junk

Overtime, accumulated junk in your system can lead to problems like sluggishness and Hangs. Eliminating the junk from your system can help you to resolve the error 9000. Here are some important steps that you can follow to remove the junk.

  • Click on the Start Menu or launch the Run Window.
  • Launch the Command Prompt through the search bar.
  • Press Control + Shift and then press Enter. Now, a Permission Dialogue Box will appear click Yes.
  • This way, the disk cleanup process will start.
  • You can select those files you want to clear manually.
  • By just clicking the finish and okay buttons, you can finish the task.

Now, all the junk from your system has been eliminated from your PC, and your system is good to go for any hectic task like QuickBooks payroll processes.

Solution 5: Correcting The Date And Time Settings

One’s system is required to resonate with the demands of QuickBooks. To run QuickBook seamlessly, one has to ensure that the date and time settings of the system are up to the date and perfect. If not, then they are more likely to face the issues of error in QuickBooks. Here are some steps through which you can correct the date and time settings in your system.

  • Launch the Window Taskbar and locate the Date and Time Settings Option.
  • Double click and witness a pop up saying about the time, the date, and the year.
  • Check if the settings are appropriate. If not, then correct them and click OK.
  • Here, you can restart your system and check if the issue persists.

Solution 6: Revocation of Publishers Certificate

To have a seamless experience in QuickBooks, you are required to have a revocation certificate from the publisher. If you don’t use an authenticated version of QuickBooks, then you are more likely to experience traditional and other error-related issues. There are some simple steps, and by following them, you can actually get started with your QuickBooks.

  • Open the Browser and click on the Tools Menu Option.
  • Now, in the Internet Option, you will be required to tap Advanced Section.
  • Here, under the Security Tab, you are required to uncheck the Publisher Certification Revocation Box.
  • Time to Reboot your system and run QuickBooks again.

Here, you must keep in mind that a reboot will help your QuickBooks and your systems run well. Hence, you must reboot your system after performing every solution and check if the problem process then jumps on to the next solution.

Solution 7: System Restore

Another fixing technique is the Restoration of the system. This will help you modify the recent errors caused by recent upgrades. There are some steps written below, and by covering them all, you can actually restore your system and let your QuickBooks work without any errors.

  • Open the Control Panel, look for the System Restore Option, and click it.
  • Now, you will be asked for the Admin Credentials and fill them out.
  • Here, you will be required to find a Restore Point you have already created earlier and then tap the Next option.
  • After finishing the restoration process by following the screen coming wizards.

Solution 8: Clean Install Tool

The Clean Install tool is another way through which you can bypass errors in QuickBooks. This tool will help to fix installation problems and other issues of the QuickBooks desktop. Well, using this tool is easy and has the potential to resolve multiple types of errors. If the issue has emerged because of the installation of corrupt files, then this tool will help you to fix the issue. Here are simple steps that you need to follow.

  • Open the official website of the Clean Install Tool to download.
  • Start the downloading procedure and save the file at an accessible location on your computer.
  • Now, get into the folder and open .exe file of the tool.
  • Here, the installation process will start, and the onscreen pop-ups will start popping up on your screen.
  • Allow the pop-ups if required to get ahead in the steps..
  • How you are good to proceed in fixing errors with this QB desktop clean install tool.

Solution 9: DNS Domain Name System Method

If your system has updated files and data in it, then this can restrict the functioning of the QB desktop to access the QuickBooks payroll process. You are required to have proper internet connectivity and proper system storage. Moreover, flushing the domain name system can help you to delete updated files and data from your system. Here are some steps that you can follow to delete the updated files by flushing the domain name system.

  • Click Start Menu, select All Programs, and then launch Accessories Option.
  • Click Run 
  • Well, alternatively, you can press the Window + R key on the keyboard, and it will launch a Run Dialogue Box.
  • Type Command in it and open the Command Prompt Window. 
  • In this command box, type ipconsigns/flushdns.
  • After that, press the Enter key and let the command run. 

Solution 10: Latest Payroll Tax Tables

Ensure that your payroll tax tables are updated with the latest release. To have an active desktop payroll subscription, you are required to have page calculations and updated submissions. Well, there are some steps that you can follow to download the latest tables for your system.

  • Open your QB Desktop and click on the Employee Section
  • Click on the Get Payroll Update Option.
  • Now, hit the Download Button to download the entire update for them.
  • Select the download latest update option.
  • Now, when the download is completed, you will get information through a window popup on your screen.

However, if you are still encountering the error 9000 in QuickBooks, then you can also follow the steps below to ensure payroll compliance. Here are some steps:

  • By updating the QuickBooks desktop, you can get the complete functionality of your payroll updates.
  • However, the state unemployment insurance rate is required to be updated manually.
  • Get done with the setup of any new state taxes and get done with the steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I fix a QuickBooks desktop error?

There are some general fixing techniques for QuickBooks desktop errors if you are experiencing desktop errors, then you can follow the bilo retain generally applicable steps.

  • Check your internet connection and reset it.
  • Update your QuickBooks to the latest version.
  • Reinstall your QuickBooks if a problem persists.
  • Restore the data if an error is recent and affecting your data.
  • If your errors persist after following the above troubleshooter, then you are advised to connect with some professionals from the QuickBooks team.

Q2. What is the error code 9100 in QuickBooks?

Error code 9100 in QuickBooks typically relates to issues with the Sync Manager or data synchronization. Follow the steps below to fix the issue.

  • Check your internet connection and ensure it’s stable.
  • Reconfigure Sync Manager settings.
  • Reset Sync Manager and try syncing again.
  • Update QuickBooks to the latest release.
  • If the issue persists, consider seeking assistance from QuickBooks support for more advanced troubleshooting.

Q3. How do I fix a license error in QuickBooks?

Start implementing the below written solutions if you still feel that the error is still persisting, then you must connect with QuickBooks professional support for personalized assistance well, here are common ways to fix the error.

  • Verify your product information through the Help menu.
  • If the license error persists, deactivate and reactivate QuickBooks.
  • Use the QuickBooks License Diagnostic Tool to resolve common licensing issues.
  • Ensure your Windows operating system is up to date.

Q4. How do I repair a QuickBooks file?

There is a built-in tool in QuickBooks you can use to repair QuickBooks files however, you are also open to connecting with the QuickBooks team for personalized assistance.

  • Launch QuickBooks and sign in as admin.
  • Open the file menu and choose Utilities.
  • Click rebuild data.
  • Use verified data to identify and fix data issues.
  • Consider restoring from a recent backup.


Undoubtedly QuickBooks error code 9000, The payroll error is quite annoying. However, it is not that daunting to rectify the issue. With the best of the knowledge about the error, you can instantly fix the issue of error code 9000. The basic reason for this error code is the internet issue incorrect security settings or outdated SSL settings. Moreover, there are various other reasons responsible for it, but you can fix them with the effective troubleshooter given in the guide. Well, we hope that the above troubleshooters have helped you in every way possible. If you are still experiencing the same issue then you can contact us at any time. Our QuickBooks experts are always ready to help you out.