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Nothing frightens a QuickBooks user more than an unexpected error in the middle of a busy work day. When the errors flashes on the screen, it puts an abrupt stop to the operations causing delay in work and whatnot. One such troublemaker is the infamous QBW32 exe error. However this error is not like just any other QuickBooks errors. It is a fatal error and can be an indication that something big is about to go down.

But don’t panic as we are here to tell you everything you need to know about the QBW32 exe error and its fatality. Relax and continue reading this piece for answers to all your questions.

QBW32 exe Error : An Overview (What is QBW32.exe)

QBW32.exe problem is a rare error that occurs when the company file is corrupted or damaged. QBW32 stands for QuickBooks windows for 32-bit. It is a file that is joined with QuickBooks software and its payroll values for the OS of windows. When there are a lot of spam mails in the system or the system is using infected sites, QuickBooks error QBW32 exe pops up. This error is also called a fatal application exit error.

QBW32 exe Error

Unlike other QuickBooks errors, the said error pops up any time during routine tasks. For instance, it might arise while you turn on or off your PC, or when you try to operate QuickBooks. This QuickBooks error is a clear indication of damages in the company file. QBW32 exe error might pop with the message: “QuickBooks has stopped working” or “fatal application exit.” Nonetheless, take it easy and keep reading this article to resolve this error.

Causes of QBW32 exe Error    

You need software and a setup file to download and install QuickBooks. Absence of which can cause fatal errors. Let’s look into all the potential causes that give rise to such a QBW32.exe problem.

  • QBW32 exe error might occur when an installer file in windows is damaged or gets corrupted.
  • There might be damage to the company file.
  • Weak or interrupted internet connection can give rise to QBW32 exe error.
  • Damages QuickBooks files.
  • Improper installation of the QuickBooks software.
  • Your hard drive might be corrupted or infected causing QuickBooks error QBW32 exe
  • QBWin32.dll is missing from the set of QuickBooks files.
  • QBW32.exe has been shifted out of the folder containing QBs files.

Rectifying Methods to Troubleshoot QBW32 exe Error    

It is best to get rid of all QuickBooks errors regardless if they harm your system or not. However some errors in QuickBooks are proved to be more fatal than others like QuickBooks error QBW32 exe. It is highly recommended you eliminate this troublemaker right out of your system as soon as possible. We are here with some foolproof methods to help you resolve the QBW32.exe problem.

Method 1 : Reinstall QuickBooks Accounting Software

Uninstalling and installing the software resets it and makes it fresh as new, fixing bugs and errors like QBW32 exe error. Keep your product number and license number in hand before uninstalling, you’ll need it to login in your account.

  • Initially look for QuickBooks icon on the desktop.
  • Alternatively, open file explorer and type appwiz.apl and look for QBs.
  • Click right on the file.
  • Hit uninstall.
  • Now, open the official website of intuit and download the QBs software.

Reinstall Quickbooks Accounting Software

  • Follow on-screen instructions to install the application.
  • Open it and login with all details.

Method 2 : Terminate the QBW32.exe File Process

QBW32.exe file is running continuously, it might be possible that it catches minor bugs causing QBW32 exe error. Follow these steps to shut down the processes of QBW32.exe file:

  • Open the task manager by clicking right on the task bar and choosing the start task manager option.
  • Go to process. Arrange the process in alphabetical order by using the image name header option.
  • Now look for the QBW32.exe file

fixing QBW32 exe error

  • Select the file and click on the end process.

Method 3 : Suppress QBs Software

There might be damage in either your company file or the software. To resolve the QBW32.exe problem it is important to figure out if one is corrupted. Therefore, suppress the QuickBooks application and if the error persists, it’s coming from the company file.

  • Look for the icon of QuickBooks and click right on it.
  • Now hit the ctrl key on your keyboard.
  • Tap on the option Open function.
  • Do not release the ctrl key until you see no company open window.
  • You can now access your QuickBooks file.

Method 4 : Use Install Diagnostic Tool

QuickBooks install diagnostic tool is an amazing tool that figures out and resolves any installation errors in the application that might be further causing errors like QuickBooks error QBW32 exe.

  • Download the tool from the website of intuit.
  • Install the tool by following all the instructions on screen.
  • In case any window is active, close it.
  • Now after closing all programs, run the diagnostic tool.

Use Install Diagnostic Tool

  • Let the tool do its job, it might take some time. Do not intervene with the process.
  • Once the tool completes resolving the issues, restart your system.

Alternatively, you can also try these troubleshooting methods. These are some common quick fix solutions that may or may not work.

  • Reboot your system.
  • Delete all cookies, temporary, and junk files.
  • Temporarily disable windows firewall and network protection.
  • Restore your system.
  • Download the latest version of QuickBooks application.
  • Update your operating system.


An issue like QBW32 exe error can be fatal and we understand how it can hinder your work and your system as well. Therefore it is prominent to resolve it as quickly as possible. We hope you were able to resolve the error by following the above tried and tested steps to rectify. Let us know which troubleshooting method suited best for your system. If you need any further assistance or have any queries, you can talk to the experts in our support team. These are professionally trained and well experienced people, waiting on to resolve any issue or hurdle that might come on your way and ensures you smooth operations.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q.1 – How to change how long qbw32.exe problem running in background?

Answer – QBW32.exe is a file connected to payroll value and QuickBooks software on a windows operating system. This file ensures smooth running of the software. You can change how long QBW32.exe file is running in the background by:

  • Editing system preferences.
  • Open the task manager and choose how long the file need to run.

Q.2 – How do I close QBW32 exe?

Answer – You can terminate QBW32.exe file process by:

  • Click right on the task bar and click open task manager.
  • Open processes.
  • Now, arrange the process alphabetically in the image name header option.
  • Now click on the end process.
  • Look for the QBW32.exe file and click the end process again.

Q.3 – Where is QuickBooks exe located?

Answer – QBW32 stands for QuickBooks by Windows for 32-bit. It is a file that ensures smooth running of the software. To find where it is located:

C:\Program Files (x86)”—usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit\QuickBooks 2013\.

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