Patriot Software Vs QuickBooks: An Ultimate Comparison


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Accounting and bookkeeping has become an essential part of every business nowadays. Regardless of the type of industry, each company needs to record their cash flow, know if they are undergoing profit or loss etc. When you start research on the best accounting software for you, you might have come across two applications, i.e., QuickBooks and Patriot. At this moment you need to know the better one out of these two—situations like this demand for a comparison between Patriot Software Vs QuickBooks.

In this article, we’ll discuss all the features of both Patriot Accounting Vs QuickBooks and everything else you need to know. This article will help you decide which one is better among QuickBooks Vs Patriot Software.

QuickBooks Key Features

QuickBooks Key Features

In 1992, when Intuit designed QuickBooks, it was launched with the mindset of small to midsize businesses. It helps firms to tackle their accounting and auditing requirements. QuickBooks provides a lot of advanced features at a very affordable price. Let’s have a look at few key features of QuickBooks:

Automatic Payments And Alerts

It is not good for a business to miss out on payments. Therefore QuickBooks sends reminders for outstanding payments. You can even turn on auto payment for repeatedly occurring invoices, bills or transactions. You can also make online payments via QuickBooks.

Automated Bank Entries

When you connect your bank account and credit cards with QuickBooks, any transactions you make are automatically recorded into bank feeds. This leads to accurate and faster generating of bank statements.

QuickBooks SmartHelp

You no longer need to wait for the customer support team to respond. QuickBooks smarthelp directs you in the right direction. It tells you solutions for your queries and even points you to the solutions.


QuickBooks has inbuilt templates that you can use and add your details to send invoices. These templates can be edited and customized with personal brand logo and name etc. You can even automate the recurring invoices. This means that the invoices that occur frequently will be sent automatically.

Track Expenditure

Since your bank accounts and credit cards are connected to QuickBooks, all your expenses and bills are recorded. 

Get Financial Reports

QuickBooks generates financial statements like QuickBooks balance sheet, profit and loss statements or cash flow. All you have to do is set a date range, i.e. weekly, monthly or yearly, and the reports will be generated accordingly. You can judge your firm’s performance and make informed decisions.

Patriot Software Key Features

Patriot Software key features

Patriot is accounting software which is super easy to operate and is ridiculously affordable. You get faster accounting and easy bookkeeping through Patriot software. Some key features of this software are:

Payroll Accounting

This feature allows you to calculate taxes with ease and you can even customize payroll. You can thus generate accurate and fair payroll towards your employees using this feature.


The software works smoothly. Be it automatic or manual data entry, the application makes linking and integration super simple. With high performing functionality, you get to operate Patriot without any difficulties.

Customer Support

USA based customer team is available from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 am at your service. You can contact them via email, text or even call. All your queries will be attended by trained professionals.

Employee Portal

Employees can log into the employee portal and check out payroll, W4 information and many such features and details. They can also track current and past pay stubs.

Patriot Software Vs QuickBooks: Comparison

Syncing: Patriot Vs QuickBooks   

Syncing refers to integrating the software with another one. Talking about integration, Patriot has limited softwares it can be linked with. There are only seven syncs for Patriot software. These are:

  • Plaid (banking integration)
  • QuickBooks Desktop (iif file)
  • Patriot time and attendance software
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Card Connect
  • Patriot Accounting Software

QuickBooks on the other hand is compatible with several softwares and can be integrated with them. Some of them are:

  • Manufacturing accounting software
  • QuickBooks Premier
  • Construction accounting software
  • QuickBooks Enterprise solutions
  • QuickBooks Accountant QuickBooks for Mac
  • Nonprofit accounting software
  • QuickBooks Online

Other than this, QuickBooks can also be combined with Gusto, TSheets, Jobbers etc. 

Pricing: Patriot Accounting Software Vs QuickBooks

Price is amongst the biggest factors you must consider when comparing any two applications like Patriot Accounting Vs QuickBooks. You will have to make sure of two things. First, whether the software you select is under your budget. Second, if the features are worth the price you’re paying for it. This narrows us down to comparing QuickBooks Vs Patriot Software, based on its price and packages. 

Talking about Quickbooks, you get 5 packages based on the size of your business. 

Self employed:

Offers client support, income and expenditure tracking, track mileage and accounts, connect bank accounts and allows invoicing with tax estimation. Suitable for QuickBooks self employed owners and generating basic reports. Cost of this plan starts from $15 per month.

Simple start:

Offers everything included in the self employed version and tracks assets and liabilities, client payments, unlimited invoices, create checks and 1099 forms, prepare a budget and cash flow estimates along with tax and sales tax tracking. Best suited for small businesses with pricing of $30 per month and provides access to 20+ reports.


Suitable for a growing business, this plan includes all features of a simple start plan and additionally tracking due bills and management of invoices, direct bill payment and time tracking. It also includes tax estimation and tracking of sales tax. Starting from $55 per month this plan provides access to 40+ reports.


Includes all features in essentials plan plus job costing, project and inventory management and create purchase orders and budgets. It provides sales tax and tax estimation with tax support services in the price range of $85/month. Suitable for businesses that require inventory tracking and gives access to unlimited reports.


Free online training and everything in the plus version of QuickBooks. Further it provides, batch invoicing, tax estimation, sales tax tracking and tax support. starting at$200 per month, this plan is suitable for bigger businesses and offers advanced reporting.

Coming on to Patriot software, you get only two plans. These are:
  • Basic: $17 per month for up to 35 people. Additional member cost is $4 per month/ each member. You get tax filing, integration, time tracking and workers’ insurance linking. Employees will have access to the employee portal and reports generated. 1099 can be filled with an additional fee of $20 for 5 people. Additional people will have to pay $2 per person up to 35 people.
  • Full service: This package is priced at $37 per month with $4 per month for each person. It includes all the services of the basic plan. Additionally you get local, federal and state tax filing, depositing of penalties. At $12 per month per state you can additionally fill state tax. In case Patriot fails to file accurate tax and on time, they guarantee penalties and interests.

Patriot Software Vs QuickBooks: Pros

Patriot Software Vs QuickBooks

User Friendly 

Both Patriot Vs QuickBooks have a user friendly interface and are easy to use. The customer service of Patriot is loved by users. On the other hand, the ease to operate each and every feature in QuickBooks is appreciated. 

Patriot is easy to set up and keep track of invoices and expenses. QuickBooks sends out regular alerts to remind of pending invoices and expenses.

Growth Opportunities

Talking about growth aspects of Patriot Accounting Software Vs QuickBooks. QuickBooks offers up to five plans you can start with the most basic, i.e. self employed one and as you grow you can switch to the advanced one, i.e. advanced. These plans are solely introduced keeping in mind that as your company grows, so do the needs. 

On the other hand, Patriot offers only two plans. The basic one and full service. Therefore, you have less opportunities for growth and you might want to switch to another software as this one will be worn out and become unsuitable for your business.

Tax Filing

Both QuickBooks Vs Patriot Software are great for tax filing purposes. With federal, local and state tax filing features. Patriot Software Vs QuickBooks are very much reliable when filling up your tax reports with high accuracy and guaranteed reporting on time. 

Patriot Software Vs QuickBooks: Cons

  • Wherein the packages of Patriot are limited, there is not much growth for QuickBooks as well. Both software are designed keeping in mind small to midsize businesses. 
  • Many users have complained about QuickBooks customer support which does not provide accurate and satisfactory solutions. 
  • Limited  number of transactions in both QuickBooks and Patriot.
  • If you are a QuickBooks user, you must be aware of the frequent errors that you’ll have to face. Although these errors get resolved but are still troublesome.
  • Lack of work ethics can be caused by Patriot software. Most users who use this software complained about finalizing issues and late tax filing.

Final Words

Deciding which one suits better for you and your business is totally your decision. However, both Patriot Software Vs QuickBooks are accounting and payroll software. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Both have specific features and give priority to them. It is completely your decision what features you want, what your budget is and whether or not the price you’re paying is worth the return you get. These are the basic factors that affect any design making while comparing Patriot Accounting Software Vs QuickBooks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1: What program can replace QuickBooks?

The best QuickBooks alternative are given below:

  • Xero
  • Sage
  • Patriot
  • Freshbooks
  • Wave accounting
  • Zoho books

Q.2: What company is similar to QuickBooks?

  • Oracle PeopleSoft.
  • Sage Intacct.
  • FreshBooks.
  • Xero.
  • NetSuite.
  • AccountingSuite

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