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QuickBooks has been ruling the accounting and bookkeeping industry for a long time now. But one thing that sets us a little back is the repeatedly occurring errors like QuickBooks error code 50004. However, the errors can be easily resolved but it still stops our work and disturbs the working environment as well. They can also lead to consequences if not resolved at an early stage. 

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about QuickBooks error 50004 and more. You’ll be surprised to know how easy it is to eliminate this issue. Stick till the end for the best understanding of error 50004 in QuickBooks desktop.

Overview of QuickBooks Error Code 50004

You must have heard about the direct deposit feature. It is a very basic feature that any bookkeeping software must have. This specific feature allows the head or your employer to deposit the money straight into your account, instead of the traditional paper cheque deposit. QuickBooks offers this feature by allowing electronic transfer and also keeping a record of each and every transaction. 


However, you might need to set it up before you start. Setting up direct deposit is not a huge task, it is simple. Nonetheless, you might come across error code 50004 QuickBooks desktop while doing so. This can be due to numerous potential causes like misconfigured systems or firewall settings and much more. 

As a result, you will not be able to set your direct deposit or even activate or send it. This can cause hindrance to your work, leaving you all annoyed and messed up.

Possible Reasons for QuickBooks Error Code 50004

When you see QuickBooks error code 50004 on your monitor, you might start to wonder why? Let’s have a look at the reasons that must be causing QuickBooks error 50004:

  • You are trying to set up direct deposit over a multi-user mode, thus, giving rise to QuickBooks error 50004.
  • The Windows operating system is outdated.
  • The time and date are not set up properly.
  • The QuickBooks application is not up to date.
  • When QuickBooks is not connected or the link to the server is broken, error 50004 in QuickBooks desktop will pop up.
  • The firewall settings are not suitable.
  • The company file is damaged or corrupted.
  • The paycheck or the details in the form are not correct.
  • The QuickBooks-related files or even the entire software itself are either damaged or have installation issues.

Troubleshooting Solutions of QuickBooks Error Code 50004

By far we have learned what error code 50004 QuickBooks desktop is and why you are facing it. This grasp of error 50004 in QuickBooks desktop is more than enough to start with the resolution process. Without further delay, let’s get onto the methods that’ll help in getting rid of QuickBooks error code 50004.

Method 1: Manually Establish the Paycheck

There may be situations when errors in paychecks become the reason for QuickBooks error code 50004. The best possible solution is to manually create a paycheck, verifying each and every detail by yourself.

Manually establish the paycheck

  • Open the employee’s menu in QuickBooks.
  • Tap on pay employees.
  • Select a check type out of scheduled, unscheduled, or termination.
  • In the create paycheck tab, click on start schedule payroll after choosing opt. schedule.
  • Check the end date and the bank account. 
  • Now, check the details of paychecks by tapping on an open paycheck. 
  • Move on by tapping save and next.
  • Click save and close if you want to transfer back to enter information.
  • Once all details are added and verified, tap on continue.
  • Look at the printing options if you want to print them.
  • Check accounts of all employees to ensure correct paychecks.
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Method 2: Edit the .ini File

The QWB.ini file stores all the initializing details of all the QuickBooks-related items. However, you can edit the parameters of the .ini file as suited. Therefore, making just some little edits in the file can help resolve QuickBooks error 50004. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Launch QuickBooks and the company file.
  • As you hit the ctrl + 1 key together to launch the product information window.
  • Now hit the ctrl + 2 key simultaneously to launch the tech help window.
  • Hit the open file button and look for the .ini file.
  • Double-click on the file to open it.
  • Locate [QBLICENSE] PAYROLL_BUNDLE_STATE=Y in the file.
  • In the place of Y, add N. do this carefully.
  • Hit the file tab and save it. You will exit from here.

Edit .ini File

  • Verify that payroll activation is visible in QuickBooks. 
  • If it is, open the .ini file again and backspace on “[QBLICENSE] PAYROLL_BUNDLE_STATE=Y].”
  • Skip the step if payroll activation is not there.

Method 3: Update QuickBooks to the Latest Release

Operating an outdated version invites not only error code 50004 QuickBooks desktop but many other issues as well. Update QuickBooks regularly to ensure you don’t have to face such situations. Here’s how you can do the same:

update QuickBooks Desktop

  • Click on the update now button under this.
  • Move further by hitting the get update option.
  • Wait for all the updates to get downloaded.
  • Restart the system and open QuickBooks.
  • If it prompts, react positively.

Method 4: Set Intuit and QuickBooks as Trusted Websites

When your browser does not recognize any site as trusted, it will block any task to go through. Therefore, it is best to include QuickBooks and Intuit under trusted sites in order to avoid QuickBooks error code 50004.

  • Open your web browser.
  • Locate the tool option and open it.
  • A drop-down menu will appear, choose internet options.
  • Now go to the programs tab.
  • Set the browser as your default.
  • Next, go to the advanced tab.
  • Here you’ll have to select the security section.
  • Navigate to trusted sites.
  • Tap on sites and add QuickBooks.com and Intuit.com here.
  • Next, you are gonna have to close this window and go to the custom level segment.
  • Open the miscellaneous tab and enable it.
  • Navigate to Access data sources across domains and hit ok.
  • Confirm all these settings changes by hitting apply. Then press ok.
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Method 5: Provide Access to QuickBooks

When you try to set up direct deposit in QuickBooks without access, you’ll definitely fail and error code 50004 QuickBooks desktop will pop up. All you have to do is provide admin access to QuickBooks, this means, running it as admin.

  • Shut down QuickBooks and your system.
  • Start your system again and go to the start menu.
  • In the search field, type QuickBooks.
  • After locating QuickBooks, click right on it and tap on the run as admin.

run as admin

  • As QuickBooks launches, navigate to the employee’s menu.
  • Choose the name of an employee in the employee center.
  • Go to payroll info > direct deposit.
  • Tap on Use Direct Deposit for [employee’s name] and verify the no. of accounts.
  • Add necessary details in the fields.
  • If it prompts, hit ok.
  • Then add a password or pin to confirm.

Wrap up

QuickBooks error code 50004 is related to direct deposit and occurs when you are trying to set it up. If you do not tackle the issue at an early stage, you’ll see the system slowing down. Gradually you will not be able to operate QuickBooks and your system will start crashing. If you face any such issue, you should get in touch with the customer support team. The experts will help you resolve any QuickBooks-related issues as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1: How do I fix error codes in QuickBooks?

Q.2: How do I fix error code C 343 in QuickBooks?

  • Update QuickBooks to the latest release.
  • Record MSXML.Dll files
  • First, remove and install again MSXML.Dll files.
  • Manually fix the issue.

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