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Time tracking is so crucial for any business. But why? Not only it helps you prioritize the projects but also helps you to pay your employees fairly according to the time they spend working. QuickBooks offers a similar feature, i.e. QuickBooks timesheets. This specific feature allows you to track your precious billable hours from anywhere. You no longer have to worry if you’re working from home as those hours will count too! Another famous software is TSheets. A cloud based time tracker that is specially designed for tracking time. This software offers advanced features that make tracking easier. Now, what will amaze you is QuickBooks TSheets integration.

Both are top in their own industries. Both offer advanced features and both are user’s favorite. In this article, we’ll discuss linking TSheets by QuickBooks and everything related to this. So pick up your pace and get ready to strike into the topic.

What is TSheets?

What is TSheets?

TSheets is an internet-based time tracking tool that can be used ideally or by integrating with other software like TSheets QuickBooks Integration. It offers advanced time-tracking tools that makes tracking your precious billable hours effortlessly facile. Here are some of the key features TSheets offers: 

Easy Accessibility

You can access TSheets from any corner of the world. Its mobile version is a cherry on top. You can easily find TSheet on play store or itunes store and record time anywhere and everywhere.

Altering And Approval

Before the time of any employee goes to payroll for salary calculation, managers can review and approve it. Moreover, TSheets also alert the manager whenever any employee is going over time. Not only this, time can be modified, you can edit how employees track time and set restrictions too.


With a real-time reporting feature, you can see who’s working and when. You can also see which employee is going overtime, undertime, or is on time.


GPS tracking enables you to see the location of anyone who’s running TSheets in your firm.

Features of QuickBooks

What is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is an accounting pro that enables its users to perform accounting at a very affordable price. It is used by small businesses to midsize businesses. You can send and receive and create an invoices in QuickBooks, pay your bills and file tax returns, etc. via QuickBooks. QuickBooks offers different versions of its software depending on the size of your business and requirements. Let’s look at some key features you get in QuickBooks:

Easy Accounting

With cloud accounting features, you can access the application anywhere and at all times, even from the comfort of your home. Moreover, it has a mobile app that is compatible with androids. 


QuickBooks not only serves your templates to create invoices but you can also customize them or create a fresh one as per your own choice. Moreover, you can save repeated invoices so that you don’t have to create one every time.


QuickBooks support online banking. It offers you to make or receive payments and then those payments are recorded for future use.


Every week, month or year, you might need a report to review all your cash inflow and outflow. QuickBooks generates such reports according to the dates you set. It will present you with all your cash flow and profit and loss states etc at any moment you want.

What is QuickBooks TSheets Integration?

QuickBooks TSheets: Pro Guide For Integration

  • TSheets QuickBooks linking refers to combining both applications in order to bring out the best results. 
  • With TSheets QuickBooks Online Integration you can not only schedule tasks for you employees but also notify them and track their working hours.
  • The time tracked by TSheets can be utilized by QuickBooks for payroll calculation under TSheets QuickBooks Desktop Integration. 
  • You can even generate reports based on the time of all employees. This can help in team management as well.

Things To Take Care For QuickBooks TSheets Integration

Before you perform TSheets QuickBooks Integration, there is a list of requirements that needs to be fulfilled. 

  • You need to make sure you can enter single-user mode not a multi-user mode whenever required to.
  • Make sure that TSheets QuickBooks Desktop Integration is done at the same location and that the system is compatible with it.
  • Properly install the QuickBooks integration add-on.
  • Another thing you need to take care of for linking TSheets by QuickBooks is that the week should initiate on the same day and date.
  • Make sure you have logged in with admin credentials.
  • Each and every staff member should be set up with at least one payroll item. If not, the transfer of time into payroll will be unsuccessful.
  • Enable the full payroll option.
  • Any user who needs the time from TSheets to be sent into their account comes either under employees or vendors.
  • Always tick the box for “use time data to create paychecks.”

QuickBooks TSheets Integration: Benefits

When you perform TSheets QuickBooks Online Integration, you get advantages you can enjoy. Let’s have a look at it.

Track Labor And Job Cost

You first allot tasks or projects to the employees. Once done, you can easily track expenses and income to create a QuickBooks expense report. Moreover, you can track the time on each project or job and the cost spent as well.

Tracking Time And Location

As soon as your employee turns the clock on, you’ll get to see where they are. Moreover, you also get to see if any employee is going overtime, under time or is working perfectly on time. You can track if any employee is early or late as well.


With QuickBooks TSheets linking you can properly bill your clients as per the time spent on their work. Moreover these bills would have all the information, thus, maintaining transparency.


Since both TSheets and QuickBooks generate reports. You can create reports with TSheets QuickBooks integration and judge the performance of your employees.

Smart Payroll Management

TSheets QuickBooks Desktop Integration helps manage payroll by providing clear-cut information on employees’ working hours and the time they spent on projects or tasks.

Stepwise Integration of QuickBooks TSheets (Desktop)  

In order to successfully perform TSheets QuickBooks Integration, you need to perform certain steps. Make sure you follow the guidelines below precisely.

Step 1: Configure The Requirements

  • Make sure you have turned on the full payroll feature in QuickBooks.
  • Ensure TSheets and QuickBooks week start on the same day and date.
  • Always sign in with an admin account in both applications for QuickBooks TSheets integration.
  • It is your responsibility to create an employee with at least one payroll item, so that transfer can be possible.
  • All employees have to always tick the box for “use time data to create paychecks.”
  • First, make sure both TSheets and QuickBooks are on the same computer.
  • Also, make sure that you switch to QuickBooks single-user mode because only then the sync would be possible.
  • Any user that needs their time to be exported into their QuickBooks account should be created as employees or merge vendors in QuickBooks. You can also add an admin 

Step 2: Log In

  • First, you have to make sure you have both applications on the same system.
  • Now open QuickBooks.
  • Open the company file in here that you want to run.
  • Login as admin.
  • Always stay in single-user mode.
  • Go to the TSheets application and log in with an admin account here as well.

Step 3: Download QuickBooks TSheets Integration Add-On

This is an important step in the entire TSheets QuickBooks Desktop Integration. With this add on the combining of TSheets with QuickBooks will not be possible.

  1. Go to the TSheets account.
  2. Open feature add-ons.
  3. Next tap on manage add-ons.
  4. Here look for QuickBooks desktop integration.
  5. Tap on install.
  6. You’ll get a link, make your choices.
  7. Once you’ve selected your choices, tap on next.
  8. These are the choices, which can be reviewed and edited in the preferences section:

Download QuickBooks TSheets Integration Add-On

  • All users are deleted
  • Importing jobs and customers.
  • Showing the service time.
  • Billable showing.
  • Importing vendors or employees.
  • Showing class.

Once you have made the choices, here’s what you need to do next:

  • You’ll see a warning, you can either follow it or skip it. 
  • If you want to continue after the warning, tap on continue.
  • This will open the web connector section. Make sure you have install a latest QuickBooks Web Connector that are used in QuickBooks.
  • Tap on advanced/manual setup.
  • Tap on the web connector link.
  • A file will be downloaded, open it.
  • Hit ok.
  • The security window will open.
  • Choose the option, “yes, whenever this QuickBooks company is open.”
  • Tap on continue > done.
  • On the TSheets web connector page, look for the password.
  • Now, open the web connector and add the password you just located.
  • Next, hit the enter key.
  • This will make the TSheets application on the left.
  • Tap on the update selected.
  • This will successfully sync QuickBooks TSheets.

Stepwise Integration of QuickBooks TSheets (Online)  

Step 1: Get The Integration App. 

Method 1: Add on the app from TSheets
  • Open TSheets account and go to feature add-ons.
  • Tap on manage add-ons.
  • Tap on QuickBooks online integration > install.
  • From here you opt for connecting to QuickBooks.
  • The Intuit login page will open.
  • Access the account from here.
  • If it prompts, hit authorize.
  • You’ll see “you are not connected” page. After this, in the preferences menu, you can make other adjustments.
Method 2: Downloading app from apps.com
  • Open apps .com.
  • Look for QuickBooks TSheets.
  • Tap on learn more.
  • Select which QuickBooks account you want to combine with TSheets.
  • After this, the setup QuickBooks time tracking window will pop up. make adjustments and start the integration.

Step 2: Select The Preferences

  • You’ll need to make certain adjustments and choices.
  • Go to the preferences window and select these items: Delete all users, show billable, show classes, and show service items.
  • If it prompts and you want to give confirmation for delta, type delete in the message box.
  • Tap on next.
  • Set a date in the exporting TSheets QuickBooks window.

Step 3: Import The Id Data Form

Open QuickBooks and move to preferences.

Go to the “automatically import changes to” list and remove the items you don’t want to import automatically when QuickBooks TSheets links.

To entirely remove auto import, unmark the “automatically import for changes made in QuickBooks option.”

Step 4: Matching Payroll

If only you want payroll to be calculated with TSheets report, perform the steps below:

  • In TSheets, tap on QuickBooks.
  • Go to preferences.
  • Make sure the employee map has opted.
  • Choose the name of the employee simply by tapping on it.
  • From the hour type section, select a payroll item.
  • Any edits you make will be saved automatically.
  • Tap on employee CSV to download the timesheet.


You have already seen how complicated QuickBooks TSheets integration is. However, if you follow the steps carefully, you’ll be able to perform TSheets QuickBooks Desktop Integration successfully. With this integration, you can track employees’ time and location and also calculate payroll according to that. There are a lot more advantages TSheets QuickBooks Integration offers. All are mentioned in the guide. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 : How to sync tsheets with QuickBooks online?

  • Install TSheets QuickBooks integration add-on.
  • Set the preferences
  • Import the data
  • Match payroll

Q.2 : Is there a time clock that works with QuickBooks?

A: You can integrate various time clocks with QuickBooks:

  • TSheets
  • Time clock Plus
  • Rippling
  • Timesheets.com

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