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QuickBooks is undoubtedly among the top accounting software but it isn’t the only one. There can be likely any reason if you’re looking for a QuickBooks alternative. After all, it is amazing software, but is not a one size fits all choice. Either you find QuickBooks unaffordable or you’re looking for something the software doesn’t offer. When operating QuickBooks just doesn’t feel right, it might be high time to consider other options as well. 

In this article, we’ve brought across you well-researched alternatives to QuickBooks that can be your next choice. 

Things to Consider While Seeking QuickBooks Alternative

QuickBooks Alternatives

If you are pondering the best QuickBooks alternative, one thing is for sure QuickBooks isn’t suitable for you. However, before you take a look at different alternatives to QuickBooks, you must make up your mind on what you’re looking for and things you need to pay more attention to while searching for your solution. 

  • Budget: Before you look for alternatives to QuickBooks, you need to keep in mind what your budget is and look for something that is affordable and is an absolute reward under your price.
  • Services: You must know what you need and what you’re looking for. QuickBooks alternatives offer features suitable enough for you and your firm.
  • Customer Support: The very important aspect most of the time people ignore while committing to software is the availability of the support team. You might want to opt for software with easy availability of the team.
  • User-friendly: It is definitely a smart choice to go after software that is easily accessible by users without much training and complications. You can initially start by using a trial product before committing.
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Best QuickBooks Alternative To Consider

List of QuickBooks alternatives

Xero: The Integration Pro

One thing you should be well aware of is that Xero makes accounting easy and enjoyable. With its tagline “beautiful business,” Xero has managed to make its place to the top accounting software. Xero is one QuickBooks alternative if may want to consider if you’re looking for the following features:Xero - The Integration Pro

  • Easy invoicing: Xero offers various templates that can be used to make invoices within a matter of time. Moreover, you can not only easily create the invoice but keep a record and track each one. As soon as you create an invoice with just a few clicks, it is saved. The cherry on top is that customers can just click and pay hassle-free.
  • Integration pro: Xero offers easy integration with any software or tool. Xero enables you to join and sync with more than 1000 apps or tools at once without creating any fuss.
  • Easy access and financial overview: Since Xero is cloud-based software, it can be accessed from any corner or anywhere in the world. It has a user-friendly interface that can be operated even from a smartphone.
  • Automated bank feed and financial overview: Xero enables you to connect your bank account and any changes made in bank statements thereafter are automatically updated in your Xero accounting software. Above that, it constantly displays a dashboard that keeps a record of money going in or out. 
  • Pricing: QuickBooks alternative, Xero accounting software’s package starts from $12/ per and goes up to $65/per month depending upon the size of the business.

FreshBooks: Freelancer’s Choice

Freshbooks: Freelancer's choice

With the title, you must be aware now that FreshBooks is the best suited for self-employed or freelancers. It lets you perform almost all functions like any other accounting software but with an interface made for self-employed or small businesses. 

  • Invoice is sorted: FreshBooks is a perfect example of “big things come in small packages”. It offers easy and simple invoicing. You can create bills within a few clicks, send them over emails and even track if clients have seen them. 
  • Integration of payment tool: While in QuickBooks users manually have to set up PayPal or any other tool. In FreshBooks, there’s an automatic integration feature that eliminates the manual setting up of payment tools and the headaches that come with it.
  • Time tracking and payroll accuracy: It offers to keep a record of each second spent on a specific project and therefore clients can be charged fairly. Furthermore, as an alternative to QuickBooks, FreshBooks set up an accurate payroll through its time tracking feature. 
  • Pricing: FreshBooks offers a custom price based on your preferences. However, fixed packages start as low as $6/ monthly and go up to $22/ monthly.
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Sage: Best QuickBooks Alternative For Business Growth

Sage Intacct

Sage accounting software is a combination of desktop applications and cloud-based software. This means it can be accessed from anywhere. It is one of the best alternatives to QuickBooks for a small and growing business. It is known best suitable for growing businesses as it offers to upgrade the number of users from 1 user to approx 40 users.

  • Cashflow manager: With customized settings of cash flow, Sage displays the flow of your money and gives a clear picture of your finance. 
  • Invoicing: It offers easy invoicing and you can even send invoices to many customers at once. Moreover, you can create repeated occurring invoices as per your choice (customized) without the hassle of manually creating it each time. Also, the software enables payments via invoices.
  • Integrated bank feed: The bank feed and accounts are integrated and therefore you do not have to manually enter any transaction. It automatically tracks the bank statements and updates itself.
  • Inventory and payroll manager: Sage accounting software keeps a track of each and every item in stock, i.e. in inventory. You just need to enter a few details and leave the rest to the software. This inventory management feature helps in easy invoicing and transaction recording. Furthermore, Sage ensures fair pay to the employees with its built-in feature of payroll that enables clients to pay directly to their employees.
  • Pricing: The software offers an affordable price of $10/month for one user that goes up to $25/month for unlimited users. It offers a trial period of three months as well.

Zoho Books: Versatile QuickBooks Alternatives

Zoho Books: Versatile QuickBooks alternativesFor a sole proprietor or a newly started business, Zoho Books is the go-to accounting software. With its attractive widespread features, the application is affordable and offers a user-friendly interface.

  • Create invoices and estimates: The app helps you send customized invoices and payment reminders to clients with just a few clicks, effortlessly. It accepts online payments and you can easily send invoices via mail. Moreover, in order to keep track of all invoices, you can create estimates and easily convert them to invoices as needed.
  • Time and expense tracking: You can either enter manually time spent on a project or use the in-built timer to clock the time. Besides, you can manage and track your expenses through Zoho Books. The software keeps track of outgoing money with the help of invoices and estimates.
  • Bank statement tracking via integration: The software enables you to connect your bank and PayPal. Thereafter, it automatically records each transaction or updation, making it much easier to look at your finances and manage them
  • Pricing: The plans start from $0/month which allows access to 1 user and 1 account only. It goes up to $240/month that offers advanced features to up to 15 users.
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Wave Accounting: Cost-Free QuickBooks Alternative

Wave Accounting

There isn’t a single person on earth who hates free stuff. Wave Accounting application is mainly designed for freelancers and small businesses. However, the application provides additional paid features but the basics are completely free of cost. How great is that? The main features that Wave Accounting offers are:

  • Simplified invoicing: You can create customized recurring invoices within a few clicks with the help of templates. On top of that, you can track payments as well.
  • Account manager: Wave offers a double accounting system. You can connect your accounts and the software will keep track of ingoing and outgoing money. With visible cash flow, you can easily manage your finances.
  • Bank feed: There’s no need for manual bookkeeping when wave can simply track and record each transaction from invoices, bank accounts, bills, etc., and create a bank statement based on that. 
  • Fair pay: With an in-built payroll feature, you can pay your employees fairly and easily. Just one click and the payments will be deposited in the accounts.
  • Pricing: Wave Accounting offers invoicing, banking and accounting feature all free of cost, i.e. $0/month. However, additional features are paid, and payments services are at 2.9% + $0.60/ transaction. Payroll services at $20/month – $35/month and advisors services at $149/month – $329/month.

The End Note!

When or if you are looking for a QuickBooks alternative, you will not be the only one expecting to find the best of all. However, you need to keep in mind that all applications have their own setback and therefore, you should be flexible to different options. Having said that, we bring this article to an end hoping you find what you’ve been looking for. These are so far the best QuickBooks alternative, however, the list is long. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1 – Does Microsoft have something like QuickBooks?

Answer – Yes, Microsoft announced the launch of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in November 2016. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is one-stop accounting software that tackles all your finances and accounts. It offers a wide range of features from time and budget tracking and project and HR management to inventory and accounting management.

Q2 – Is QuickBooks obsolete?

Answer – QuickBooks is major accounting software that helps a lot of businesses in their auditing needs. However, Intuit has announced that it will be discontinued from 1st February 2023. This doesn’t mean you cannot still use it, it only means no new updates will be launched thereafter. However, the clock is ticking for users to find a QuickBooks alternative.

Q3 – Which QuickBooks alternative is right for my business?

Answer – There are a lot of different options for anyone looking for alternatives to QuickBooks. FreshBooks, Wave Accounting, etc. are a few. However, if you are looking for something suitable for your business, the very first thing to do is to know what you need. Know your budget and your requirements and then do your research. 

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