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QuickBooks is one of the best accounting software and nowadays majority of the businesses use it. But you might face a situation where you want to transfer your QuickBooks data from one computer to another and find it difficult. So, instead of searching or finding ways of doing it just use QuickBooks Migration Tool.

As, QuickBooks desktop migration Tool solution speeds up and greatly reduces time spent on the transfer process. In this post, we’ll go over how to use the QuickBooks Migration Tool to transfer data and apps, its requirements, and an overview of the data that can and cannot be duplicated. Let’s start.

What is QuickBooks Migration Tool?

The QuickBooks migration tool is a revolutionized tool that cuts down all the slack of changing your system. If you are worried about changing your system and losing data from your previous device, then this tool can be a way for you to avoid data loss. This tool is highly efficient in transferring data from device to device. You can use this tool if you want to transfer the data from one device to another. It will not lead to any data loss. It is accessible from your browser as well.

Requirements For QuickBooks Migration Tool 

Here, we’ve listed a few items to think about while moving QuickBooks to a new computer:

QuickBooks Migration Tool Requirements

  • In order to store your QuickBooks data, you must have a USB flash drive with enough empty space.
  • Your new computer needs to be connected to the internet.
  • It also provides information regarding the required quantity of space. It typically ranges from 150 to 250 MB.
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What is the Process of the QuickBooks Migration Tool?

So, here we have listed the process that you should follow to make the QuickBooks Migration tool works:

Process of the QuickBooks Migrator Tool

  1. Tool will automatically download the most compatible version of QuickBooks Desktop on your PC.
  2. All technical work will be done by the QuickBooks migration tool.
  3. Use the tool to copy last three company files.
  4. Make sure to come up with a secure password as it will help you to recover your data any time.
  5. Migrator utility only uses this password once. As a result, you must remember it because you will need it for the migration process.

Information Transferred or Not While Using the QuickBooks Migration Tool

QuickBooks migration tool does not allow you to transfer all your information but only few information can be transferred. So we have listed below what all information you can copy and what not. 

Information that you can copy with QBs migration tool:

  • Letters and templates for QuickBooks.
  • Memorized and scheduled reports.
  • Financial Statement.
  • Spelling check.
  • In-depth Reports.

Information that you can’t copy with QBs migration tool:

  • Data Protect by Intuit (IDP)
  • Setting up the multi-user mode.
  • Company files older than three years.
  • Syncing of payments and payroll.
  • Backup Records.

Know How to Use the QuickBooks Migration Tool

Users must carry out a few simple tasks on both their old and new computers to use the migration program.

Step 1: Start up your Outdated Computer

There are many ways to start your old computer despite thinking that it will be of no use now and to do so look at the procedure:

  • Start by connecting an old PC to a USB flash drive.
  • Launch QuickBooks desktop after that.
  • Next, choose Utilities from the File menu bar.
  • At last, Move QuickBooks to another system.

Step 2: Activate your New Computer

You can simply activate your new computer by looking up the detailed steps given below:

Activate your New Computer

  • Connect your flash drive to the new computer first, being careful to prevent the tool from starting automatically.
  • Select Flash Drive.
  • Double-click the “Move QuickBooks.bat” file after that.
  • Enter your previously created password now, then click Let’s go.
  • At last, wait till the process finishes.

Tasks Required for a Full QuickBooks Setup

You will need to take extra actions in order to make QuickBooks work on your new computer  by following these steps:

QBs Migration tool Requirements

  • First you need to log in to the payment & payroll services.
  • After that sign in to Intuit Data Protect (IDP)
  • Now, be careful to move to your new computer.
  • Finally, to avoid unanticipated issues, always make a backup of your company’s files.

Can QuickBooks be Manually Transferred?

Here are some simple procedures for manually transferring QuickBooks to a new computer.

  1. Simply create a backup of QuickBooks on the old computer.
  2. After that you should remove QuickBooks from your old computer.
  3. Install QuickBooks on a new PC.
  4. At last, Restore the backup of QuickBooks on the new PC.

Last Say

We hoped that the QuickBooks Migrator Tool material in this blog would assist you in transferring QuickBooks to your new computer. You must therefore prevent them and ensure that data security is not compromised. By protecting your data, our specialists will make sure to give you the best service possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do I get the QuickBooks migration tool?

Answer – Follow these steps to get the QuickBooks migration tool:

  • Using a compatible online browser, log in to QuickBooks Online.
  • Click the Get Started button on the Export overview screen.
  • To get the migration utility, click the Download tool button.

Q2. How can I move my old QuickBooks desktop data to my new one?

Answer – Here are the steps that help you to move data from old QuickBooks to new:

  • Click the Tools button in the top right after logging into the new account.
  • Select Import Data from the Tools menu.
  • Search the data you want to import.
  • Click Browse.
  • At last, press the Next button to finish.

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