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Time tracking is an essential tool for businesses nowadays. It enables you to pay your employees fairly according to the hours they’ve worked. Therefore firms use different time-tracking tools for the same. Harvest is amongst the top time-tracking tools that offer a huge variety of features making time-tracking enjoyable. QuickBooks offers time-tracking features too but harvest takes a lead on this one. Comparing harvest to QuickBooks, harvest is a better tool for time tracking. But imagine the wonders Harvest QuickBooks Integration will do for your firm.

We are here to discuss Harvest QuickBooks Time Entry Integration and how it will help your business.

A Brief into Harvest

Harvest QuickBooks Integration

Harvest is an amazing time-tracking tool that offers tons of features. It makes time tracking simple and enjoyable. It is easy to use and access. Time is a sensitive factor and no employee wants their crucial billable hours to slip through the cracks. Harvest time tracking offers many features, let’s see a few of them:

  • Reporting

Harvest reports time in four sections: clients, tasks, teams, and projects. The client report shows time spent on a specific customer. Their is also specified that the merge customers in QuickBooks. The tasks report depicts hours spent per task. The team report sums up the hours each member utilized and the project report shows time spent on each project.

  • Timesheet

Harvest offers automatic and manual time recording. In case you accidentally missed starting the auto time clock, you can manually log into your timesheet and record it. Moreover, automatic time recording makes entries into the timesheet.

  • Invoice

What motivates each employee to spend their precious billable hours with intense efforts? That they get paid for it. Moreover, customers also do not want to pay unnecessarily. Therefore, with invoicing features, harvest generates invoices according to the time spent on that particular task, project, or client. You can directly email the invoice and thus maintain full transparency as your client will be able to see each and every billable hour.

  • Integration

Finally the gist of this article. Harvest can be integrated with tons of different applications like contact management, finance tracking app, and many more. By this, it enables you to track time even while working on other platforms simply by integrating harvest with the particular software. QuickBooks Harvest Integration is one such example.

A Brief into QuickBooks


QuickBooks is among the top accounting software. It presents you with advanced bookkeeping features that help you perform different accounting and auditing tasks. You can track sales, send invoices, generate yearly monthly, or weekly reports to judge your firm’s performance, and much more.

  • Customized Invoices And Receipts

Creating invoices or receipts with every sale or purchase is a lot of work to do. QuickBooks offers you to use some templates or customize them as per your requirements.

  • Automatic Reminders For Payments

You can be so involved in your work that you miss a payment date and this may cause you to pay extra. Repeatedly missing payments will ruin your reputation. But with QuickBooks, you get reminder when the payment is due. So, you’ll not miss fulfilling them on time.

  • Automated Entries

When you connect your bank account with QuickBooks, it then starts to record all the transactions for generating reports or for future use. You do not need to feed them manually.

  • 24 Hours Professional Services

The QuickBooks customer support team is available 24 hours for providing you with professional help in case any queries or doubts pop up.

  • Reporting

It generates reports monthly, weekly, or yearly. Such as profit and loss statements etc. These reports help you look at your cash flow and track business performance.

  • Communication

QuickBooks allows you to switch to a QuickBooks multi-user mode where more than one user can operate the same company file without them having to share everything manually. 

Importance of Harvest QuickBooks Integration    

Harvest QuickBooks Integration

By integration, we mean combining both the software and integrating both of them to generate the best outcome. We combine the awesomeness of both software that is among the top in their fields and create the best out of it. With the amazing features of QuickBooks and the heart-winning performance of, Harvest Integration QuickBooks Online is a winning combination. But what makes Harvest QuickBooks Time Entry Integration so special? 

Key Importance

  • With its reporting feature, harvest generates a complete report for the aid team to help them work efficiently and make a proper judgment.
  • You can even track the time that you spend on applications that your employees use and thus help keep track of it via QuickBooks Harvest Integration.
  • Since harvest can be combined with different other third-party software like project and contract management. With Harvest Integration To QuickBooks, even QuickBooks can make use of those third-party applications.
  • Harvest Integration To QuickBooks makes billing much easier.
  • Harvest generates invoices based on billable hours you spend on clients. By Harvest QuickBooks Integration, these invoices are automatically stored in QuickBooks as well.
  • Harvest QuickBooks Integration makes it easy to track who is overworking and who is not completing their targets.
  • You can make an estimation of the time you are going to spend on future projects.
  • Harvest helps your employees to track the precious time they spend working for you or clients. Therefore, with set up QuickBooks payroll and harvest time tracking, the Harvest QuickBooks Time Entry Integration enables you to pay salaries fairly.
  • With Harvest Integration QuickBooks Online, you do not need to manually feed the transactions of invoices or payments. 

Harvest QuickBooks Integration: Step By Step

Before you start with Harvest QuickBooks Time Entry Integration, there are certain things you need to make sure of. These are:

  • Ensure that you have logged into the system, QuickBooks, and harvest only with the admin account.
  • You will have to verify the invoice module feature is turned on as it helps in linking harvest and copying invoices to QuickBooks.
  • One thing you need to keep in mind is that expense report and time cannot be synced in straight from harvest to QuickBooks. These are copied.
  • Harvest QuickBooks Integration can only be done with subscriptions, not with free plans.

Now you’re all set to start Harvest Integration QuickBooks Online. With QuickBooks Harvest Integration, all data will be synced and you can make the best utilization of both software. Combining both applications is pretty simple. However, you’ll need to be careful while following the steps.

  • Firstly ensure both Harvest and QuickBooks are available in your system. Make sure both of them are logged in with the admin account. (same user)
  • Now, open the harvest application.
  • Move to account settings.
  • You’ll see the integration option here, tap on it.
  • Hit connect to the QuickBooks tab.
  • QuickBooks will open. Log into the account and verify it.
  • Once completed, you’ll be taken back to harvest.
  • Set sub-customers to either on or off, as you require.
  • Set an income account (default)
  • Finally, select whether or not you want all the payments to be copied into the deposit account.
  • Finish this by hitting the save button.

Harvest QuickBooks Integration

Things to Keep in Mind for Harvest QuickBooks Integration    

  • The income account selected in harvest is applicable only when QuickBooks is not linked with the harvest invoice item type and product/service item.
  • Verify item names from harvest and QuickBooks before blindly copying the invoices. In case, they do not match, you can make edits to either one of them.
  • If information is not the same and fails to match, duplicate items will be created in QuickBooks.
  • You’ll need sub-customer or project names, client names, and item types or products and services to match for the successful copying of invoices in Harvest QuickBooks Integration.
  • Verify product and service by Open QuickBooks > company > configure > item types.
  • Harvest invoice items are mentioned in the harvest item type. The same should match QuickBooks products & services and it will tell the income account as well.
  • For instance, if the product & service and item type does not match, you’re gonna have to use a default income account: settings > integrations > QuickBooks online.
  • Just before you start copying invoices, set tax rates to default: invoices > configure > default values > harvest.

What Can You Gain From Harvest QuickBooks Integration?

Harvest QuickBooks Integration

Till now we have mostly discussed Harvest Integration To QuickBooks based on invoices. But apart from that what good does Harvest Integration QuickBooks Online provide?

1. Payments 

With Harvest QuickBooks Time Entry Integration, you can control if the payments should be automatically starts copying to QuickBooks for bookkeeping or not.

  • Open the setting menu.
  • Navigate to integrations.
  • Choose QuickBooks.

2. Tax And Discounts

Harvest Integration QuickBooks Online allows you to copy and QuickBooks record loans, tax and discounts as well.

  • While either creating or editing an invoice, tap on apply tax from QuickBooks online.
  • Set the rate of tax, available from QuickBooks.
  • You can also set the tax rate to default: invoices > configure > default values.

3. Different Currency: 

You can generate invoices in different currencies. Moreover, you can convert different currency invoices to the default one in Harvest Integration To QuickBooks.

4. Removed Invoices:

Harvest QuickBooks Integration

When you accidentally delete an invoice in harvest,  you can find it in QuickBooks. ( if copied before deleting). This is one major feature that makes Harvest QuickBooks Integration attractive. However, the link of view in harvest would be broken or not available. Same when invoices are deleted in QuickBooks. 

How Can You Reverse Harvest QuickBooks Integration?

You have learned literally all about QuickBooks Harvest Integration. However, one thing is still left. That is, removing this integration. 

  • Launch harvest application.
  • Navigate to settings. Make sure you have entered an admin account.
  • Scroll and choose integrations.
  • Tap on the edit settings section beside QBs.
  • You’ll see the unlink QuickBooks option. Hit it to remove harvest QuickBooks integration.


The wonders Harvest QuickBooks Integration does for your firm are all mentioned in this guide. With Harvest QuickBooks Integration, you get maximum utilization of both software. Harvest time tracking helps billing and paying clients and employees fairly. QuickBooks keeps track of all invoices and payments and moreover, uses harvest time tracking reports to generate and cross-check its own reports. However, harvest does not let free plan users access integration, you’ll have to get a membership. 

In this article, we have learned very precisely how Harvest QuickBooks Integration works and how to put it into operation. Moreover, you also learned to remove the integration and the advantages this combination offers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 : Is Harvest compatible with QuickBooks?

A: Harvest allows users to connect to QuickBooks and thereby copy and sync invoices and payments. Users can integrate both software for maximum use of each. 

  • Open harvest admin account.
  • Go to settings.
  • Open integrations.
  • Select the link to the QuickBooks option.
  • Finally hit save after setting up the default account and choices.

Q.2 : Does QuickBooks have API integration?

A: Yes, QuickBooks does have API integration. Using QuickBooks online accounting API, you can make maximum utilization of all key features of QuickBooks online.

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