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Quickbooks users who use a web connector to transfer data from Quickbooks to a third-party application or vice versa might face QBWC1085 error usually. You are going to face this error when the web connector fails to work on the file that you want. The other possible reason can be the log file of the Quickbooks is corrupted or damaged. Many people who are new to the Quickbooks web connector might not know how to resolve this error. Considering all these points, We have come up with this blog to help you understand why you encounter this qbwc1085 error, what are the symptoms of this error and what you should do to fix this error in no time following the simple steps. If you have followed all the mentioned methods in this article and continue to face this error, we will recommend you to contact our support team for the technical guidance related to this qbwc1085 error.

What is QuickBooks Web Connector Error QBWC 1085?

QuickBooks Web Connector Error QBWC 1085 generally occurs when you are trying to access or open a QWCLOG. TXT file but you are not able to do so. This error happens when the file you are trying to access is either damaged or missing. To fix this issue, you can download the QuickBooks diagnostic tool or QuickBooks tool hub and fix all the issues with your QWCLOG. TXT file.

Possible reasons of QBWC1085 Error

All the reasons for which you are going to encounter qbwc 1085 error have been mentioned below. You need to look for the following reasons mentioned if you are facing the same error.

qbwc 1085 error
  • If the Quickbooks software fails to connect or write anything to the web connector log file.
  • In case your Quickbooks web connector is accessing the data from the other applications then you can face error qbwc1085.
  • If the txt file on your system is damaged or corrupted, you will face the error.
  • If the web connector is failing to access the log.txt file, you will face the qbwc 1085 error.

Symptoms of QBWC1085  Error

If your system is facing the Quickbooks qbwc1085 error, then you can see the mentioned below symptoms on your system.

  • The most common sign is that your system starts freezing frequently for a short time.
  • There can be some of the irregularities with the working of the Quickbooks software.
  • If your web connector stopped working or not working properly, you can encounter qbwc 1085 error.
  • If the windows on your system have stopped responding or hangs.

Methods to Fix QBWC1085 Error

All the possible ways to fix the qbwc error have been mentioned with the associated with each method.

Renaming the qbwclog.txt file

  • First, you will have to terminate the web connector from your system.
  • Next, you will have to find the web connector log folder and open the same.
  • You will see a qbwclog.txt file in the list of all the files.
  • Now, you will have to click on it and change the name of the file.
  • You will have to add old as a postfix of the file.
  • Once you are done with the renaming, save it and start the web connector again.

Resolve qbwc 1085 manually

The next method in the list is to resolve the error manually. Follow the steps mentioned.

  • First, you will have to press window key and the R key together and then it will open a new prompt.
  • You will have to then enter misconfig in the field and then hit the enter key.
  • After this, you will have to choose the startup option in the window.
  • Next, You will have to look for the web connector option and check the option for it.
  • Once done, you will have to then click on the ok option and save the settings.
  • Once this process ends, you will be required to start the system again.
  • Next, start the Quickbooks web connector again if you still face the error. If you do, we will recommend you to go for the technical help to fix the qbwc 1085 error.
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QBWC 1085 error is common when it comes to the web connector error in Quickbooks. We have provided you with various solutions that you can use to quickly fix this error. We hope that after performing all the mentioned methods, you will not face the error anymore. Just in case if you still encounter the QBWC1085 error, you can contact our technical executives and they will assist you to resolve the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do I fix QuickBooks web Connector?

You can fix the QuickBooks web connector with the help of tools like QuickBooks tool hub, QuickBooks diagnostic tool, and QuickBooks file doctor. Moreover, make sure that you have a stable and good internet connection.  

Q2. What is error code QBWC1088?

Error code QBWC1088 means that the company file does not match. 

Q3. Where is the QuickBooks web Connector log file?

By default, the QuickBooks web connector log file is saved in the Program data folder of C drive. Although, you can change the default settings.

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