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Remembering passwords can prove to be a tough job for some people or most people. QuickBooks is also a password-protected application. Sometimes a user can forget a password and hence, QuickBooks provides you with a simple process to retrieve your password. If you have forgotten your QuickBooks admin password, it is also an easy process to retrieve the QuickBooks admin password. The other reason that you might want to know how to crack the admin password in QuickBooks is cybercrime. With the increase in cybercrime, there are chances that your account can be hacked and therefore you must know how to crack the QuickBooks admin password. In this article, we have mentioned different steps in which you can crack the admin password. Follow all the steps in the same order as discussed below. You can also call our experts if you are seeking guidance.

What is QuickBooks Admin Password?

QuickBooks admin password is basically a set of letters, numbers, and signs like @, #, *, etc. that you use to protect your QuickBooks account. Whenever you log in to your QuickBooks account, you need to enter your user id and password. Without entering the password, you would not be able to log in to your account. The main purpose of this password is to prevent others from getting access to your QuickBooks account.

Specifications to remember

Before setting up the new password, you are needed to keep the things in mind that we have mentioned below:

  • You are needed to make sure that the password length should be at least 7 characters.
  • Next, You will be needed to use a minimum of 1 uppercase letter.
  • 1 numeric letter must be used in the password.
  • Make sure there is no space allowed in the password.
  • Last, you are needed to remember that the password will be case-sensitive.

Methods to crack QuickBooks admin password

If you want to crack the QuickBooks admin password, you can do so by using two methods. You can either use the QuickBooks automated password reset tool or you can use the security question. We have mentioned the steps for both methods in detail so that you can choose the option you want.

Use QuickBooks automated password tool

With this tool, the password will become generated and reset on its own within 90 days. The procedure to use the QuickBooks automated password tool has been provided below:

  • To begin, move towards the Intuit official site. 
  • Thereafter, look for the QuickBooks Automated Password tool. 
  • Once done, choose the QuickBooks version installed on your device. 
Crack Quickbooks admin password
  • You will get no result if you do not select the last version used for accessing the company file.
  • Now, enter the essential credentials such as QuickBooks license number and business information. 
  • There should be no extension within the 10 digits phone number. 
  • Also, choose your Country. 
  • Now, try to manually edit the phone number. 
  • Consequently, choose Save. 
  • Make sure that you agree and accept the license agreement. 
  • Be there till the downloads are going on. 
  • The user is now required to authorize the following things: email id, username, Zip code, and mailing address. 
  • Enter the specific license number and telephone number. 
  • After that, run the QuickBooks Automated Password Reset tool
  • Head towards the drop-down menu of QuickBooks desktop products and select the QuickBooks version. 
  • Make sure that you search for the QB file. 
  • Also, set the specific password. 
  • Generate a new password and confirm the same. 
  • For a new password, you should use special characters, capital and small letters, and numbers. 
  • Hit the Reset password button and complete this process. 
Reset admin password in Quickbooks
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Using the security question 

This can be the easiest method that you can opt to crack the QuickBooks admin password. You can opt for this method if you have forgotten your password. Follow the steps we have mentioned below:

  • On the login page, you will be required to click on the option of forgot password.
crack Quickbooks desktop admin password
  • Now, on the next page, you will be needed to provide the answer to the security question you have set up.
  • make sure you answer correctly.
  • After this, you will be redirected to the other window which will indicate that your company files are no more protected.
  • After this, you will be needed to close the window. 
  • You will be now required to set a new password and a new security question to protect your files.
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It should be noted that you will be required to create a new password every 90 days. It is mandatory by QuickBooks and it has opted for security reasons. Make sure that you follow all the guidelines mentioned in the article to create a new password.


We hope that after following all the steps you will be able to crack the admin password in QuickBooks. If you need to talk to some professional regarding any topic about QuickBooks software, you can call us. We will provide you with easy and early solutions regarding your concerns. You can call us 24×7 and we will help you to fix your issues.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q1. How do I bypass the QuickBooks administrator password?

For this, you will need to change the QuickBooks password. For this, you can follow the steps given below: 
  1. Go to QuickBooks and press on the forget password option. 
  2. Now enter your registered email id and user id. 
  3. You will receive a link on your email, click on it. 
  4. Enter your new password and you are good to go. 

Q2. What is the default admin login for QuickBooks?

The default admin login for QuickBooks is the admin of the system. Although, you can change the admin by logging in to your account. 

Q3. Can I use QuickBooks without a password?

Yes, you can QuickBooks without a password. For QuickBooks online, you can select the “remember me” option and for QuickBooks desktop, there is no need to enter your password again and again.

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