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“Utilizing software together just by integrating them is a great idea. However, not until I started using Smartsheet QuickBooks Integration, did I get to know about this. The combination is magic. It changed so many things for me and my organization. With Quickbooks’ accounting features and Smartsheet’s managing skills, the work procedure became so smooth and simple.”

Are you thinking of using Smartsheet QuickBooks Desktop Integration at your workplace? With this article, we’ll help you learn all about Smartsheet QuickBooks Integration, then you can easily make an informed decision about what you think about this combination.

What is QuickBooks and its Features?


QuickBooks is among the top accounting software and it offers a variety of features like payroll accounting and reporting. It supports different business sizes but has separate versions for each size. Not only this, with regular updates, QuickBooks brings out better interface and more better features.


You can create invoices based on the templates or you can simply start fresh. The templates can be edited and customized as you want them to. Moreover, you can save repeatedly occurring invoices so that you don’t need to create a invoice every time the veal takes place. QuickBooks offers you to send these invoices directly from the application and keep a record of each one of them.

Track Your Expenses

QuickBooks connects to your credit cards and bank account and thereby records all the expenses automatically. Not only this, these expenses are even categorized based on their type. You can add or remove any expense manually.

Online Payment

You can integrate your bank account and pay your bills and other expenses within a few clicks. You can either pay via bank transfer or direct deposit in QuickBooks. Several payments can be made together within seconds.


QuickBooks allows you to review and judge your performance and expense and income via financial reports like balance sheet and profit and loss statement.

Price And Plans

  • QuickBooks self employed: $5/month
  • QuickBooks simple start: $30/month
  • QBs essentials: $55/month
  • QuickBooks plus: $85/month
  • QuickBooks advanced: $200/month

What is Smartsheets and its Features?

Smartsheets and its Features

Smartsheets is specifically designed and used in more than 190 countries for managing your projects, jobs, records, contracts etc. it does all the work via spreadsheets. Smartsheets is famously known for managing workflow and maintaining and improving collaboration in the business. It is suitable for all businesses. 

Managing Content

You can use Smartsheets for managing your entire content and you will not even need to hire anyone to do so. With easy reviewing and regular reminders, Smartsheets helps you stay on schedule.

Managing Resources Of Project

Smartsheets help you view performance and skills of all team members. Therefore, you can select the right person for the job who’ll benefit you further by saving costs and helping you keep growing.


Smartsheets assists you in collaborating with anyone regardless of higher or lower position. Whether its clients, employees, manager etc, you can collaborate with anyone. You can share a single or multiple item or the entire work for feedback and reviewing. It keeps the conversation flowing throughout the organization by connecting all.

Manage Process

You can view several projects at one time and monitor them all. You can do all this from one center via Smartsheets.

Automated Tasks

In an organization, there are several unproductive tasks that you can make automatic and save your team members a lot of effort from such repetitive and cumbersome jobs.

Pricing And Plans

  • Smartsheets free: $0/month
  • Smartsheets pro: $7/month
  • Business Pack: $25/month
  • Smartsheets enterprise: you can get customized features and price, contact the support team.

Benefits of Smartsheet QuickBooks Integration    

Smartsheet Integration With QuickBooks gives users everything they need in just this one linking. QuickBooks Integration With Smartsheet provides an attractive set of benefits that you cannot deny. These are:

  • Smartsheets Integration With QuickBooks allows users to collaborate on a sheet and work together, thus it promotes teamwork.
  • Maintain transparency as each and every member of the team can see, update and perform any tasks and has access to it.
  • Being a club based integrated combination, users of Smartsheet QuickBooks Integration, can access the combo from any device and place at any time.
  • All users have the power to provide permission to access their files for management.
  • With QuickBooks Smartsheet Integration, you do not need any transferring between programs and therefore work is done much quicker.
  • You can save money since you do not need other software because Smartsheet Integration With QuickBooks does all the tasks you want. You name it, they’ll offer it.
  • You can easily find duplicate entries as compared to checking for them manually.
  • Users can review their Quickbooks accounts in Smartsheets before making any informed decision. This is because Smartsheet paints a clear picture of all information via spreadsheet.
  • Smartsheet QuickBooks Integration helps you to quickly figure out any duplicate entry. Therefore you’ll easily find if any transaction in QuickBooks is recorded twice or more by viewing them on the Smartsheets spreadsheet.
  • Listing errors can be prevented and avoided simply by receiving them in the form of graphs or charts in QuickBooks Integration With Smartsheet.
  • QuickBooks Smartsheet Integration lowers management costs while improving effectiveness of work and decreasing error rates.
  • Smartsheet QuickBooks Desktop Integration helps in eliminating the need for setting up a new excel workbook for new projects.

Smartsheet QuickBooks Integration: Requirements

Before you start with the process of QuickBooks Integration with Smartsheet, there are certain tasks or points that need to be taken care of. Make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • Make sure the account of Smartsheet and QuickBooks is authenticated.
  • Any one out of the both applications should be selected as a trigger for automation.
  • Also ensure you choose the action corresponding in the other software.
  • Select the information and data that you want to transfer from one software to another.
  • Now you can start Smartsheet Integration With QuickBooks.

Smartsheet QuickBooks Integration: Steps To Sync

smartsheet quickbooks integration

Once you have met the requirements, you are all set to perform Smartsheet QuickBooks Desktop Integration. QuickBooks Integration With Smartsheet is quite simple and can be done in a few minutes. Here’s how:

  • Go to appy pie connect.
  • Select QuickBooks and set it as a trigger app.
  • Select a particular trigger from the list of triggers.
  • Now opt the Smartsheets app and log into your account.
  • As a response to the trigger, select an action from the action list.
  • Now select the data you wish to transfer from Smartsheets to QuickBooks.

The QuickBooks Integration With Smartsheet is completed here. Now you are all set to utilize this sync properly for your leverage.

Smartsheet QuickBooks Integration: Triggers And Actions


  • New account: Triggered when new account is created
  • New bill: Triggered when new bill is included.
  • Fresh client: Pops when you add a new customer.
  • Estimate updated: When a new estimate is added.
  • Fresh payment: Triggers anytime a payment is received.
  • Fresh purchase order: Pops when fresh purchase order is included.
  • Sales receipt: Flashes as new sales receipt is drawn.
  • Fresh vendor: Whenever a new vendor is created or merge QuickBooks vendors, it triggers.
  • Fresh attachment: When new attachment is included in the row.
  • Comment: When you add a new comment, it is triggered.
  • Fresh row: Flashes when you add a new row.
  • Row updated: Updating row triggers this one.
  • Draw bill (based on account): When you initiate a fresh bill in the name of a client along with line item support.
  • Fresh credit memo drawn: Triggered every time a fresh new credit memo is added.


  • Create customer: This action includes a new customer by establishing it.
  • Make an invoice: Create a new invoice.
  • Make a sales receipt: Establish a new sales receipt.
  • Update a current invoice: Making changes to existing invoice.
  • Insert row: Adding a row.
  • Workspace copy: Makes a copy of the workspace you select.
  • Create workspace: Creates a workspace.
  • Transfer row: Row shifted to a new sheet.
  • Email row: Email used to transfer a row.
  • Share workspace: You can share a workstation with customers.
  • Update row: Adding new value to existing row with row id helps.
  • New estimate: Creates a new estimate.
  • Creating: Making new products or services.
  • Update customer: Making edits in existing customers.
  • Locate customer: You can locate any customer using name and/or email.
  • Search product: Look for a product with its name.
  • Locate or create a client: Also creates and locates a customer.
  • Row discussion added: Adds a row discussion.
  • Copy folder: Shifting a folder to another place/location.
  • Email a sheet: You can share a sheet by tapping here.
  • Copy row: Copying rows to another sheet.


Smartsheet QuickBooks Integration is very simple and yet benefits you a lot. You and your team are motivated for teamwork, maintain transparency between all and above all keeps the communication flowing. This combination helps save a lot of application fee money because if you integrate Smartsheets with QuickBooks, you do not need any other software. All your projects will be managed, contracts will be taken care of and accounts will be organized and sorted into a spreadsheet. 

If nothing, Smartsheet QuickBooks Integration offers huge benefits that you or none can deny. If you decide to opt for QuickBooks Integration With Smartsheet, believe us, you won’t regret it. Moreover, if you follow the guide and steps stated above, you can easily complete the entire Smartsheet QuickBooks Desktop Integration, without anyone’s help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 : Who does Smartsheet integrate with?

A: You can connect or integrate Smartsheets with 100+ applications like QuickBooks, Google sheets, asana, jira and many more.

Q.2 : Is Lightspeed compatible with QuickBooks?

A: Once you have matches, Lightspeed automatically syncs your point of sales data from Lightspeed retail to QuickBooks online. This answers the question, yes Lightspeed is compatible with QuickBooks.

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