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QuickBooks is filled with different features and characteristics that make it among the top accounting software. However, it also makes it vulnerable and prone to glitches. One such glitch is QuickBooks Error 1612. Why is it? Why does it occur? What are the warning signs to beware of? And many more likewise questions are fogging the minds of users nowadays. There have been frequent complaints of catching error 1612 in QuickBooks every now and then.

QuickBooks Error 1612

You might be amongst those facing QuickBooks Error code 1612 if you are reading this. But don’t worry, we assure you that you’re in good hands. We will help you step by step in eliminating QuickBooks Error 1612.

Brief Introduction of QuickBooks Error 1612

We all know QuickBooks is amongst the top accounting pros. Moreover, the application makers themselves have set the bar high, and they have to work towards improving and setting the bar higher every time. Therefore, in order to achieve it, they launch regular updates. These updates are an improvement of features and a user-friendly interface. Moreover, these updates help QuickBooks to stay at the top.

However, while downloading these updates, you might come across QuickBooks Error 1612. As upgrading is a very simple task but is messed up by flashing QuickBooks Error code 1612, you might start to panic. Anyhow, you need not worry because the error is not irrevocable. 

QuickBooks Error 1612

Proceeding, when you see error 1612 in QuickBooks popping on your monitor, this is what the message dialogue box will read: “QuickBooks Error 1612- The update installer is not accessible.” This clearly means that the error emerges because of the installer malfunctioning. Although there are several potential causes too, this one is clearly highlighted in the QuickBooks Error code 1612 message. 

Possible Reasons of QuickBooks Error 1612 

There is a cause for each and everything that takes place in your system. Similarly, there are certain blunders or misconfigurations that have led to QuickBooks Error code 1612. But what are these? These are:

  • A defective compact disk is being used to install QuickBooks, i.e. leading to QuickBooks Error 1612.
  • The company file data is damaged or corrupted.
  • The last time you shut off the system, it was not closed properly.
  • Windows registry is corrupted causing QuickBooks Error code 1612.
  • QuickBooks is improperly installed or downloaded.
  • A virus or malware attack on your system has damaged important files. This further led to error 1612 in QuickBooks.
  • Crucial components have been deleted or are missing, provoking QuickBooks Error code 1612.

Warning Signs of QuickBooks Error 1612

The fatality of error is measured when you ignore it and the harm it causes. One thing you need to keep in mind is that QuickBooks Error 1612 is harmless, only if you resolve it right away. It can lead to consequences if not taken care of. These will be:

  • The system is slowing down.
  • Your computer freezes or crashes frequently.
  • QuickBooks is not running properly. It hangs or shuts down every now and then without any indications.
  • The system is not responding to inputs.
  • QuickBooks Error code 1612 message appears on your screen.
  • The upgrading procedure fails and you are not able to update QuickBooks.

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix QuickBooks Error 1612

Now that you’ve learned what QuickBooks Error 1612 is and everything else related to it, you are all set to resolve it. Without further ado, let’s hop onto the elimination methods of QuickBooks Error code 1612.

Method 1: Run File Checker of the System

The system file checker tool is for Windows users. This tool scans the files in the system, including QuickBooks files, and will repair any damages. Thus, running the tool will help resolve error 1612 in QuickBooks.

Next, you will have to type SFC/scannow.

  • Open the run command by hitting windows + r together.
  • Type cmd in the field with a blinking cursor.
  • The command window will pop up.
  • Next, you will have to type SFC/scannow.
  • As soon as you hit the enter key, the scanning will start. 
  • It is recommended that you let the tool perform its work without disturbance. It might take a few minutes or more.
  • Once completed, all you have to do is restart the computer.
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Method 2: Repair QuickBooks

When QuickBooks has some minor bugs or glitches, you might encounter issues like QuickBooks Error code 1612 and more. However, here’s how you can resolve these glitches:

  • Tap on the start menu.
  • Go to the search field and type the control panel.

control pannel

  • Hit enter to open it.
  • Navigate to the program and features section.
  • Look for the QuickBooks application over here.
  • As you hit the uninstall/change button, you’ll also see the repair option.
  • Tap on it to start the repair procedure. All you have to do is follow the computer’s instructions precisely.
  • Once successfully completed, reboot the system.

Method 3: Clean and Install QuickBooks

One of the most generic solutions to installation issues or glitches resolution in QuickBooks is to clean install it. This means uninstall and then install it again, error-free. This will also help in rectifying QuickBooks Error code 1612. Make sure to back up your data before proceeding. Also, keep your product and license number handy.

  • Go to the start menu.
  • Open control panel.
  • Go to the programs and features tab.
  • Next, move to uninstall a program section.

Next, move to uninstall a program section.

  • Locate QuickBooks from the list of all programs.
  • Once located, select it and hit uninstall.
  • Once completed, restart your system.
  • Open your browser.
  • Go to Intuit’s official website.
  • Download QuickBooks and install QBs.
  • Make sure nothing interferes with the process.
  • Now log into your account.

Method 4: Restoring Patch

Patch resetting or restoring is a very simple and easy solution for QuickBooks Error 1612. It can be performed when QuickBooks is not working properly or is lacking.

  • Open QuickBooks and go to the help menu.
  • Tap on the update QuickBooks tab.
  • Go to options.
  • Check if share downloads are on, turn it off, and hit save.
  • If it is off, turn it on and then tap save.
  • Perform these steps four to five times one by one turning it off and on and saving it simultaneously.
  • After this, finally, leave it on.
  • Restart QuickBooks and check if QuickBooks Error code 1612 persists.
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Method 5: Uninstall The Damaged .msi File & Others

The .msi file is the windows installer file that enables applications on a windows operating system to install or update. However, when this windows installer is corrupted or damaged, you see QuickBooks Error code 1612. Therefore, you’re gonna have to uninstall it in order to resolve QuickBooks Error 1612.

  • Start by opening the control panel.
  • Navigate to the programs and features tab.
  • Go to the uninstall/change section.
  • Locate each and every file including .msi installer that is causing QuickBooks Error 1612. 
  • Select those files and hit uninstall.
  • Move further with the procedure.
  • After completion, restart your system.


We hope the above guide was helpful enough in resolving QuickBooks Error 1612. However, if the issue still persists, consider talking to experts. We have a team specifically designed to attend to your issues and help resolve them. This team is a group of professionally trained QuickBooks experts who know the application inside out. We will help you resolve any technical or nontechnical QuickBooks issue and provide you with a satisfactory solution. Our team is available 24 hours for your service. Ping us up and we’ll get back to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why do I keep getting unrecoverable errors in QuickBooks?

Answer: The most common reason for unrecoverable errors in QuickBooks are:

  • Damaged windows components.
  • Outdated operating system.
  • Corrupted installer.
  • QuickBooks files are incomplete, missing, or damaged.
  • System issues.
  • QuickBooks is not up to date.

Q2: How do I fix QuickBooks Desktop update errors?

  • Run QuickBooks tool hub.
  • Clean install QuickBooks.
  • Use QuickBooks file doctor.
  • Update the operating system.
  • Download the latest QuickBooks version.
  • Check your internet connection.
  • Disable firewall and network protection temporarily.
  • Reconfigure system and security settings.
  • Log in as administrator.

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