How to Solve Quickbooks Freezing up Issue? [Fixed]


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Quickbooks is considered to be the best accounting software that a company uses to handle its monetary activities. Quickbooks also has some bugs that you can often face while you are using the Quickbooks software. One such bug is that Quickbooks starts freezing up after a particular time. It simply means that for a few seconds or a few minutes, you are not able to work on the Quickbooks and it is stuck at only one place. After few minutes, you can easily resume all your activities, If this happens for once or twice, it can be neglected, but, if it starts happening often, it can disrupt your working and is kind of frustrating. In this article, we are going to discuss why you can face the Quickbooks freezing up error and what can you do to resolve it. We have mentioned both the causes and the fixation in detail so that you can get rid of the Quickbooks freezing up error easily.

Causes of the Quickbooks freezing up

Before fixing the error, it is mandatory to know why you are facing the error. We have listed some of the possible reasons due to which you can face the Quickbooks freezing up error.ย 

  • You can face the Quickbooks freezing up error if the operating system that you are using is not compatible with the Quickbooks version.
  • You can also face the error if the file that you are trying to access is corrupted or damaged.
  • If you have turned on the user account control feature on your system, the Quickbooks can start freezing.
  • You can also face the error if the DDf file and the preferences file of the user are damaged.
  • Quickbooks can start freezing if the background applications are taking much more space and not letting the Quickbooks work properly.


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