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PayPal is a worldwide famous payment application used to send or receive money. It is secured and all transactions are safe. No matter what your industry of operation is, you’ll need to send and receive payments and PayPal is the best choice. Several applications can be integrated with PayPal and make paying or receiving money very simple. One such application is none other that the accounting pro itself, Quickbooks. Famous for its wide variety of features, QuickBooks helps you to manage finances through controlled and organized accounting. Joining PayPal To QuickBooks can help you in so many ways and give you several amazing advantages that you might not be aware of.

But we got you! In this guide to Connect PayPal To QuickBooks, you’ll learn about PayPal and QuickBooks separately and about the integration of PayPal To QuickBooks. 

A Brief Intro PayPal

PayPal To QuickBooks

Launched in 1998, this American company has proven to be a success. The major concern for online payment is getting your details stolen or of fraud, PayPal backs you up on this one! It is completely secure and no one can steal your details. You can connect your credit card and you’re all set to make or receive payments, hassle-free.

User-Friendly Interface

The interface is very interactive with various features. It required no training to operate the application. All features are pretty simple to use.

Supports Several Currency

PayPal is operable with different currencies. Therefore businesses or Peo [le from different regions can easily send or receive payments.


You can easily create QuickBooks invoice and send bills or invoices via an inbuilt feature. You can even customize these invoices by adding brand name, logo, and other details as by need.

Quick Transfer Via QR Code

As you create an account on PayPal, you’ll get a unique QR code that can be used to scan and receive money instantly.

What is QuickBooks?

PayPal To QuickBooks

QuickBooks is an accounting pro that enables its users to perform accounting at a very affordable price. It is used by small businesses to midsize businesses. You can send and receive invoices, pay your bills and file tax returns, etc. via QuickBooks. QuickBooks offers different versions of its software depending on the size of your business and requirements. Let’s look at some key features you get in QuickBooks:

  • Easy Accounting

With cloud accounting features, you can access the application anywhere and at all times, even from the comfort of your home. Moreover, it has a mobile app that is compatible with androids. 

  • Invoicing

QuickBooks not only serves your templates to create invoices but you can also customize them or create a fresh one as per your own choice. Moreover, you can save repeated invoices so that you don’t have to create one every time.

  • E-Banking

QuickBooks support online banking. It offers you to make or receive payments and then those payments are recorded for future use.

  • Reporting

Every week, month or year, you might need a report to review all your cash inflow and outflow. QuickBooks generates such reports according to the dates you set. It will present you with all your cash flow and profit and loss states etc at any moment you want.

Features of Integrating PayPal to QuickBooks    

Paypal to QuickBooks  

PayPal To QuickBooks Integration offers you different features that provide you the advantages of linking PayPal To QuickBooks Online. Listed here are a few features when you Link PayPal To QuickBooks.

  • You can easily figure out the gross and net sales when you link PayPal To QuickBooks.
  • In connecting PayPal To QuickBooks Online, you do not require to enter fees manually. The fees are automatically entered.
  • Fees are recorded in a separate account. Therefore you can easily track them down.
  • When you Link PayPal To QuickBooks, you can review and confirm the transactions before they are added into the books for finalizing.
    PayPal issues invoices that contain details of customers. These details are automatically added to sales receipt QuickBooks.
  • When integrating PayPal To QuickBooks, all payments are easily processed just with a few clicks.

Combining PayPal to QuickBooks: Advantages

The famous PayPal To QuickBooks Integration is popular because of the advantages it offers to its users. We’ve understood what it means and what features the Link PayPal To QuickBooks will provide. Furthermore, let’s have a look at the advantages you get when you Connect PayPal To QuickBooks.

  • Customers can pay instantly within a few clicks.
  • Invoices can be sent online and clients can tap on the pay now option and make secured payments through PayPal.
  • It will become easy to manage and record business cash flow and finances. You can easily track your QuickBooks expense report, invoices, or income.
  • Most of the transactions and entries are fed automatically from one application to another in connecting PayPal To QuickBooks Online. Therefore, this integration reduces manual work.
  • All QuickBooks payments can easily be made via PayPal and recorded for future use.
  • When payment is made or accepted via PayPal, it is automatically fed into the accounts you select. Therefore, accounting is made easier and your books are well maintained that too automatically.
  • Reports like profit and loss statements can utilize payPal transactions and you can review your firm’s performance.
  • You can turn on the auto-pay feature that’ll clear repeatedly occurring invoices and pending bills.
  • Payments are made faster and this will in turn improve your cash flow. As soon as an invoice is made and sent, clients can immediately pay with just a few clicks.

Stepwise Procedure to Link PayPal to QuickBooks

Paypal to QuickBooks  

By connecting both applications. You are optimizing them and their features at their level best. This will offer you a lot of advantages and benefits. Now that we’re here, let’s learn how you can actually perform PayPal To QuickBooks Integration.

  • Locate QuickBooks gear icon and double-click on it.
  • This will launch the application.
  • Log in or sign into your QuickBooks account.
  • Now, navigate to the apps section.
  • Search for PayPal here.
  • Once located, click on it.
  • Tap on the get app now option.
  • Next, you’ll have to opt for QuickBooks online company.
  • Finally, tap on allow/ authorize to successfully integrate PayPal To QuickBooks.

How Can You Integrate PayPal To QuickBooks?

Integrating PayPal To QuickBooks will make accepting and receiving payments much easier. If you too want to Link PayPal To QuickBooks, you can perform it in three methods. Below listed are three ways in which you can connect PayPal To QuickBooks. You can select any method that is best suited for you.

Method 1: Integrating PayPal To QuickBooks Via Accept Card Payment Feature

  • Firstly you’re gonna have to log into your QuickBooks account. In case you don’t have an account, create one.
  • Once you’ve entered the QuickBooks window, go to the “accept card payment with PayPal app,” option.
  • In case you are unable to locate this feature in your software, you need to update it.
  • To perform PayPal To QuickBooks Online connection, you’re required to give access permission to QuickBooks.
  • Make sure you have provided the correct email because you will have to verify it. If needed, double-check it.
  • Once you Link PayPal To QuickBooks, you can finally send or receive invoices. Make sure you always tick the box that says “accept card payment with PayPal app,” while creating and sending invoices.

Integrating PayPal To QuickBooks Via Accept Card Payment Feature

Method 2: PayPal To QuickBooks Integration With Connect To PayPal Option

  • After you have entered into your QuickBooks account, go to connect to PayPal section.
  • This enables you to operate the application and connect PayPal to QuickBooks.
  • Set sales data to auto-sync. However, you will have to recheck them before they are added to books.
  • Now, Connect PayPal To QuickBooks.

Method 3: Connect PayPal To QuickBooks Via Application Feature

  • Open QuickBooks and make sure your account is logged into that.
  • Go to menu > apps.
  • Locate PayPal. Tap on it.
  • Click on get app now.
  • Now tap on QuickBooks online company option > allow.
  • This will lead to PayPal To QuickBooks Integration.

How Can You Import Transactions From PayPal To QuickBooks?

Once you have integrated PayPal To QuickBooks, all is running well for you. You’ll need to import transactions from PayPal to QuickBooks for creating a finalized report with the help of QuickBooks reporting tools. This report in turn will help you judge and review your company’s performance. There are three methods that enable you to import transactions when you Link PayPal To QuickBooks.

  1. The transactions can be imported using either an IIF or a CSV file.
  2. The new version of PayPal API allows you to drag data from one app and drop it to another. When you Connect PayPal To QuickBooks, you can transfer the data by dragging it from PayPal and dropping it into Quickbooks.
  3. Utilizing the PayPal bank feed machine, data and transactions can easily be imported into QuickBooks.

Things You Need To Take Care: PayPal To QuickBooks Integration

After you are done integrating PayPal To QuickBooks Online, there are certain things that need to be taken care of. You’ll need to make sure that the below-listed items are achieved.

  • Match The Settings

You’ll need to ensure that PayPal loans are matched with the correct QuickBooks account. This is visible in the program settings section where you can even edit the same. By default, smart mapping technology is selected as a category that enables them to make a choice on how to establish and match PayPal accounts with QuickBooks. Moreover, the users of advanced QuickBooks can edit and alter these without any issues all over the system.

  • Analyze Your Transactions After Transferring

After you have successfully imported your transactions, they can be reviewed in the following sections in QuickBooks:

  • Sales transactions can be reviewed by tapping: transactions > sales.
  • Expenses transactions can be reviewed by tapping: transactions > expenses.
  • To review bank transfers: transactions > Chart of Accounts > choose the bank account you want to review.

Once the PayPal To QuickBooks Integration is done, in about every fifteen minutes, QuickBooks syncs with PayPal. This is done in order to ensure that all transactions are updated and new transactions are transferred from PayPal To QuickBooks Online. When you Connect PayPal To QuickBooks, a daily summary of the entire linking will be visible to you.

How Can You Transfer Transactions From PayPal To QuickBooks? (Debit Cards)

  • Launch QuickBooks and log into your account.
  • Now move to the apps section.
  • Locate PayPal and tap on it.
  • Hit allow/authorize to link with PayPal app card.
  • Now you are gonna have to choose sync settings.
  • Once done, a tab will appear.
  • In this tab, hit on edit.
  • Ensure to tick the box that says include PayPal debit card transactions while importing.


This article explains why integrating PayPal To QuickBooks is a good idea and is so hyped up. Integrating PayPal To QuickBooks helps you in faster payments and stay organized. Therefore, boosting your cash flow. It also helps in several other sectors like saving time and effort, handling payments via auto payment feature, and many more. Not only this, PayPal helps in maintaining the books and you can even review the transactions before they are added and recorded into the books of accounts for finalizing. All of this is already discussed in the article. You’ll get to learn about PayPal To QuickBooks integration from head to toe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 : Can you connect PayPal to QuickBooks?

A: Yes, PayPal can be linked with QuickBooks and enables you to utilize both of them at their best. With QuickBooks’ bookkeeping and PayPal automated and faster payment, the integration of PayPal to QuickBooks increases your cash flow and this is good for your books of accounts.

Q.2 : How do I record a payment in QuickBooks?

  • Open QuickBooks > customer menu > receive payment.
  • Choose the customer name under the received from the list.
  • Now enter the amount and date of receiving.
  • Add method of payment.
  •  Select the invoice and add any credits or discounts under the discount and credit option.
  • Tap on save and close.

Q.3 : How to reconcile PayPal in QuickBooks?

  • Open QuickBooks and log in or sign into your account.
  • Now, go to the apps tab.
  • Search for PayPal here.
  • Once located, click on it.
  • Tap on the get app now option.
  • Next, you’ll have to opt for QuickBooks online company.
  • Finally, tap on allow/ authorize to successfully integrate PayPal To QuickBooks.

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