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A gear icon in QuickBooks is easily visible on the top corner of the homepage. It is a universal icon to access settings in all software or web pages let alone in QuickBooks. The gear icon in QuickBooks is represented by a wheel like symbol visible on the very start screen of the software.

The purpose of the gear icon on the top corner is to avail easy access to settings. However, many times users cannot locate the gear icon and complain that it’s disappeared. In this article we’ll discuss every detail you should know about gear icon in QuickBooks.

What is the Gear Icon in QuickBooks?

Intuit offers numerous great features that make QuickBooks a well loved software. Above that it also keeps in mind that the user interface of the software should be convenient enough and therefore it launches new updates making the interface more accessible and easy to use. The gear icon in QuickBooks plays a vital role in making features of the software better accessible. 

In straight words, the gear icon in QuickBooks is a button that provides access to different features of QuickBooks. It represents the settings tab and can be found at the top right hand corner, most of the time. You can easily access various advanced features of the software via the gear icon in QuickBooks.

Where is the Gear Icon in QuickBooks?

When it comes to locating the gear icon in QuickBooks, knowing what it looks like can be of great help. Most of the time this icon is located in the top right corner of QuickBooks.

Gear Icon In QuickBooks

  • Open QuickBooks.
  • Look at the right on the top in the corner.
  • You’ll see three options, locate the one that looks like a wheel.
  • That right there is the gear icon.
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Which Services can be Used by the Gear Icon in QuickBooks?

As of now, we know that gear icon QuickBooks is used to access the Settings tab. However, it can also be used for different other purposes too. Let’s know more about it.

  • Tools: You can access important tools through the gear icon QuickBooks
  • Settings: You can use the gear icon in QuickBooks to make various changes and adjustments in software and hardware.
  • List: You can discover transactions that are repeatedly occurring and also lists of different services.
  • Company: You can use this option from the gear icon in QuickBooks to manage and operate accounts.

Why is my Gear Icon not Visible?

Users very frequently face the disappearing gear icon issue. This means that they cannot find the gear icon at the place in which it is generally located. This can happen when :

  • The internet connection is weak.
  • Caches are piled up.
  • The browser took longer to load.

Troubleshooting Steps to Resolve Disappearing Issue in QuickBooks Gear Icon

You can try and refresh the page. If you still cannot see the gear icon in QuickBooks, try these troubleshooting methods.

Solution 1: Clear Caches, Cookies and Other Browsing Data 

When you use QuickBooks for a longer time a lot of cookies & caches are collected. In order to make the gear icon visible, you can try to clear these caches and cookies. First you open the QuickBooks in incognito mode. If you can see the gear icon in there, you’ll have to clear caches to see the gear icon QuickBooks in normal mode.

  • Open your internet browser.
  • On the top corner, you’ll see three dots, click on it.
  • Now open the settings tab from here.
  • As you scroll down, you’ll see a clear browsing data tab.

Clear Caches, Cookies And Other Browsing Data 

  • When you click on it, you’ll see two options: Basic and advanced.
  • Open advanced tab.
  • Tick the checkboxes : Browsing History, Cookies and other site data, Download history, Cached images and files.
  • On the time range window, set the time period of which you want to delete the data.
  • After setting the filters, tap on clear data.
  • It may take a few minutes to complete.
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Solution 2: Reset The Internet Browser

Resetting the internet browser sets all the changes made back to default. In case you cannot see the gear icon in QuickBooks, you can try this solution.

  • Click on the three dots in top right corner and go to settings.
  • Go to the advanced settings tab.

Reset the Internet Browser

  • Open reset and cleanup tab.
  • Choose option reset settings to their original defaults.
  • Confirm it if the window prompts to successfully reset browser settings.

Also, you can try these solutions too.

  1. Access QuickBooks through a browser that is supported.
  2. The browser you use the most for QuickBooks, make it your default browser.
  3. Refresh your QuickBooks online to resolve this issue as well as any other problem that might be there.

Wrapping Up!

This blog has everything you need to know about the gear icon in QuickBooks. Now you know that the gear icon QuickBooks is an important component not only because it allows an easy user interface but also because it provides access to a lot of features. Intuit launches regular updates, but one thing remains the same, i.e. the symbol of gear icon in QuickBooks and its position. In case you too are facing a situation when your gear icon QuickBooks disappear, you can easily resolve it with the above methods. 

For any further queries, get in touch with our QuickBooks support team. We provide a full fledged solution to any issue that you might be facing, we ensure you will not be disappointed in the services and the solutions.

Frequently Asked Question

Q.1 – Where is the settings gear icon in QuickBooks?

Answer – Usually the settings gear icon in QuickBooks is found when you open its homepage or when you access the company file. You can see it on the top right corner of the very first window. You will see the gear icon in QuickBooks between create and help buttons.

Q.2 – How do I find gear icon?

Answer – Gear icon is easily accessible from QuickBooks homepage on the top right corner.

  • Open QuickBooks.
  • Look at the right corner at the top.
  • You’ll see three buttons.
  • The one wheel like button is the gear icon.

Q.3 – What is the gear icon in QuickBooks premier?

Answer – The  gear icon in QuickBooks premier helps users to operate the software easily as you can find settings option in the gear icon. It allows you to make all adjustments to software, hardware, company file, update templates, and edit the information of the company.

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