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“QuickBooks has always been my number one choice when it comes to tackling my company’s finances. It is simple to use, and it does not require much training to access the software. I thought I had it all sorted out, just when my system stopped responding to inputs and all active windows crashed. I panicked and I ran a verify data tool to look for any file damages. Suddenly a message flashes on my screen: “QuickBooks error 213: Verify Item list. Duplicate name encountered. Duplicate entries in the QBWin.log.”

I immediately looked for all duplicate files and deleted them. However, the error persisted. So, I turned to the internet and I came across this article that helped me eliminate QuickBooks pro desktop error 213 within a few minutes.”

Where there is a problem, there’s always a solution. In this case, QuickBooks error 213 is the problem and this article brings to the solution.

An Overview of QuickBooks Error 213

A lot of users came across QuickBooks error 213 while performing their daily operations. Most annoying thing about a QuickBooks error is the work abruption and damage to the system. Therefore, one thing is clear, if we see an error, we get rid of it.

QuickBooks rebuild error 213 is one such error. This is a generic error that you must have come across while running the verify data tool. This error comes up with a message: “Verify Item list. Duplicate name encountered.” Most of the time, users think of a single solution, i.e. delete the duplicate files. Anyhow, they get alarmed when the error persists. Moreover, you will not be able to run the rebuild data tool as well.

QuickBooks lists error 213 can also occur when you import lists or any transaction from another software or company file. That being the case, you will not be able to perform further operations until you stamp out error 213 QuickBooks.

Possible Causes of QuickBooks Error 213

QuickBooks Error 213

It is significant to know what is the source of an error before you get into resolving it. On that account, QuickBooks error 213 can befall at your screen due to a variety of potential causes. Most popular reasons for QuickBooks pro desktop error 213 are:

  • Damaged or corrupted registry.
  • QuickBooks files are missing.
  • The entries in the Windows registry are either missing, deleted or incomplete.
  • More than one user is trying to access the same data at the same time.
  • Improper framework of the system. This means that the requirements of the system are not appropriate as per the software norms.
  • QuickBooks error 213 can be agitated when you enter an incorrect input.
  • A malware attack in the system.
  • The software is not downloaded properly.

Indications of QuickBooks Error 213

When QuickBooks rebuild error 213 is triggered, your system starts to indicate certain warning signs. These signs help you in  recognize the problem in a better way and depicts the need to resolve the error. Here’s a list:

  • Users are unable to switch from single user mode to multi user mode.
  • The screen turns gray or blur.
  • QuickBooks is unresponsive to the user’s input.
  • The system crashes or freezes frequently.
  • When error 213 QuickBooks is triggered, you won’t be able to access the company files.
  • You are not able to use the rebuild data tool.
  • Rebuild data tool fails to resolve the issue.

Troubleshooting Ways to Eliminate QuickBooks Error 213 

At this point we have become quite aware of what QuickBooks lists error 213 is and what gives rise to this error. Now we are all set to eliminate this error for better. QuickBooks error 213 can be resolve by following these instructions:

Solution 1: Use Patch File To Resolve QuickBooks Rebuild Error 213

A patch file is a document that contains changes that are needed to be made in the system to get rid of certain errors. Using the contents of the patch file, we can resolve QuickBooks error 213.

  • Open your device and log in with admin credentials.

Open your device and log in with admin credentials.

  • You will need to install a patch file from a trusted source.
  • After the file is downloaded, double click on it.
  • A message will appear saying “Do you want to open or save this file?”
  • Extract it. The location of extracted files is different in all systems.
  • Verify all information and open the file.
  • A closing message will prompt automatically if the file closes by itself without any issue.
  • Hit “OK” to access the program.
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Solution 2: Acquire QBWin.log File

QuickBooks log file is a prominent part of the application. It contains crucial information that can be used to resolve errors such as QuickBooks pro desktop error 213. Therefore, you need to gain access to the file. Here’s how:

  • Open your QuickBooks application.
  • In order to access the product information section press F2.

Acquire QBWin.log File

  • Hit F3 key and a tech tab will appear.
  • Go to open file and look for QBWin.log
  • Double click to access the file.

Solution 3: Revise Appdata

Appdata is a file in the system that contains information which users do not usually require. However, sometimes you need the contents of this file or edit the contents in order to resolve errors like QuickBooks error 213 that might be arising due to unwanted or incorrect contents in the file.

  • In the search field enter regedit.exe and open it.
  • Tap on the Appdata option.
  • Now you will require to return the local profile path as well as primary value.
  • Hit “OK” and restart your system.
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Solution 4: Rename Duplicate Files

Rename Duplicate Files

We have already discussed that QuickBooks error 213 mostly occurs due to duplicate files in the system. Having said that, it is better to rename duplicate files:-

  • Locate QBWin.log file from C:\Users\USER NAME\AppData\Local\Intuit\QuickBooks\log\XXX\ 
  • Hold ctrl + end together.
  • To open the search window, press ctrl + F.
  • Type duplicate in this window.
  • You’ll see the duplicate entries. Click right on it and rename each one of them.
  • Run this verify data tool again. 


QuickBooks error 213 let alone any error in QuickBooks can be resolved simply by installing the latest windows version or performing a disk clean-up. Furthermore, with the above foolproof solutions we hope you are able to eliminate QuickBooks pro desktop error 213. However, in case you are still stuck on the error you can contact our QuickBooks support team. We will help you through every step to get rid of the error.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 – How do you reset QuickBooks desktop update?

Answer – When you update QuickBooks Desktop or payroll, you come across an error of 15000 series. However, you can resolve this error by resetting the update to the way it was.

  • Go to QuickBooks desktop >> help >> update QuickBooks.
  • Tap on update now tab and mark the box saying reset updates.
  • Now open the help section again and go to update.
  • Tap on overview >> update now.

Q.2 – What causes QuickBooks error 210?

Answer – QuickBooks error 210 is a fatal error and can cause harm to the system if not resolved. This error occurs when a user is using an outdated version of windows. The outdated version is not compatible with QuickBooks, hence causing error 210. However, it can be resolved simply by downloading the latest version of the operating system.

Q.3 – How do I bypass QuickBooks update?

Answer – To disable QuickBooks updates, follow:

  • Open QuickBooks >> help >> update QuickBooks.
  • Hit options to see available updates.
  • You’ll see an automatic update option here. React negatively.
  • Close the window.

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