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QuickBooks is entwined with so many advanced features, yet easy to use. Its low price attracts many, but it is its features that sweeps all off of their feet. Above everything, it is easier to use and is suitable for all business sizes. QuickBooks tackles numerous tasks and is prone to errors. One of these errors is, QuickBooks error 3003.

You may bump into QuickBooks error 3003 during synchronizing all the databases with intuit administration. Therefore, the sync fails and the data is not uploaded. So, when you hit the sync button again, QuickBooks error 3003 pops up. Before you know, your system is slowing down.

Overview of QuickBooks Error 3003

As soon as your screen hits up with QuickBooks error 3003 you start wondering what this means? Well, QuickBooks error 3003 arises when the user loses sync with the company file. As a result, synchronizing the databases with intuit admin fails and so does the data we were trying to upload. A variety of reasons can give rise to QuickBooks error code 3003 like misconfiguration in security settings or a simple glitch in the file. So without a second though, lets get into the reasons that lead to QuickBooks error 3003.

Possible Reasons of QuickBooks Error 3003

Windows 10 operating system users more frequently face this error because of the work frame. However, this does not mean others cannot. So far, all we know is this is a synchronization error. Furthermore, there is a whole list of reasons that provoke QuickBooks 3003 error. Let’s get into it.

  • An empty disk space usage (RAM & CPU) can provoke QuickBooks error 3003.
  • The firewall settings of windows must be incorrect or hindered with.
  • Lost sync with the company data file.
  • Incomplete sync can give rise to QuickBooks error code 3003.
  • Device memory or RAM is either full or overloaded.
  • A malicious software on the system caused damage to the data file, leading to QuickBooks 3003 error.
  • The data had already been synced through its regular mechanism on QuickBooks.
  • Sudden shut down of application.
  • The user sometimes either refreshes or interferes with the window during the synchronization process causing QuickBooks error 3003.
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Indication of QuickBooks Error 3003 

As soon as this error hits your system, there will be consequences if not resolved. It can also give rise to more errors and you might end up bearing uninvited losses. Therefore, it is important to look for for the warning signs to get rid of the error. 

  • Operating system slows down.
  • Data syncing get interrupted.
  • Company file shut down and does not open up.
  • Sluggish responses to inputs.
  • QuickBooks freezes.
  • The buttons on QuickBooks home screen are blurred.
  • The computer hangs or freezes more often.
  • You will not be able to install any program.
  • The computer starts to crash down more frequently.
  • All active windows program crashes.

Quick Solutions to Get Rid of QuickBooks Error 3003

QuickBooks error 3003 can keep you on your toes if not resolved as early as possible. With a lot of digging and hit & trail methods, we brought the best possible solutions to rectify this error.

Method 1: Update Your Windows to the Latest Version

Almost all errors can be eliminated simply by updating the system. Sometimes the windows version is not compatible with the QuickBooks application making it prone to errors such as QuickBooks 3003 error. To update your windows, follow these steps:

Quickbooks Error 3003 update windows

  • In the start menu, open settings.
  • Choose the option change PC settings.
  • Hit the update now tab in the update and recovery section.
  • The latest updates are visible once you press check for updates.
  • Download and install the updates following the instruction on screen.
  • Reboot the system. Your windows will be up-to-date.
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Method 2: Verify the Status of QB Procedure Through the Task Manager.

In order to let QuickBooks applications run smoothly, dbmlsyn.exe file should not be deleted or tampered with. It is a prominent file. To review the procedure while its running, follow:

Quickbooks Error 3003 task manager

  • On the QuickBooks connector dashboard, click on the manage tab.
  • To start the sync procedure, select the sync now option from the drop-down menu.
  • Minimize the current window to enter on your desktop screen.
  • Press Ctrl + Alt + Del together and select the start task manager option.
  • Search for dbmlsync.exe in the processes section.
  • You are all good if this process is running in the window. If not, get in touch with our customer support team to dig deeper into the issue.

Method 3: Change the Firewall Settings

QuickBooks applications can sometimes be identified as a threat to the system by the widows firewall. Therefore, this can lead to decline in QuickBooks functions leading to QuickBooks error code 3003. To resolve such issues, users have to make QuickBooks as an expectation in the firewall setting.

QuickBooks Error 3003 firewall settings

  • In the search field, type windows firewall and open it.
  • Open the advanced settings tab and right click on inbound rules option.
  • Select the new rule option.
  • Click on program and hit the browse option.
  • Tap on next after you select this program path.
  • Select one QuickBooks file and tap on next. You will have to perform this with each QB execute file one by one.
  • Tap on allow the connection. Hit next.
  • Press next again once you have double checked all the profiles listed here.
  • Set name of the rule to “QBFirewallException(name.exe)”
  • Carry out these steps for all executive files and perform similarly for outbound rules as well.

Method 4: Verify if the Error Arises Within the Components of Your System.

QuickBooks error 3003 can occur from the installed components of the computer. The reason for this can be either those components do not support the QB files or the settings are needed to be rectified.

  • Look if the security software are interfering with QuickBooks procedure.
  • If yes, then set QuickBooks as an exception in these software.
  • Make sure all the other applications are closed while running the QuickBooks process.
  • Check if the application was running well before any update in security options. If yes, change the security back to as it was.
  • Delete any recent downloads that may affect the function of QB.
  • Keep your QB Desktop updated.
  • Ensure that the company file is located where you placed it.
  • Lastly, ensure all windows components are updated.


We hope we were able to help you troubleshoot the recurring QuickBooks error code 3003. If the error persists, kindly contact our experts available just one call away. Allow us to carry your worries. Let us know in the comment section if you were able to find the suitable solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I fix errors in QuickBooks desktop?

To resolve the QuickBooks desktop error, you are required to open the QuickBooks tool hub and then click on installation issues. After that, select QuickBooks to install diagnostic tools and let the tool run and resolve the error.

Q2. How do I fix a corrupted file in QuickBooks?

Well, the rebuilt data tool in QuickBooks helps the software to run properly and resolve minor file repairs on its own. You can still get into the file menu and click utilities and then click rebuild to resolve the corrupted file error. 

Q3. What causes corrupted files in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks files can get corrupted due to various reasons such as sudden system shutdown, hardware issues, software issues, and malware or virus attacks on your system.