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QuickBooks offers a wide variety of features. These features are so immense that users generally get confused about how to operate them. The variety confuses people. Even the simplest features seem to be confusing. Having said that, one such feature is QuickBooks Email Template. As pleasing as this feature is, many of you may not know how to use this for your own leverage. Emails are an essential part of any business and with QuickBooks you can make it easier and fun too.

In this article, we’ll learn about QuickBooks Email Template and everything related to it. You just need to stick to the end to know it all.

What Do You Mean By Custom QuickBooks Email Template?

QuickBooks Email template

QuickBooks Email Template makes your work easy. You have a ready-made email, you just have to customize it as you require. You can add all the information and details needed. Moreover, once you add the information, you can even customize it and change its settings in several other ways. You can alter bodies, and subjects and add other personalized customizations.

QuickBooks Email Invoice Template can be altered as per the client’s needs. QuickBooks allows you to draw multiple emails from these templates once you learn How To Change QuickBooks Email Template. If you know How To Edit Email Template In QuickBooks, you will save a lot of time and effort, especially on repeatedly occurring emails. QuickBooks Email Invoice Template is created with the company’s brand identity. This benefits you in the future when you can use it numerous times. 

Importance of QuickBooks Email Template    

You know if a feature is so hyped, it must provide attractive advantages. Similarly, QuickBooks Email Template provides the pros listed below:

  • It enhances your email marketing consistency.
  • Save a lot of time.
  • Creating emails from QuickBooks becomes easier.
  • Email crafting campaigns are increased.
  • QuickBooks Email Invoice Template also helps save a lot of effort.

How To Change Email Template In QuickBooks?

There are two ways to know How To Change QuickBooks Email Template. The first one is changing the contents of the template and in the second one, you can import a DOCX file. Let’s hop into both methods of learning How To Edit Email Template In QuickBooks without further delay. But before you start, make sure you make the following changes:

  • Log into your QuickBooks account with administrator credentials.
  • In case you logged in as a user, make sure you have access to edit company preferences.
  • Now open the QuickBooks multi-user mode : file menu > switch to single user mode.

Method 1: Alter The QuickBooks Email Template  

Method number one of knowing How To Change the Email Template In QuickBooks is altering the  QuickBooks Email Template. Follow these steps to perform this method:

Alter The QuickBooks Email Template  

  • Start with navigation to the edit menu drop-down list.
  • Move to preferences.
  • Hit on the send forms tab.
  • Go to company preferences.
  • As you’ll tap on the delivery method default, an email drop-down list will pop up. Select an email here.
  • Next, select a transaction type from the email template menu.
  • Hit the add template button.
  • Following by giving a name to this template.
  • Edit the body and subject as you are required to.
  • Hit the insert field option to add customized data.
  • You can manually type in this data only if they match the pre-filled ones.
  • If you want to declare one template as default, go to transaction type > set default.
  • Once you have altered the template, tap on save.
  • Now to close this window, in the company preferences tab hit ok.

Method 2: Use Or Import A Template (DOCX)

The second method is importing a template. This method helps you make the template more personalized and helps reflect the identity of the brand. Other than applying different methods, you can batch-send emails along with pay stubs, single transactions, etc.

When you create an invoice, there are certain things that are needed to be taken care of. These things are discussed with the example for better understanding.

Import a QuickBooks Email Template

The example is as follows: when you select the email and then invoice from the toolbar, QuickBooks opens the template you have set as default earlier. 

However, after this when you tap on email, you will be able to select any of the email templates while sending batch emails. To do this, follow the file menu > send forms > template. Then select any template of your choice.

How To Tackle QuickBooks Email Template issues?

QuickBooks Email Invoice Template issue refers to a circumstance when your group emails and exchanges are still using the old layout. This led to what we most famously call, “QuickBooks Email Template issues.” However, tackling this issue is very simple. Follow the steps listed below carefully:

Step 1: CTRL + C and CTRL + V The Right Email Message

  • Go to the edit menu.
  • Tap on preferences and hit send forms.
  • Next move to company preferences.
  • Now click on trade/ sales.
  • Select the QuickBooks Email Template you wish to utilize and tap on edit.
  • Select the email message. Press CTRL + C keys simultaneously. This will copy the message.
  • Next, navigate to the file menu.
  • Opt for send forms option.
  • From here, choose the email you want to alter. 
  • Open it and select the body of the email. (if you have an edit email option in your QuickBooks updated version, tap on it)
  • Press CTRL + V together to paste the message you copied earlier.
  • Finally, tap on send now.

Step 2: Until And Then Tick Email Later Option

  • Go to the edit menu.
  • Tap on preferences and hit send forms.
  • Next move to company preferences.
  • Now click on trade/ sales.
  • Here, untick the email later section.
  • Save and close it.
  • Move to trade again and tick the email later option here.
  • Finally, save it and then close it.

How To Change QuickBooks Email Template? (Default)

How To Change QuickBooks Email Template? (Default)

If you wish to edit the email template that you have set as default and want to change the option. Here’s how you can do the same:

  • Open your QuickBooks account.
  • In the top right corner, tap on the QuickBooks gear icon.
  • This will open settings.
  • Go to account and settings.
  • Hit the sales option.
  • Tap on the pencil icon symbolizing the edit option.
  • Alter the email text for each template here.
  • Finally, click on save.

Summing Up

QuickBooks Email Template is a very helpful feature that QuickBooks offers. This feature helps save the time and effort you spend on creating and sending emails, especially repeatedly occurring ones. However, with QuickBooks Email Template, you can alter the pre-existing ones as per your requirements. You can edit the subject and the body. Moreover, you can add different dynamics data and your branding ( logo and name). You can also create multiple emails with a template and also send them in a batch.

With the help of the above-simplified guide, you can operate QuickBooks Email Template properly for your own leverage & can optimally utilize this feature.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q.1 : How do I customize my email in QuickBooks Desktop?

  • Log into my account.
  • Go to manage your QuickBooks and choose the product or service you wish to manage.
  • Also, ensure you are signed into the right company.
  • Open the authorized user’s section.
  • On your name or email, tap on edit.
  • Now add a new email and then save it.

Q.2 : How to change invoice email template in QuickBooks desktop?

Changing the template from the QuickBooks email invoice is quite an easy process. You can simply follow the below-written steps:

  • Sign into QuickBooks and go to the file menu option.
  • Select ‘switch to Single-User Mode’ and click edit, and select preferences.
  • In the ‘delivery method default’, select email from the drop down menu.
  • Now, you can see all the templates by selecting one you will get an edit option.
  • Clicking on this edit option will allow you to edit your email invoice template.

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