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“I believe we all deserve to be paid fairly. That’s the reason I started using QuickBooks for its payroll feature. I wanted to pay my employees as per their work and all the guidelines. The cherry on top is the regular payroll updates that just make everything better in the application. However, recently when I tried to download and install a new payroll update.”

QuickBooks crashed and so did my system. I restarted it and tried again. But I was facing the same thing repeatedly. On having a conversation with the IT department, I got to know the reason why. I earlier ignored  QuickBooks Error PS034 flashed on my screen and thus this issue. So I started searching for solutions when this article popped up.”

If you are facing a likewise situation or want to avoid the same, we’re here to rescue you. Precisely follow the instructions and continue till the end.

QuickBooks Error PS034

What is QuickBooks Error PS034?

QuickBooks Error code PS034 is amongst the most common errors that users face. It is a payroll related error that occurs when you try to download new updates for QuickBooks payroll. This error is not fatal in the start. However, if you tend to ignore it, the system will suffer consequences. Initially, you will not be able to operate the payroll feature, and an error message pops up every time you try to install updates. Furthermore, QuickBooks will start to crash and your system will freeze. As you move forward, your system will stop responding to inputs. It will become next to impossible to operate any application or even your system at this point. 

Therefore, before reaching this, it is best to resolve QuickBooks Error code PS034 while it’s still at its early stage. 

When QuickBooks Error PS034 flashes, you’ll see: “QuickBooks Error PS034: A new tax table/or updates to your payroll tax forms have been installed on your computer. Hit a click on OK to read about changes.” This can happen due to several potential causes and can be resolved just by following the instructions carefully.

Possible Reasons For QuickBooks Error PS034    

Coming on to the reasons for QuickBooks Error PS034. you’ll see below a list of different causes that might be triggering QuickBooks Error code PS034.

  • Connection failure can also lead to QuickBooks Error code PS034.
  • The payroll files are not valid.
  • The company file is damaged causing QuickBooks Error PS034.
  • The billing details you entered or provided to you are wrong.
  • The tax table is incorrect.
  • You have not registered for payroll.

Resolutions Methods to Fix QuickBooks Error PS034    

resolve quickbooks pos update error ps0344

Now that you have a grasp of QuickBooks Error PS034, you are all set to resolve it. But before we start with eliminating methods for QuickBooks Error code PS034, you need to perform the following tasks:

  • The information entered in the invoice should be correct and updated. Make sure of that.
  • Register the QuickBooks payroll.
  • Don’t upgrade the accountant’s copy file.
  • Disable user account control QuickBooks payroll.    

Once you’ve taken care of the above tasks, you can finally hop on to resolving QuickBooks Error code PS034.

Method 1: Fix Damages in the Company File

It is not a secret that a company file is a very crucial document to operating QuickBooks smoothly. Thus, in case the company file is damaged or corrupted, QuickBooks Error PS034 will pop.

  • Initially start by downloading and installing QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Open the application and go to company file issues.
  • Click run QuickBooks file doctor.
  • Tap on browse to select the company file you want to repair.
  • Select check your file.
  • The tool will then start to scan and repair company file issues.

Method 2: Make Sure Your Registration is Legit.

Being a registered user in any application, let alone QuickBooks is important. In order to perform tasks like payroll updating, you need to be a registered user. Here’s how to ensure you’re one.

  • Launch your QuickBooks application
  • Hit the function key 2 (F2).

QuickBooks Product Information

  • The product information window will pop up.
  • Have a glance at the first entry. You’ll be able to see if you’re a registered user or not. 
  • If not, register your account and verify it.

Method 3: Reboot Your System

Reboot Your System

There are situations when even a machine gets tired. This can happen due to operating the system continuously for a long period of time. However, when this happens, your system catches minor bugs from different platforms that may further lead to QuickBooks Error PS034 or more. The best remedy for this issue is to simply reboot your system.

  • Make sure you have logged into your QuickBooks application.
  • After logging in, reboot your system.
  • Also, make sure to restart the concerned database.
  • Next, log into your QuickBooks account again.
  • Close all the active programs running in the background.
  • Try updating once more.
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Method 4: Get Rid of QuickBooks Application Duplicate Copies

If your system contains duplicate QuickBooks copies, this can be the reason you’re facing QuickBooks Error PS034. 

  • Open the control panel from the start menu.
  • Navigate to the programs and features section.
  • Tap on uninstall a program tab.
  • From the list of all programs, look for QuickBooks duplicate copies.
  • If found any, select it and hit uninstall/change.
  • Hit uninstall and follow on-screen instructions to proceed.

Method 5: Turn Off UAC

UAC  is short for user account control. The purpose UAC serves is to prevent the system from malware damage. Therefore, if it is enabled, it may recognize updating payroll as a threat and deny the process. This will cause QuickBooks Error PS034. Turn the user account control off temporarily in order to resolve this situation.

Disable UAC

  • In the search field, type control panel and hit enter.
  • On opening the control panel, go to user accounts.
  • Tap on the user account (classic view)
  • Navigate to “Change user account control settings.”
  • If it prompts, hit yes.
  • You will be seeing a slider on your screen.
  • Drag the slider to the Never notify option.
  • This will disable UAC.
  • Hit yes to confirm, and close it.
  • Reboot the system.

Method 6: Update QuickBooks to the Latest Release

Operating an outdated QuickBooks application can invite not only QuickBooks Error code PS034 but also several others. Here’s how you can update the latest version of QuickBooks software in your system:

  • Launch QuickBooks.
  • Click on the help menu, a drop-down list will appear.
  • Select the QuickBooks update option.
  • Next, tap on update now.
  • You’ll see a list of available updates. Select the ones you wish to download.
  • Now, hit the get updates button.
  • Once the updates are downloaded, go back to the QuickBooks update section.
  • Open options and set auto update settings to yes.
  • Hit save. Close the window.

Method 7: Edit the Name of the CPS Folder

The Certified payroll solution folder in QuickBooks can be damaged if QuickBooks Error code PS034 is flashing. However, just by renaming this folder, you can fix the issue.

  • If QuickBooks is open, close it.
  • Skip this step if it is already shut.
  • Now, navigate to file explorer.
  • Tap on this PC.
  • Open local drive C:
  • Locate the program file folder and launch it.
  • From here, look for the Intuit folder and open it.
  • Open QuickBooks current version folder.
  • Here, launch the component folder and then the payroll folder.
  • You’ll find the CPS folder here. Look for it.
  • Once found, click right on it and hit rename.
  • Change the name of the folder as per naming norms. (no spaces, characters)
  • Preferably, you can simply add .OLD to the name.
  • Hit enter once completed.

Wrapping Up!

The above guide serves the purpose of helping you resolve QuickBooks Error PS034. This error is payroll related, which flashes when you try to upgrade payroll. It can occur when the tax table or payroll subscription is invalid or you are not a verified registered user. However, you can verify your QuickBooks account or even disable user account control to resolve this issue. Moreover, follow the above methods carefully step by step in order to get to your target.

Another way to resolve QuickBooks Error PS034 is by contacting our customer care team. We are available 24 hours a to attend to your issues and resolve them completely. Without hesitation, ping us and leave out all the rest for us to tackle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How to turn off UAC?

  • Open the control panel.
  • Go to user account > user account (classic view).
  • Tap on “change user account control settings” and hit yes.
  • Drag the slider to never notify to turn off UAC.
  • Reboot your system after you save and close the window.

Q2: How to register payroll in QuickBooks?

  • Start by purchasing a payroll subscription in QuickBooks.
  • You’ll receive a unique service key to activate your payroll account.
  • Enter this key in the QuickBooks account.
  • Your payroll will be registered and activated.

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