How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 6007?


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QuickBooks Error 6007 is an error that can prevail due to the action taken by an unauthorized user to access the company file when the file is to run on single-user mode only. Once the error message displays on your device screen, you can’t view, run or analyze the company record. Though QuickBooks has contributed to many SMBs customizing their financial data on a single platform with maximum user satisfaction. However, due to the reliability of technical sources, it can’t disregard the usual glitches in its software. That’s where a fix is necessary to follow. In this article, we have summarized some methods to root out the error completely. Keep reading.

What is QuickBooks Error 6007?

QuickBooks error code 6007 indicates there is a problem with QuickBooks Sync Manager. It is under the 6000 series of QuickBooks that relates to the company file. If you haven’t rectified the error message: There was an error while connecting to your company file: QuickBooks is in single user mode.” You may end up with a severe data threat for the long pendency of the issue while operating another computer for the same file. 

Causes of QuickBooks Error 6007

The QB sync manager error may occur because of various reasons. Before finding a solution, you must know them from the following list. 

  1. Damaged or corrupted company files
  2. Your system has an issue with misplaced programs
  3. Single-mode user file usage from multi-users mode.
  4. Outed QuickBooks software or the sync manager
  5. Internet connection

How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error Code 6007?

Here are some solutions to resolve your QuickBooks error message 6007. You must first identify the cause of the error and then sync the explanation with it. If you can’t go with this process, try all the methods with a general understanding of their outcome on your software and device. 

Fix 1. Check QB Administrator Login 

Check QB Administrator Login 

When you try the single-user mode file via multiple users, you may face Error code 6007 in QuickBooks. However, it can be fixed with the following steps. 

  • Open your QuickBooks Account as an Administrator
  • Check whether any company file is open in another computer system in single-user mode.
  • Proceed to finish the QB sync manager’s latest version
  • Complete the reset process by going to the “Help” Menu. 
  • Choose “Sync Data Manager.”
  • Hit the “Reset” option and press the “Ok” button.
  • After finishing this task, go to sign up for QuickBooks again with the verified “Username and Password.”
  • Let the Sync Manager initiate the first sync before checking QuickBooks Error 6007 resolution. 

Fix 2. Update QuickBooks 

It is the most acceptable method for QuickBooks-related errors. Her are the steps to follow.

  • Login to the account (QuickBooks)
  • Make sure to fill in the authentic username and password for the login process.
  • Go to the “Help Menu” to select “Update QuickBooks.”
  • Reset the Updates and click on “Get Updated.”
  • With the proper follow-up of the instructions, you may have your QuickBooks software updated. 

Fix 3. Check the Internet Connection

check the internet connection

Like QuickBooks update, internet connection is also one of the prime causes of any technical glitch or unresponsive program or software. Open your internet connection setting section and check the status of the network for your device or system. Moreover, you can turn off and then turn On the wi-fi router. 

Fix 4. Re-Installation of QuickBooks

The first step is to completely uninstall QuickBooks from your computer, then reinstall it. You’ll want to make sure that all related components of the software have been removed from your system before attempting this process, as this will ensure that any potential issues with the installation file are taken care of. 

To do this, you’ll need access to an administrative account on your computer. Once logged in, navigate to “Settings” > “Apps & Features” > “QuickBooks” and click “Uninstall.” Once complete, download the latest version of QuickBooks from the official website and install it again on your system. After completing these steps, restart your computer and check if the issue has been resolved.  

Fix 5. Login as Admin & Check Network Connections

The next step in troubleshooting QuickBooks Error 6007 is to log in as an administrator. This will ensure that you have the necessary permissions to make any changes needed for the repair process. 

  • For this, click on the “Start” menu and then select “Control Panel”. In the control panel window, select “User Accounts” and then click on “Change User Account Control Settings”. From here, you should see a prompt asking if you would like to run as an administrator; select yes and you should now be logged in as an administrator. 
  • Next, you should check your internet connection settings by clicking on the “Network Connections” option from within the control panel. 
  • Ensure that all of your connections are working properly and that there are no issues with your firewall or antivirus programs blocking access. If there are any problems detected, try resetting your modem or router before proceeding further with the repair process. 
  • Finally, you should run a system scan using anti-virus software such as Windows Defender or another reliable program. A system scan will detect any potential viruses or malware that may be causing QuickBooks Error 6007 and allow you to remove them quickly and easily without any further damage being done to your system files or data entries. 

Once this has been done, reboot your computer before attempting to open QuickBooks again; this should fix any remaining issues related to the error code 6007. 

Fix 6. Using the Single-user Mode

Using a single user mode

The last thing you need to do is check if the single-user mode is enabled or not. To do so, launch QuickBooks and navigate to the Utilities menu. Here, tap on the Single-user mode option to switch it on if it isn’t already enabled. 

Once done, launch QuickBooks again and attempt to access your Company files and use the QuickBooks Sync Manager to see if the error has been resolved or not. 


QuickBooks error 6007 can damage your system data when you don’t fix the issue on time. However, If you follow this simple guide with the right actions, the problem can be sorted out immediately. Moreover, you can take professional assistance if you are stuck with QB software technical complications. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.1 How to Fix “Can’t Open QuickBooks QuickBooks Already has a Company File Open”?

Q.2 How Do I Repair a Corrupted Company File in QuickBooks?

  • Go to the “Company File Issue” to run “QuickBooks File Doctor.”
  • Open the company file in “QB file doctor” to find the file
  • Enter QB “Admin Password” and Press “Next.”

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