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QuickBooks is among the top accounting software for a reason. However, that does not make it free from glitches. Having said that, QuickBooks catches certain glitches or errors like QuickBooks error 1406. These issues are annoying as it puts an abrupt stop to your daily operations and disturbs the decorum of the workplace. Most of the users complain about not knowing what this error is and therefore not being able to resolve it.

Are you too facing a similar situation? Do you feel stuck and unable to find an appropriate solution? Keep your calm, we got you! With this article, we’ll help you through each and every aspect of QuickBooks error code 1406.

Overview of QuickBooks Error 1406

You are operating QuickBooks very well. But what happens when you’re stuck with an error? What happens when you don’t know how to process? Well, for starters you’ll obviously want to know what the error is. 

QuickBooks Error 1406

Having said that QuickBooks error 1406 pops up during your day-to-day tasks. Either while attempting to install new updates or while performing any tasks, error 1406 QuickBooks halts all the operations. It can rapidly flash while you are doing any activity on QuickBooks. However, the most confusing thing about this error is that you never know when it pops. But, you most definitely know why. 

You might encounter QuickBooks error code 1406 because of a damaged registry file or an infected system. Be that as it may, there are a handful of other reasons but these top the list. You will not be able to complete your tasks or any work at all until you resolve this troublemaker. 

Trigger Points of QuickBooks Error 1406

How will you resolve an error if you don’t know why you are facing it? Exactly! QuickBooks error code 1406 can pop up suddenly and you’ll end up wondering why. As a matter of fact, let’s discuss the reasons for error 1406 QuickBooks:bug software issue tracking computer screen

  • The windows installer on your system is not reliable.
  • The location of the download is not attainable.
  • Damaged or corrupted windows registry files or entries can cause error 1406 QuickBooks.
  • You are not logged in as admin and the account you’re running (instead of admin) does not have permissions.
  • QuickBooks is not downloaded properly.
  • Windows firewall or other security software is causing a disturbance, leading to QuickBooks error code 1406.
  • QuickBooks or related files are missing or incomplete.
  • Programs running in the background are causing disruption.
  • More than one user is trying to download or move QuickBooks on the system, thus causing QuickBooks error 1406.   

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Indications of QuickBooks Error 1406

There are always certain symptoms that make differentiate an error from others. Likewise, your system manifests signs that indicate QuickBooks error 1406. There are:

  • QuickBooks error code 1406 message box appears on your screen.
  • Your system is not responding to inputs.
  • The computer is crashing or shutting down frequently.
  • The system is sluggish and so is QuickBooks.

Troubleshooting Methods of QuickBooks Error 1406

Once you have a grasp of what QuickBooks error code 1406 is and its causes and symptoms, you are all set to start resolving it. Let’s hop onto the methods to eliminate error 1406 QuickBooks.

Method 1: Temporarily Turn Off AntiVirus

Sometimes the Antivirus software blocks certain processes causing issues like QuickBooks error 1406. Therefore, you can disable the software temporarily and proceed further:

  • Locate the antivirus software and click right on it.
  • Tap on Turn off/disable antivirus protection.
  • Restart your system and run QuickBooks again.
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Method 2: Clean Install QuickBooks in Selective Startup Mode

Selective startup mode helps uninstall and install software without any third-party application disturbing the process, thus avoiding installation issues. Furthermore, these issues lead to QuickBooks error 1406 and more.

Switch to Selective Startup Mode:


  • Launch the run command (Windows + R)
  • Type “MSconfig’’ and hit enter.
  • Go to General > Selective Startup & Load Startup.
  • Now move to the services section & tap on Hide all Microsoft Services.
  • Set all the options as diable.
  • From the list, select Windows Installer.
  • Now restart your system.
Clean Install QuickBooks:
  • Now in the Selective Startup Mode, locate QuickBooks.
  • Click right on it.
  • Hit uninstall
  • Then go to Intuit’s official website and install QuickBooks again.
  • Login using all necessary and correct details.
Switch to Normal Startup Mode:
  • Launch the run command.
  • Type “MSconfig’’ and hit enter.
  • Within the general tab and select normal startup.
  • Hit OK and reboot the system.

Method 3: Run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

Your one-stop solution for all installation issues is the QBs Install Diagnostic Tool. It diagnoses and fixes all the issues related to installation that might be causing error 1406 QuickBooks.

  • Start with downloading QuickBooks Tool Hub from Intuit’s website.
  • Install the file by following the on-screen wizard and save it at an accessible place.
  • Launch the application.
  • Navigate to the installation issues section.
  • You’ll see QuickBooks install diagnostic tool button, hit it.
  • The tool will run and scan all the issues.
  • If any issues are diagnosed, they will fix them.
  • The issue will be fixed after the tool finishes scanning.

Method 4: Fix Registry Damages

Windows registry files contain all the information about the software and the hardware. When the registry entries are corrupted or damaged it brings along a lot of problems, let alone QuickBooks error 1406. Here’s how you can fix registry damages:

  • Launch the run window (Windows + R)
  • In the field, type regedit and hit enter.
  • The Registry Window will open up.
  • Move to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\iaSTOR registry key.
  • Now, you will have to check and make sure that all the keys are assigned to the admin group.

Method 5: Download Latest Windows Updates

Download Latest Windows UpdatesWhile running your system on an outdated Windows version, you will not only see flashes of error 1406 QuickBooks but several other errors too. Update the latest windows version to rectify this.

  • Type update in the search field.
  • Open the update window and click on the update icon.
  • Tap on check for updates.
  • This will show you a list of all the new updates available.
  • Select all the necessary updates you want to download.
  • Now download them.
  • Restart your system to install these updates.
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Method 6: Provide Access Permission

A data.dat file contains all the details of a program and how it is created. You will need to give control access permission for the data.dat file, in order to look into the data and figure out issues with it. Furthermore, you can then resolve error 1406 QuickBooks directly by making changes in the .dat file.opa12 data.dat file

  • Open windows explorer (Windows + E)
  • Go to organize > tap next > search options.
  • From here, click on view and opt to show hidden files and folders.
  • Tick the hide-protected O/S file box and then hit ok.
  • Navigate to C:/users/all/users/Microsoft/Office/data.
  • Tap right-click on opa12.dat file for Office 2007 and data.dat for Office 2003.
  • Opt for properties > security.
  • Go to advanced.
  • Tap on permissions and from the list tap on the pencil icon to edit.
  • Mark full control and then hit ok.
  • Now you have granted control access permission to the .dat file.

Method 7: System Restoration

It is quite common to keep making regular changes and downloading software on your system. However, these changes are sometimes not suitable for your system and therefore cause problems like QuickBooks error 1406. The best possible solution is to restore the system, which will not affect your personal files.System Restoration

  • Launch the start menu.
  • Go to programs and select system tools.
  • Next, go to the system restore tab.
  • Or you can directly search restore in the search field and open the system restore tab.
  • On the system restore window, tap next.
  • Choose the restore point, then hit next.
  • When or if it prompts, press next.
  • The restoration process will start. It might take up a while.
  • After completion, restart your system.

The End Note!

We hope you were successfully able to tackle QuickBooks error 1406 with the foolproof guide to resolve the same. However, just in case the error persists, there can be an underlying situation that needs immediate attention. We recommend you contact our support team and they’ll help you resolve your problem. 

Furthermore, if you have any issue regarding QuickBooks, technical or nontechnical, the support team will help you out with the same. We have specifically put together a team of experts ready to help you, available twenty-four hours at your service.

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