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QuickBooks Error 12031 is an error that commonly arises when users try to update their QuickBooks or payroll services. As the QuickBooks Update includes bug fixes, it is crucial for your QuickBooks to be up to date.

Furthermore, since you arrived at this page, you must be facing the QuickBooks update Error 12031 whether while updating the QuickBooks or any Payroll related update services. In this regard, we’ve explained the quick and effective fixes for the QuickBooks Error code 12031. 

However, prior to that, it is crucial that you understand the root causes of the QuickBooks Error 12031 to completely eliminate its reappearance. So, let’s begin with the possible causes of Error 12031 QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Error 12031

What is QuickBooks Error 12031?


The most hustling error of QuickBooks is error 12031. This error is associated with network problems. You can be glued to the error if you don’t rectify the error timely; it will definitely emerge more issues similar to it.  This error usually occurs when you try to refresh the page and the network suddenly goes off track. You will get this error more prominent while working with the payroll tool. Well, the error is really easy to resolve.

Possible Reasons of QuickBooks Error 12031

When users try to update their QuickBooks desktop or payroll services, they often encounter Error: 12031, most of the time it is caused due to poor internet connectivity.

However, in multiple cases, the following are considered as the reason causing QuickBooks Error 12031. 

Incorrect Network Configuration: In case, the network configuration of the system is faulty, it causes QuickBooks to perform poorly. 

Since QuickBooks functions properly while having a stable internet connection, a poor network configuration prevents QuickBooks from updating payroll or desktop.

Inappropriate Default Browser: In order to utilize the updating Desktop or payroll services, the default browser must be “Internet Explorer”.

Apart from Internet Explorer, Any other web browser set as a default browser will lead to the QuickBooks Error Code 12031.

Restrictive Anirvirus/Firewall settings: A highly restrictive setting of antivirus or firewall may affect the QuickBooks functionalities by misidentifying it as a threat to the system.

Malware And Virus Attacks: Any malware or virus attack can hinder the system files along with the QuickBooks program-related files. 

Resulting in the appearance of Error 12031 in QuickBooks while updating the payroll services or QuickBooks Desktop.

Timeout Duration In The QuickBooks: Having an early timeout duration in the QB prevents QuickBooks to function properly, causing the QuickBooks Error Code 12031.

Invalid SSL configuration: An invalid SSL configuration is the major cause of Error 12031 QuickBooks.

Things to do Prior to Applying Troubleshooting Methods 

If you are facing the QB error 12031, then keep these things in mind, 

  • Use the latest version of Windows and it has to be compatible with the software. 
  • Make sure that your software & hardware requirement is filled properly. 
  • Update your QuickBooks software if you are using an older version. 
  • Take a backup of your company file to save your data and prevent any kind of loss during the fixation process.

Make a Backup File 

Following are the steps to create a backup file of your company file to prevent any data loss. 

  • Launch QB & go to the File tab. 
  • Single-click on Backup File. 
  • Select Create Local Backup.
  • Click on Local Backup, and tap on Next.
  • Set the location to save the file, and click OK. 
  • Now, click Save it Now. 
  • Click on the option Next & start the backup procedure. 

9 Effective Fixes For QuickBooks Error 12031

As you understand the reason causing the QuickBooks Update Error 12031, the appropriate method can be applied. 

However, to fix the QuickBooks Error 12031 permanently, it is advised that users follow all of the given fixes sequentially. 

Method 1: Launch QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

Using the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool for fixing the QuickBooks error code 12031 is one of the methods which is used due to its effectiveness.

Therefore, using the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool is the first method in the list to fix QuickBooks update Error 12031. Follow:

  • Firstly, verify if your internet connectivity is OK.
  • Thereafter, navigate to Intuit’s website.
  • Afterwards, download “QuickBooks Tools Hub” then install/launch it.
  • Next, Visit “Installation Issues”.

QB Install Diagnostic Tool For QuickBooks Error 12031

  • Now, tap “QuickBooks Connection Diag-Tool”.
  • Thereafter, hit “Test-Connectivity” and tap “Browse” for the company file.
  • Finally, click “Test-Connectivity” again.

Within minutes, the QuickBooks error 12031 will be fixed for the majority of QuickBooks users. Or else, perform the remaining below-mentioned methods.

Method 2: Configuration Setup Of SSL And TLS

As the SSL and TLS help enable QuickBooks Connectivity, these settings are vital to be configured properly. Here’s how:

  • Firstly, ensure if the “Internet Explorer” is set as the default browser.
  • Thereafter, hover to “Internet Option”.
  • Click “Advanced” and you’ll be able to configure the SSL and TLS setup settings.
  • Finally, hit “Ok” to save recent changes in settings.

After configuring the SSL and TLS setup, try updating the QuickBooks Desktop Software by performing the mentioned steps instructed in the next method.

Method 3: Update Your QuickBooks Desktop Software

In case your system already has the latest QuickBooks Desktop version you can skip this method. Otherwise, perform these steps:

  • Firstly, ensure internet connectivity.
  • Launch “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  • Visit “Help”.

Update QB Desktop For QuickBooks Error 12031

Finally, a list of the latest updates that are available to download will appear on the system. You must select the latest one then install it and perform a quick reboot to fix the QuickBooks Error 12031.

Method 4: Setting Up A Stable Internet Connection On QuickBooks

If the user faces any trouble while updating the QuickBooks Desktop then an unstable internet connection on the QuickBooks might be the reason behind it. 

Therefore, setting up a stable internet connection under the QuickBooks application is a must. Here’s how:  

  • At first, run “QuickBooks”.
  • Visit “Help” which can be located near the left side panel of the QuickBooks app.
  • Thereafter, hit “Internet Connection-Setup”.
  • Next, tap the “Computer’s Connection-Settings” for setting up a connection.
  • Finally, hit “Next” along with “Done” to finish the setup.

Method 5: Suspend Third-Party Applications

Third-party applications such as antivirus programs can interfere in Quickbooks operation and cause the QuickBooks Error 12031 to emerge.

Disabling your antivirus services prior to the QuickBooks update will help prevent the error to appear. Follow these:

  • Firstly, hold “Ctrl+Shift+Esc”.
  • Then, select “Task Manager”.
  • Next, visit “Processes”.

Disable Antivirus For QuickBooks Error 12031

  • Now, select your Antivirus.
  • Finally, hit “End-Task”.

After performing these, your antivirus will be temporarily disabled. Now, try updating your QuickBooks software or payroll and verify if the error persists.

Method 6: Configure Firewall To Fix QuickBooks Error 12031

Enabling a firewall may secure the system from malware and viruses, however, there are times when the highly restrictive settings of the firewall may perceive the QuickBooks as a threat and quarantine some of its important files.

Therefore, it is recommended to configure the firewall to ensure the proper functionality of your QuickBooks and treat various QuickBooks emerging errors including QuickBooks Error 12031. Follow these:

  • Firstly, hold “Windows+R” together.
  • Input “Control Panel” and visit “Windows-Firewall”.
  • Thereafter, tap “Allow Program-Feature”. 
  • Now, click “Change Settings”.
  • Finally, checkmark all the boxes that are related to QB to grant them access to the Firewall.

Method 7: Network Data (.ND) File Rename

A malware or virus attack may have caused the .ND file to get corrupt resulting in the QuickBooks update error 12031. 

However, it can be fixed by renaming the network data file entitled as .ND extension. Here’s how:

  • Firstly, locate the company file folder. 
  • Then, select the file with .ND (Network data) at last.
  • Next, right-tap on the .ND file and click “Rename”.

Renaming .nd files for QuickBooks Error 12031

  • Finally, add (.old) for example (Companyfile.qbw.nd.old).

Method 8: Launch QuickBooks Using Safe Mode

Launching QuickBooks in safe mode often helps users download QuickBooks update with ease. Execute the following steps:

  • Firstly, hold “Win + I” for settings.
  • Thereafter, hit “Update & Security”.
  • Then, visit “Recovery-Settings”.
  • Next, tap “Advanced-Startup” and click “Restart-Now”.
  • Now, select from the prompted option accordingly.
  • Afterwards, click “Troubleshoot” and “Advanced”
  • Thereafter, tap “Startup-Settings”.  
  • Now, restart your PC and the system will show various choices.
  • Next, hit “F5” for using the Safe Mode with Networking. 
  • Finally, try downloading the Quickbooks updates.

After downloading the QuickBooks updates, it is important to switch back to normal mode.

Method 9: Windows Update To Prevent QuickBooks Error 12031

With every latest update, the Windows OS gets bug fixes and major improvements. It is vital for fixing any existing errors in the system including the QuickBooks Error Code 12031.

Following are the steps for checking and installing the Windows Update appropriately. 

  • At first, click on the “Start” and input “Windows Update”.

Windows Update

  • Thereafter, press “Enter” and click “Check-Updates”.
  • Next, a list of available updates will be shown.
  • Now, hit “Download and Install”.
  • Finally, reboot your PC.


We have mentioned all 9 proven troubleshooting methods through which you can easily get rid of the QuickBooks error 12031. We also discussed the reason behind the prevalence of the error 12031 in QuickBooks. Follow each method sequentially as mentioned above to fix the error. 

Frequently Asked Questions

QuickBooks errors can be fixed via these approaches:

  • First, by utilizing the QuickBooks Tool Hub
  • Second, via QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
  • Also, by updating the Windows.
  • Moreover, by fixing the Windows components manually.

Error codes in QuickBooks indicate the issue that your QuickBooks is experiencing. It usually occurs due to a corrupt company file.

In order to treat and prevent the error codes from appearing, users should utilize the QB Tool Hub for fixing them.

Restarting the QuickBooks requires QuickBooks Database Server Manager installation on the host or server. Thereafter, perform these:

  • Firstly, hold “Win+R”
  • Then, input “Control Panel”.
  • Next, hit “Enter”.
  • Now, open “Administrative-Tools”.
  • Then, double-tap “Services”.
  • Afterward, select the appropriate DB manager “QuickBooks version”.
  • Finally, hit restart.

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