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First of all, you are not the only one who is having an error on your screen whenever you try to work with QuickBooks. Our small-sized company has also faced this same QuickBooks Error 15203 for which you are worried. When we went to my known technical supporter, He first told us that you did your best and that you did not think of fixing it yourselves because doing so could make things worse. He said that due to many problems like incomplete installation of QuickBooks, wrong login credentials, program problems, etc. this same error started coming. 

He suggested following many solutions like Running the Reboot.bat file and many more and one of them worked. We got the things exactly as it is in our QuickBooks account just as we had left them before the error. It means a good direction for resolving errors is needed. That is the reason, all to-the-point details of QuickBooks Error with the working solution have been discussed here. 

Overview of QuickBooks Error 15203 

This error is given under the error series 15***. All the errors that appear in this series do not indicate any serious problem like malware attack, permanent blocking of QuickBooks, or any other kind of hacking. Rather, it can also be due to a malfunction in your computer/any device where your QuickBooks stays.  

QuickBooks Error 15203 comes due to an error hexadecimal partition and the primary reason for this is that the windows operating system is not working properly. Each error of hexadecimal presents more memory address space that covers some instructions on the error. 

Possible Causes of QuickBooks Error 15203 

Malware InfectedError 15203 QuickBooks is caused by the system not running properly in which you are using your QuickBooks. This error also forms due to your slight negligence and it is always in your hands to fix them for instance, update QuickBooks from time to time. Other causes are mentioned below:

  • Unfinished software installation, mainly that of QuickBooks. 
  • Used a damaged memory package. 
  • Software applications are permanently removed.  
  • Permanent deletion of hardware drivers.
  • Any defect is with program memory control.  
  • Insufficient RAM to complete the goals. 
  • Disk space is insufficient for the completion of the new package. 
  • If the downloaded file of QuickBooks has been damaged or corrupted. 
  • Login credentials are not filled as an administrator. 
  • If your network connection is weak.
  • There are different characters and symbols in the name of the company file. 

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 15203

Read all of these signs carefully and think about whether anything similar is happening with your QuickBooks and system as well. Because due to QuickBooks Error 15203 many things cause blockage in the operation:

  • The digital signature certificate is invalid. 
  • The system starts functioning in slow motion. 
  • QuickBooks Error code 15203 starts popping on your display.
  • The system shut down on its own. 
  • QuickBooks is hanging at the time you try to operate in it. 
  • Windows is crashing and the display starts turning blue. 

Best Troubleshoots for QuickBooks Error 15203 (Step by Step)

After performing as per each method, don’t forget to go to QuickBooks to see if the error is still stuck on the screen. If it is removed then you should be satisfied with it and not work on any other solution.

Solution 1: Installation of Newest QuickBooks Updates (in Safe Mode) 

This is the first solution because most users tend to go for more difficult solutions instead of doing it so they can get the error fixed quickly.

Safe Mode With Networking
  1. First, shut down your system. 
  2. Turn it on to safe mode.
  3. Tap on the “Safe Mode with Networking”
  4. Download the given latest updates of QuickBooks.
  5. This time, restart your system in normal mode. 
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Solution 2: Installation of Digital Signature Certificate

A Digital Signature Certificate verifies your identity in electronic format. So, install it as it can help in resolving your error 15203 QuickBooks.  Installation of Digital Signature Certificate

  • Visit the C:\\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks.
  • Find the “.exe file”–> Click on the PROPERTIES
  • Select DIGITAL SIGNATURE (intuit must be on the given list).
  • Enter all the information correctly. 
  • Check the given instructions and accept all the agreements. 
  • In a while, the installation will start. 

“After applying these steps, you should go to QuickBooks to recheck the error. If it’s not removed from there yet, you should try our other solutions as well” 

Solution 3: Repairing Manual for QuickBooks Error 15203

This QuickBooks Error Code 15203 fixing resolution will work only for high-level users. 

  • First, Restart your computer→ Fill in all the credentials as an admin.
  • Select SYSTEM TOOLS.
  • Hit on the RESTORE SYSTEM.
  • Choose NEXT→ Tap on the restore point→ and select the NEXT tab.
  • The process of automatic restoration will start. 
  • Lastly, Reboot your system. 

Solution 4: Automatic Scanning Response 

If you are using an Amateur laptop to operate your QuickBooks. Then, we will recommend you, follow these steps so that you can fix QuickBooks Error Code 15203. 

  • Download repair software for QuickBooks error 15203. 
  • Open this downloaded file by clicking twice on it. 
  • Ready to install it by agreeing with all the terms & conditions. 
  • Select the SCAN button
  • It will take some time to be automatically scanned.
  • Choose the FIX ERROR tab. 
  • Restart your system. 
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Solution 5: Running “Reboot.bat File” to Re-Register QB Files

Reboot.bat fileIn the list of QBs program files, there is also the reboot.bat file name. It has a major role in re-registering all the QuickBooks files. Like this, your accounting software starts working smoothly and efficiently. 

  • Right-click on the icon of QuickBooks
  • Choose the Open File Location.
  • Find the “Reboot.bat” File and hit right-click on it. 
  • Select the RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR option. 
  • After finishing the running process of reboot.bat file restarts your system. 
  • Download the new updates of QuickBooks. 
  • Recheck the error 15203 QuickBooks has gone or not. 


Although we have given all the necessary information to remove your QuickBooks Error 15203, still if you have any doubts, then ask us without hesitation. We will respectfully try to tell you the right reply in a simple way. So stay in touch with us, as we have put a comment box at the end of this page. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q.1 – How do I fix error 15227 in QuickBooks

Answer – This error prevails when you are running an outdated version of QuickBooks. This prevents you from using the features of QB that have been improved by Intuit. So, here we are listing all the ways to update QB. 

  • Close all the tabs.
  • Open your QuickBooks→ Visit the HELP menu.
  • Automatic updating will start processing in case any newest update is present. 
  • Once the update finishes, you should restart your desktop. 

Q.2 – How do I resolve errors in QuickBooks

Answer – We want to tell you that the solution for different types of errors is also different. Every error is due to the occurrence of some specific reasons. If you are facing any QB error message issue then, we are suggesting you use QuickBooks Tool Hub as it can fix common errors. 

Install and Run QuickBooks Tool Hub: 

  • Firstly, download the newest version of the QuickBooks Tool Hub. 
  • Open this downloaded file and that is QuickBooksToolHub.exe
  • Follow all the displaying steps.
  • Lastly, When the installation is complete, open it by clicking twice on it. 

You will find many tools in this hub. Each tab (Company File issue, network issue) is covering so many tools and they can be used for different kinds of issues. 

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