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QuickBooks error 6000 generally comes when there is a damaged company file. You must get into the post below to understand more about this problem.

The error usually appears when the user tries to open the company file. It is termed a multi-user problem. These problems are quite common while using the multi-user feature of QuickBooks. In this particular scenario, QBW files (company files) are generally placed within the server. Also, connect to other workstations through a network. However, when a workstation is unable to access the file then results in this error issue. 

If you are also struggling with this agitation and want to know the smooth ways to root this error out, then make sure to get into the post. Here, you will be provided all the help and assistance that will help you in fixing this issue. 

What is QuickBooks Error 6000?

Quickbooks error 6000

QuickBooks error 6000 has disturbed so many QuickBooks users worldwide. However, it is not a threatful issue. You can resolve it easily by running QuickBooks file doctor. If the error has not been resolved then make sure to go through the causes and then the troubleshooting solutions are given below. 

Indeed, QuickBooks error code 6000 is an agitation. But, trust us, by the end of the post, you will easily get rid of the error issues. Also, work smoothly on the devices. Now, let’s move in to learn all the different causes of the issue. 

Error MessageAn error occurred when QuickBooks when tried to access the company file. 
Error Code6000
Error NameA Company file issue
Error CauseDamaged and corrupted “.TLG” file
SolutionRun QuickBooks File Doctor

Possible Causes Behind QuickBooks Error 6000

  • QuickBooks is blocked due to some firewall software. 
  • Company files are not in place. 
  • Any of the essential documents are missing. 
  • Malware attacks causing issues. 
  • Not providing essential rights for the system, client, and QBDataServiceUserXX. 
  • Modify the version of the company file. 

Indications of QuickBooks Error Code 6000

Here’s a list of all the indications through which you can guess that your software is going through a QuickBooks error 6000. If you notice any of the symptoms that are mentioned below, you can try to perform the various solutions that have been mentioned in one of the sections of this article. In case you are facing QuickBooks error 6189, you can refer to our article to resolve it easily.

  • If your system is crashing again and again there are chances that you have error 6000.
  • If you are getting an alert box with the description of the error 6000.
  • If your system starts freezing after a while you can check for QuickBooks error 6000.
  • In case your system is not responding normally to the inputs you are providing can be a symptom of QuickBooks error 6000.
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Top Solutions to Resolve QuickBooks Error code 6000

Now, we are heading towards the next section which consists of all the possible solutions. Therefore, just move in. 

Solution 1: Update QuickBooks

quickbooks error code 6000

First, we will try to update QuickBooks to refresh the software will all new and updated features. 

  • Close QuickBooks and the QB files. 
  • Then, open the Windows Start menu. 
  • You need to now search for QuickBooks. 
  • Consequently, right-click on it for selecting the Run as administrator button. 
  • Navigate towards the Help menu. 
  • Click on Update QuickBooks Desktop while opening the No Company Open window. 
  • Once done, navigate towards the Options button. 
  • Also, choose Save. 
  • Hit the Mark All button. 
  • Tap the Update Now option.
  • Click on the checkbox of Reset Update.
  • Further, select the Get Updates button. 
  • Just restart the QuickBooks desktop when the updates get completed. 
  • If you want to move ahead with the installation then choose the Yes button. 
  • Restart the system once the installation is finished. 

Solution 2: Run QuickBooks File Doctor

If the network issue is still not resolved then make sure to run the QuickBooks file doctor. 

  • Open the QuickBooks Tool hub
  • Choose the Company File option. 
  • Now, click on QuickBooks file doctor
  • Once done, click on the drop-down menu to pick your QB file. 
  • Hit the Browse button to search for it if you cannot see it. 
  • Thereafter, hit Check your file. 
  • Provide the relevant password and click Next. 
  • The tool will start the scan after you have completed these steps. 

Solution 3: Use ADR to Restore Backup

Auto data recovery is a feature that helps in restoring the QuickBooks backup data. It also improves the system performance caused due to corruption and data loss. The steps below will guide you to use ADR. 

  • Expand the company file folder. 
  • Then, search for the .tlg file. 
  • Try to toggle between the extensions. 
  • Make sure to reveal file extensions if you could not identify the .tlg file. 
  • Thereafter, hit Windows + E buttons. 
  • Choose Organize button. 
  • Click on the drop-down to select the Folder and Search button. 
Windows 10, 8.1, and 8 Users
  • Navigate towards the View menu. 
  • Choose File name extensions. 
  • Thereafter, pick Hide extensions for known file types. 
  • After that, hit Apply. 
  • Don’t forget to choose OK. 
  • Make sure to copy and paste the .tlg file to the QBTest folder. 
  • Then, visit the QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery folder. 
  • Access the same to paste the “.QBW.adr” file here. 
  • Now, the folder has two files named “.tlg” and “.QBW”. 
  • Consequently, right-click on the “QBW.adr” file. 
  • Choose Rename button. 
  • Remove the .adr extension from the name of your file.
  • Just open QuickBooks and the company file. 
  • Also, examine that you have recorded the transaction in the account register. 
  • Make sure to examine the data integrity as well by following File > Utilities > Verify Data. 
  • Try to save the corrupted company file to a new location. 
  • Paste the file to its original location. 

Solution 4: Run QuickBooks Database Server Manager

  • Open the QuickBooks tool hub. 
  • Hit the Network issue button. 
  • Click on QuickBooks database server manager
  • Make sure that the company file should be visible inside the QBDBSM. 
  • If not then hit the Browse button. 
  • After getting the respective file, choose the Start Scan button. 
  • Just reopen QuickBooks and sign in back to the QB file. 

Solution 5: Close all QuickBooks Processes

  • Try to log in as an admin on the server. 
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + ESC buttons to go to the Task Manager. 
  • Later, pick options like QBDBMgr.ee, QBW32.exe, and qpupdate.exe. 
  • Thereafter, select the End task button. 
  • Finally, open QuickBooks in a multi-user environment. 
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Solution 6: Open a Sample Company File

  • Open the No Company Open window.
  • Thereafter, pick Open a sample file. 
  • You can choose anyone from the list that appears. 
  •  If the sample file opens then it represents issues within the QB file. 
  • However, try to repair the QuickBooks installation files if you see the message with the sample file. 

Solution 7: Rename .ND and .TLG files

  • Access the folder where you have saved your company files. 
  • Click on these two files “.ND” and “.TLG”
  • Thereafter, right-click on company file .qbw.nd and choose Rename button. 
  • While renaming, add the “.OLD” extension there. 
  • Just restart QuickBooks and login back into your account. 

Solution 8- Configure the Firewall 

Most of the time a quick fix like configuring the firewall resolves the QuickBooks error 6000. Here’s how;

  • Firstly, you need to open QBs Database Server Manager
  • Go for the tab port monitor where you have to search QBs version & note the port number of your firewall. 
  • Now, you need to open the windows firewall of your system. 
  • Single-click on Advanced settings. 
  • After that, choose the option New Rule under the Inbound Section. 
  • Lastly, single-click on the port and then hit the next button.

Wrapping Up!

This was a comprehensive guide on the QuickBooks error 6000. We have discussed what QuickBooks 6000 error is and how to get rid of the error. We believe that if you pursue all the provided methods, you will solve the QuickBooks error 6000 in no time. In case if feel like you still need to talk to a professional, you are free to call us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is QB error code 6000 82?

This error depicts that QuickBooks is unable to access the company file. Well, it usually appears when you host your company file on various computers. 

Q.2 What is QB error 61?

QuickBooks error 61 is usually related to hardware corruption, as this will enable it not to work efficiently.  Hence, it starts malfunctioning.

Q.3 Any preventive measures to avoid QuickBooks Error 6000?

You can use different tools and rectifying measures to rectify the error. Well, you can use QuickBooks tool hub and other tools. Moreover, tweaking some changes in firewall settings can also bring some fruitful results.

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