Lightspeed QuickBooks Integration: Complete Setup Guide


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Lightspeed QuickBooks integration is a complex task when you don’t have enough guidance. Both Lightspeed and QuickBooks have a name in the market for their top-notch services to customers. However, Lightspeed is not enough to manage the POS or inventory solutions after a point. In that case, it demands highly featured and more efficient software, like QuickBooks. QB is one of the best featured software to track sales, inventory, and cash flow. With this, you can sync the inventory data and other information tracking. With the thorough study of this article, you will know step-by-step information about the integration of the two. So, let’s get started. 

Overview of Lightspeed

Lightspeed has its headquarters in Montreal (Canada). This cloud-based retailer platform helps manage the activities of autonomous enterprises in online stores. If you have any retail business, you can choose Lightspeed with advanced features including inventory management, cash flow, POM or purchase order management, payment processing, customer profile access, and more. It is an e-commerce platform that facilitates its customers for offline and offline shopping statements. 

Furthermore, when a customer gives an order from an online space tracker, a software user has complete control over the shipping and order tracking. However, the business growth can give you a sense of the lightspeed pos QuickBooks integration for the cause of options from preliminary features to their advancement. Their are many types of QuickBooks integration like  Harvest QuickBooks  integration, Paylocity integration, Quickbase integration and so on, Lightspeed QuickBooks integration is one of them.

Overview of QuickBooks

Overview of QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a financial software with cloud-based hosting development features. With this software, you can manage or set up inventory in QuickBooks, tax filing, invoicing, payroll, bank statement reconciliation, expense management, budgeting, A/P (accounts payable), and A/R (accounts receivable). It helps you generate the tax process quickly if you set this software v/a different subscription packages. Moreover, it has additional products, versions, and editions to provide everything you and your business deserve. 

Reliable payroll and management of profitable margins determine the growth of any retail or restaurant business. So, if you have thought about merging your retail software with any other software, then lightspeed retail integration with QuickBooks is a good choice. 

Advantages of Lightspeed QuickBooks Integration

There are several benefits to taking this step because you can get growth for your retail business to a big-sized enterprise. Let’s see some advantages below. 

  1. You don’t have to waste your time indulging in manual entries along with the smaller risk of error. Data synchronization is safe with lightspeed integration with QuickBooks online.
  2. Moreover, with fewer efforts, one can access the detailed dashboard that is helpful for complete data verification. In this context, the user has item quantity, cost data, marginal points, selling price, and more. 
  3. One account can keep and track the record of multiple locations. 
  4. The integration saves the time and resources of any business. 
  5. Real-time updates ensure the timely control of any mishappening. 
  6. Highly secured attempt for high-volume output
  7. From a variety of formats, you can go for the customization of preferred sales summaries.
  8. All payment transactions, like liabilities, gift cards, fees, and taxes, are manageable.

How to Complete the Setup of Lightspeed QuickBooks Integration?

How to Complete the Setup of Lightspeed Quickbooks Integration?

  1. Signup for your Lightspeed & QuickBooks Online accounts for lightspeed integration with QuickBooks online.
  2. Register with an Amaka Account.
  3. Go to the Amaka dashboard to click the “New Integration” button and select “Lightspeed Retail + QuickBooks Online.” inside the checklist of integration.  
  4. Log in to Lightspeed by selecting the “Connect New Account” button added to the Lightspeed logo. Follow the instructions and click “Allow Access” to grant the required rights. 
  5. Furthermore, finish the QuickBooks Online account verification by the same Lightspeed process and hit the “Save + Continue.”
  6. Take charge of Wizard to pick the expected setup approach, invoice breakdown, record loans, mapping, formats, and other options. 
  7. Once you finish the setting, click “Save and Continue” for lightspeed integration with QuickBooks online.


We hope that with the idea of this article, we have cleared all your doubts about lightspeed QuickBooks integration. If you have the integration plan because of high-valued customer growth for your retail services, you can fix the merger effectively. The synchronization between this software will give benefits in different spheres. Most importantly, it will save you time and effort in multiple entries. For any further queries, you can get back to us.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.1 Does Lightspeed Integrate with QuickBooks?

Yes, cloud-based retailing software lightspeed integrates with the full-feature accounting software QuickBooks for proper management of its invoices, expense report, sales, income, and data tracking. 

Q.2 How Do I Import Lightspeed into QuickBooks?

  • Register yourself on Amaka and open the dashboard.
  • Choose the button “New Integration.” 
  • Login with Lightspeed and QuickBooks account
  • On LightSpeed and QuickBooks, click “Connect New account.”
  • Click on the “Save and Continue.” button to finish the import of the Lightspeed into QuickBooks. 

Q.3 Does Lightspeed Do Accounting?

Lightspeed accounts work in collaboration with leading accounting programs like QuickBooks. You can do this by making some modifications in settings. 

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