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QuickBooks is a top accounting software & to maintain its position at the top, QuickBooks offers a variety of features, affordable packages, and regular updates. However, in the race toward the top, it catches glitches or errors that abruptly stop your work. These errors are resolvable but annoying at the same time. While operating your routine tasks, you might come across weird glitches like QuickBooks Search Not Working error. 

After deep research and trial and tested ways, we have put together this article with everything about QuickBooks Online Search Not Working. You will see resolution methods that are fully functional only if you follow them precisely. So without delaying further, let’s get started.

What is the QuickBooks Search Not Working Error?

QuickBooks Search Not Working

QuickBooks has several features that make bookkeeping and accounting simple and enjoyable. You can calculate accurate payroll, you can track your bank statements, and can even record any cash in or out automatically just by connecting your credit cards and bank account. There are various features. Since QuickBooks records all the client details, transactions, and entries, it can be difficult to locate a single entry or client. 

But with the search feature, you can just type in what you are looking for and the results will be present before you in seconds. 

However sometimes when QuickBooks is updated or malfunctioning due to glitches, you may be get any results after searching. It alarms many users as they think that their data might be deleted. However, it is just the QuickBooks Online Search Function Not Working error that arose due to several mishaps. You do not need to worry, this error does not harm your data. However you still need to resolve it. 

QuickBooks Search Not Working error indicates that the search feature is malfunctioning due to some other issue in the system or software. Therefore in order to resolve QuickBooks online Search Not Working error, you’ll need to resolve the defect that is triggering this error.

QuickBooks Search Not Working Error: Causes

In order to troubleshoot QuickBooks online Search function Not Working error, you need to know what triggers it. Only if you know the source, can you eliminate it from the root.

Below listed are causes of QuickBooks Search Not Working error.

  • The registry entries are corrupted.
  • Firewall or third party antivirus is blocking QuickBooks’ functions.
  • The Quickbooks you are operating is not up to date causing QuickBooks Search Not Working error.
  • The search index file of QuickBooks might be defective or damaged or QuickBooks wont open or not responding error.
  • Due to improper QuickBooks installation or updates download, QuickBooks Online Search Not Working error can pop.

Fixing QuickBooks Search Not Working Error

Now that you know why you are facing the QuickBooks Online Search function Not Working error, you can finally get rid of it. Let’s look at methods by which you can eliminate QuickBooks Search Not Working error:

Method 1: Download QuickBooks To The Latest Release

Download QuickBooks To The Latest Release

Operating an outdated QuickBooks creates a  way in for glitches including QuickBooks Online Search Function Not Working error. Therefore it is best that you update it to resolve such issues.

  • Open QuickBooks and go to the help menu.
  • Tap on  QuickBooks update tab.
  • Click on update now.
  • This will present you a list of updates available, choose the one you want to download.
  • Hit the get updates option.
  • Once updates are completed. 
  • Go to the options section in the QuickBooks update tab.
  • Set auto update to yes.
  • Save and close this window.
  • Restart the system to install all the updates.

Method 2: Temporarily Disable the Firewall

Temporarily Disable the Firewall

There are situations when windows firewall or third-party firewall is acting as a blockage to QuickBooks’ functions. Such circumstances can lead to QuickBooks Online Search Function Not Working error. Here’s how this can fix:

  • Go to the start menu.
  • Move to the search section and type in the control panel. Hit enter.
  • Open the control panel.
  • Move to the system and security tab.
  • Locate windows firewall and tap on it.
  • Go to settings.
  • You’ll see the turn off Windows Defender Firewall tab, tick the box beside it.
  • If you want to save the alteration, hit ok.
  • In the case of a third-party firewall, the instructions to disable it will be available on its website. You can check from there.

Method 3: Update Operating System

Running the entire system on an outdated operating system can open doors for a lot of different problems, including QuickBooks Search Not Working errors. Follow these steps to get latest windows operating system upgrades: 

  • Tap on the start menu and open the control panel.
  • You can also search for it by typing the same in the search field.
  • Go to system security.
  • Open the windows update from here.
  • Hit the check for updates button.
  • A list of all updates will be visible after checking.
  • Select the updates you want to download and tap on install the updates.
  • Once completed, restart the system.

Method 4: Clean and Install QuickBooks

When you download QuickBooks, there is a chance that either the process was not completed properly or was disturbed by a third-party application. Therefore this can cause improper installation of the application, which will lead to a QuickBooks Search Not Working error. Here’s how this issue can be fixed:

  • In the start menu, go to the search field.
  • Type the control panel and hit enter to launch it.
  • Go to the programs and features section.
    Go to the programs and features section.
  • Under programs, locate QuickBooks.
  • Once found, click right on it.
  • Hit the uninstall option.
  • Now go to the official website of Intuit.
  • Download and install QuickBooks is careful.
  • Make sure the procedure is not interfered with.
  • Login with your account details.

Method 5: Rectify Registry Damages

Windows registry tends to get damaged due to hardware defects, improper shut down or viruses or malware. These damaged registry entries cause errors like QuickBooks Search Not Working to pop. here’s how you can fix the damages:

  • Make sure you have logged into the system as admin.
  • Now hit windows + R.
  • Now type CMD and hit enter.
  • This will open a black window with a blinking cursor.
  • Without moving the cursor, type SFC /Scan now.
  • Hit enter.
  • This system file check will scan all the files in the system and if any defect, damage or a corrupted file is found, it will fix the issue.
  • Wait for the process to complete. Do not interfere as it may take a few minutes or more.
  • Once completed, reboot your computer.

Method 6: Change The Search Index File Name

QuickBooks Online Search Not Working error can arise when the QuickBooks search index file is defective or damaged. However, when you rename the file, QuickBooks establishes a fresh one. This fixes any damage in the index file.

  • Go to QuickBooks.
  • Exit the company file.
  • Now go to the windows start menu.
  • Navigate to search field and type in *.SearchIndex.
  • As soon as you hit enter key, you will be taken to C:\ Users\ UserName\Public \Documents\Intuit\ QuickBooks\Company File\ Companyfilename.QBW folder.
  • Here you are gonna have to look for qbw.SearchIndex Folder.
  • Once found, right-click on it and tap on rename.
  • Add .OLD extension in the end. Hit enter.
  • Once again, open QuickBooks and launch the company file.
  • In the left panel, tap on search/magnifying glass.
  • Hit the update search information tab.
  • You’ll see an update in progress, please wait promptly. Hit ok.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully you will be able to eliminate QuickBooks Search Not Working error via this guide. However, if the error persists, there has to be another issue that is not under your control. You will need to talk to the supporting technician. They will help you find out the cause for QuickBooks Online Search Function Not Working error and help fix it. 

You can talk to the support team for other queries related to QuickBooks as well. We are available twenty four hours at your service. We have a special team with trained professional experts with certification to guide the customers. Specially put together for your help.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why is QuickBooks search not working?

  • Registry files are damaged.
  • Data damage.
  • Malware attack.
  • Outdated operating system or QuickBooks software.
  • The search index file of QuickBooks is defective.

Q: How do I resolve an error in QuickBooks?

  • Update windows operating system.
  • Run QuickBooks file doctor.
  • Download QuickBooks latest version.
  • Clean install QuickBooks.
  • Temporarily disable firewall and network protection.
  • Fix registry files.
  • Run QuickBooks install diagnostic tool.

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