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Troubleshooting any technical issue always seems a tech-savvy task for some of the daily life hardware and software users. And now, if the users are numerous for one particular file, the task becomes more and more difficult. In this case, you can not point out anyone here. QuickBooks error 6130: “QuickBooks is trying to access the company file but cannot contact the database server” is one example where you can not clarify who did it and how this happened. 

Corrupt files, mismatched versions, and more are there to find the list. Yet the solution is not there. But we are here to troubleshoot this issue on your behalf, no matter who is responsible for it. Have a look. 

What is QuickBooks Error 6130?

Quickbooks Error 6130

A software QuickBooks is functional for multiple users. Considering that you are a technology-friendly person, you would have understood this mode properly. In this method, any user can host the file or folder on this server and give access to it to all the end users. At this point, if any user becomes powerless to designate the file, QuickBooks error 6130 0 is in motion. Other than that, various other reasons will help you to find out the real cause of this issue in QuickBooks. 

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 6130

Windows Crash

  • The window crash repeatedly appears on the device screen.
  • The device is working well. However, whenever you open the software, it crashes.
  • Continuous screening of error 6130 QuickBooks.
  • Leisurely response to the window system. 
  • Hardware (Keyboard & Mouse) is unresponsive.
  • Frequently freezing the operating system.  
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Possible Reasons for QuickBooks Error 6130

Let us hit the complete list of possible reasons for QuickBooks error 6130 0:

File is corrupt

  • The first cause is the same as described above. A corrupt file is always at the top of the list while facing this issue. 
  • Inaccurate configuration in case of Files (.ND & .TLG).
  • The mismatch of QuickBooks desktop. One user who has created the file used the latest version to form the existence of a folder or file. On the other hand, the accessor is using the unsupported or out-of-style version.
  • Network Error.
  • Third-party software is not allowing access to the company file.  
  • The operating system or window of your desktop/personal computer. (usually outdated)
  • The database service of the software does not support multiple workstations and causes QuickBooks 6130 errors.
  • Maybe someone has deleted the file erroneously.
  • It is due to improper installation of the accounting software.

Methods to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 6130

As we have told you that there are various reasons facing this error. In this same way, numerous methods are available to troubleshoot it. For your better understanding, we are summarizing some of them. Catch them and resolve the issue. 

1. Resolve the Window Registries

  • Click on the “Start” Button in the form of the window logo. Mention “Command” in the search bar without pressing the “Enter” button on the Keyboard.
  • Possess (Ctrl + Shift) and now force “Enter.” A dialog box will strike on the screen for Permission. 
  • Confirm the “Yes.” Again a blackish box will ask you to fill it with “Regedit.”
  • Type the same and press the button “Enter.” Deal with “File Menu” and lead to “Export” by mouse right click. 

Resolve the Window Registries

  • The “Save In” list will help you to select the required folder and rescue the desktop key of QuickBooks. Now, seek the “File Name” box to find the backup file.
  • Visit the box Export Range and choose “Selected Branch” to mark the “Save Button.” It will ensure the extension format (.reg file).
  • QuickBooks entries are in the backup mode now. 

2. Role of QuickBooks Tool Hub

Here, you need to take the help of the QuickBooks tool hub to fix network errors or spoiled files. You will find the QB file doctor. If you have the installed version, continue with it. If not, initiate to download it first as it is now available in the integrated mode of tool hub.

Role of Quickbook Tool Hub

  • Make sure the download the QB tool hub
  • Now open the software and visit the “Company file issues” section. Hit “Run QuickBooks file doctor.”
  • Search the concerned “Business File.” Finally, choose it and let the doctor complete the task. 

3. Database Server Manager

QBs database server manager helps run the file in multiple workstations. You must ensure that it is working efficiently. Restart it to restrain error 6130 0 QuickBooks. Steps are sufficient to make your trouble free. Follow the steps:

Program and files

  • Go to the Window logo or start button and order “Services” in the search box and hit the “Enter Button.”
  • Pursue the result list to access “QuickBooksDBXX Service” by double clicking to knock the “Stop” button.
  • Strike the “Apply” button to press “Ok.”
  • Finally, press the “Start-Apply-Ok” Buttons. 

4. Perform the Re-installation of QuickBooks

If nothing is in your favor, start with the starting. Reinstall the software desktop version. Make sure to find the brand new version getting away from all the errors in your company files or other activities. Here, you should have full details of the registration of the program package. 


All the relevant information is available in the article systematically to fix QuickBooks error 6130. All four methods are enough to tackle software glitches in this particular problem or others. If such a case persists, be in no doubt and contact the QB support system. A professional guide will surely help you resolve your issues with the software. You may coordinate with us too by writing in the Statement Box. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is QuickBooks 6130 Error?

Answer – It is an error of a corrupt file used by multiple workstations and is currently unavailable to anyone. 

Q.2 Steps to Tackle 6130 Error in QB?

  • Update your window with the latest version
  • Reinstall the QB software with brand-new software.
  • Command the QB file doctor to troubleshoot the issue.
  • Database service manager proper response.

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