Fixing All Stubborn QuickBooks Update Errors (Full Guide)


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Users can encounter QuickBooks Update Error anytime when they are working on the software or are trying to update it. As the name suggests, you will get the error majorly while downloading new updates released by Intuit. These updates are super important for users to add up new tools, features, and functionalities to the software. New updates make your software work more efficiently and include more bug fixes so that you could complete your tasks without any problem. However, when you get an update error, the software does not allow you to download any update.

Also, your system becomes more prone to errors, technical glitches, and bugs. Update errors hinder your workflow and make your data insecure and prone to errors. Therefore, you must have in-depth knowledge about these errors and ways to resolve them to avoid a fuss. In this post, you will read a complete QuickBooks not updating error list, why do you encounter them, and effective ways to troubleshoot them.

What may Trigger in QuickBooks Update Error?

There are multiple update errors that you witness and each error shows a distinct error code. Some common errors that you face are Error 1603, Error 12157, Error PS038, Error 15271, 5XXX series, and QuickBooks Error 404.

Users encounter QuickBooks not updating problems due to many reasons. Understanding these reasons is crucial because without knowing the root source of a problem, you can never fix it. So, let’s proceed.

  • Mismatched Time/Date settings on the computer.
  • Issues in Internet connectivity such as poor or unstable connection.
  • Windows Firewall is blocking QuickBooks from installing new updates.
  • There is multiple QuickBooks installation on the same computer. Therefore your screen shows – No version of QuickBooks was found to update
  • Restrictive settings of the Internet security also cause QuickBooks Update Error and installation issues.

Repairing Stubborn QuickBooks Update Error

Quickbooks update error

If QuickBooks shows some update errors then it also offers you inbuilt tools to repair them automatically. Yes, there are multiple tools within the QB itself that users can use to repair update errors. Let’s learn the automatic as well as the manual process of repairing the errors with ease.

Solution 1: Using “QuickBooks File Doctor”

QuickBooks File Doctor is the most efficient tool offered by Intuit for users. Not only this, even experts use this tool to tackle update errors.

As the name suggests, the file doctor tool acts as a doctor by identifying the problem and then repairing it. The instructions for using this powerful tool are:

  • Firstly, open Intuit site.
  • Once you reach the site, download a tool named – QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • After downloading it, save the file.
  • Now, open the same file.
  • To install the file, obey the prompts.
  • Moving further, click the tool hub for starting it.
  • Then, click twice on the QB tool hub icon.
  • Under the tool hover to “Company File Issues”.
  • Click “Run QB File Doctor”. After that, this tool will start an auto-identification and repairing process.
  • Finally, restart the PC and start completing your pending tasks.

Solution 2: Correcting The Internet Connection Settings

  • Open “Internet Explorer”.
  • Thereafter, hover to “Chase Banking”.
    • In case you can’t access the Chase banking page, QB won’t send you any updates. Here, you need to call your Internet Service Provider.
    • Further, open QuickBooks then follow these instructions (below), if you are able to view the website:
      • Click on “Help”.
      • Tap “Internet Connection Setup” from there.
      • Pick “Use computer’s Internet”, this will help in setting up a connection.
      • Click “Next”.
      • Now hit “Advanced Connection Settings”.
      • There, click “Advanced”.
      • Then, hit “Restore Advanced Settings”.
      • Tap “OK”. Now, the QuickBooks Update Error won’t bother you and you can update it seamlessly.

Solution 3: Checking the Time/Date of the Computer

  • Navigate to your desktop.
  • Right-tap there on “System Clock”.
  • Thereafter choose “Adjust Date/Time”.
  • Further, click “Modify Date & Time”. Implement the right changes.
  • Now hit “OK” twice.
  • Exit the window.
  • Open QB again.
  • In the end, download new updates and confirm that the error is not existing anymore.
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Solution 4: Firewall Settings Configuration

  • Click on “Start”.
  • Then run “QBDSM” after that.
  • Now, hit the tab on it.
  • Thereafter click “Port Monitor”.
  • Now, note the QB port number for later.
  • Moving on, click on “Start” again and write up “Windows Firewall” there in the search area.
  • Choose “Windows Firewall”.
  • Hit “Advanced Settings”.
  • Further, right-tap on the tab “Inbound Rules”.
  • There choose “New Rule”.
  • After that hit “Port”.
  • Press “Next”.
  • Now, turn on “TCP”.
  • Mark “Specific Local Ports”.
  • Now provide your “Port Number”.
  • Hit “Next” and choose “Allow the Connection”.
  • Then click “Next” one more time and rename “New Rule”.
  • In the end, follow the exact instructions for outbound rules as well.

Solution 5: Opening QB With Administrator Credentials

  • Firstly, exit all programs.
  • Now reboot your PC.
  • Then locate and right-tap on “QB”.
  • In the end, hit your click on “Run as Administrator”.

Fixing 15XXX Series Errors While Updating QuickBooks/Payroll

You can get an error with the digit 15 as initials while installing QuickBooks desktop updates/payroll. Examples of such errors are:

Error 15218Error 15223Error 15225
Error 15224Error 15221Error 15222
Error 15104Error 15105Error 15107
Error 15214Error 15270Error 15103
Error 15226Error 15215Error 15217
Error 15240Error 15271Error 15106

To repair these errors, the steps are explained below:-

  • Firstly, run the file – “Reboot.bat”.
  • Thereafter, restart the system.
  • Now access QuickBooks.
  • Moving on, install the updates by clicking the option “Install Now”, if prompted.
  • In case, you can’t install the updates, then remove and download them once again.
    • After that exit QuickBooks desktop.
    • Reach the path – C: \ Documents \ Settings\ Users \ Application Data \ \ QuickBooks < XX version> \ Components.
  • Then you need to open QuickBooks. Go to “Help” to update the software from there.
  • Now, hover to “Update Now”. Then mark against “Reset the Updates”.
  • Moving on, select “Get Updates” in order to re-download the last updates.
  • After completing it, close and open the software again for saving the changes.
  • To conclude the install process, hit “Install Now”.

Although the error will be repaired after this step, still, if you see QuickBooks Update Error again then read more steps below.

More Steps To Fix QuickBooks Update Errors

Apart from the solutions that we have presented above, here are several additional steps to kick out the issue. Check them below:-

  • Download all updates using safe mode.
  • Install digital signature.
  • Activate the ports having 443 and 80 digits.
  • Moreover, permit the files written below to access:
    • Dbmlsync.exe
    • DBManagerExe.exe
    • AutoBackupExe.exe
    • FileMovementExe.exe
    • FQBCFMonitorService.exe
    • QBDBMgrN.exe
    • FileManagement.exe
    • QuickBooksMessaging.exe
    • IntuitSyncManager.exe
    • QBServerUtilityMgr.exe
    • QBDBMgr.exe
    • QBLaunch.exe
    • QBGDSPlugin.exe
    • QBW32.exe

After these steps, there is literally no chance for you to encounter updating errors anymore.

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Final Words

Once you follow this QuickBooks Update Error Fix guide, you no longer will encounter any issues while installing updates. We have explained both automatic as well as manual methods to help you resolve some typical update errors. We covered almost everything ranging from basic to in-depth solutions. And, lastly, we hope that at least a few of these solutions will offer you considerable help in resolving your problem.

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