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Are you a Quicken user and wish to Convert Quicken to QuickBooks Desktop? Then you are at the right place. We have written an article that will walk you through the entire process to Convert Quicken to QuickBooks. To switch from Quicken to QuickBooks, follow a few simple steps that we will discuss in the latter part of this article. In addition, there are two ways to transition from Quicken to QuickBooks. This includes either converting directly to QuickBooks desktop or using a Quicken converter.

Before we begin the process of converting quicken to quickbooks, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Important Considerations to Convert Quicken to QuickBooks

Before converting Quicken to QuickBooks, it is necessary to keep in mind a few important considerations. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Keep in mind that the quicken to QuickBooks conversion process cannot be reversed. This means that once the Quicken file has been converted, it cannot be reversed, and you will be unable to use it in Quicken in the future.
  • It is also crucial to create a backup of the Quicken data that will be converted, as you may need to access this data in Quicken software.
  • Finally, if you used Quicken software on a Mac, you will need to convert Quicken Mac files to Windows files first, as only Quicken Windows files can be converted to QuickBooks.

Situations in Which Quicken Converter can be Useful to Convert Quicken to QuickBooks

As previously stated, there are two methods to import quicken into quickbooks. First, use a Quicken converter, and secondly a direct conversion to QuickBooks desktop. Let us now look at the situation in which you can use Quicken Converter to Convert Quicken to Quickbooks.

  • Only use the Quicken converter if you’re migrating from a Quicken version that isn’t compatible with QuickBooks desktop. This includes everything from Quicken 2017 to QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Enterprise 2019.
  • You can use the conversion utility instead of the converter to convert directly to QuickBooks if you have a Quicken version that is a parallel version of QuickBooks.
  • Quicken for Mac data files cannot be converted by the converter or the conversion utility in QuickBooks.If you have Quicken for Mac, it is recommended that you first convert the data file to Quicken for Windows or create a new QuickBooks company file.

Methods to Convert Quicken to QuickBooks

To Convert Quicken to Quickbooks follow the given simple steps:

Step 1: Use Quicken Converter Tool

Before starting the process of using the converter tool, make sure that you do not have another version of it installed. If you do, make sure to uninstall it from the system before downloading the correct one below:

Download The Quicken Converter Tool

In the first step, you are required to download the Quicken converter tool which is compatible with your QuickBooks Desktop version, including:

  • Quicken 2021 converter
  • Version 2020 Quicken converter
  • Quicken 2019 converter
  • Quicken converter 2018
  • Version 2017 Quicken converter

Download the Quicken Converter tool

Install the Quicken Converter Tool

After you have finished downloading the tool, you must now install it by following the steps outlined below:

  • To begin, launch the downloaded Quicken converter and then select next.
  • Now, read the license agreement and accept it by checking the “I accept the terms in the license agreement” box and then click on the Next button.
  • Following that, begin the Quicken converter installation and select Next and then click on Install.
  • Now select Launch Quicken Converter and click the Finish button.
  • After that, select I am transferring data from Quicken for Windows and then click Get Started.

I am transferring data from Quicken for Windows option

  • Next, select open a data file located on this system and then select the file option.
  • Now navigate to the Quicken file and click the OK button.

navigate to the Quicken file

  • Then, select convert it and press the OK button.
  • In the final step, save the new Quicken data file and select Save and then press the Edit option.

QuickBooks users can begin the conversion procedure once the file has been upgraded to a compatible version of Quicken using the conversion utility in QuickBooks. There is also available Quickbooks conversion tool.

Step 2: Look For .QDF files Rather than .QFX files

The convertor tool always shows the message that it is creating a .QFX file, but it is also creating a qdf file, which you must locate in order to convert. If you come across a .QFX file, then you can leave it as it is.

Keep an eye out for the updated QDF file in a folder called Q18Files or Q17Files, which is in the same directory as your original Quicken file. There might be the possibility that the name of the QDF file will be same as the name of the original data file.

Step 3: Use the Conversion Utility

You can Convert Quicken to QuickBooks using the conversion utility. This is possible if the steps outlined below are followed:

  • You must first select the file option, and then utilities.
  • In addition, select convert and then “From Quicken

Convert Quicken to QuickBooks using conversion utility

  • Then select the Quicken file (qdf file) that you want to convert.
  • At last, the conversion utility will then guide you through the rest of the conversion process.
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You can also access the help window in QuickBooks desktop by pressing the F1 key, which will provide you with any additional information about the conversion utility.

The whole process to convert Quicken to QuickBooks might become hassle-free if the above-mentioned step is followed thoroughly and with great caution. This step-by-step guide is of great help if you wish to Convert Quicken to QuickBooks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Quicken data files can be converted to QuickBooks using the data converter included in the QuickBooks software.

Although Quicken files cannot be opened natively in QuickBooks, Quicken files can be converted for use in QuickBooks using the built-in tools in QuickBooks. You can also use a dedicated piece of software called Quicken Converter to make Quicken files compatible with QuickBooks

Quicken focuses on personal and family finances, whereas QuickBooks focuses on small business accounting processes. Quicken focuses on local software that is accessed on individual computers, whereas QuickBooks offers an online version of their software that many businesses can use.

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