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How important is it to pay fairly to your employees? Well, very! As a matter of fact there are several applications specifically designed for this purpose. One such software is Paylocity. Specifically started as a payroll application and helps assist HR in making their work easier. QuickBooks, on the other hand, offers something similar to this. It also offers you a payroll accounting feature, however, it isn’t the prior focus of QuickBooks. QuickBooks focuses on accounting and Paylocity focuses on payroll and HR related tasks, with Paylocity QuickBooks Integration, you can make best out of both software’s awesomeness. 

In this article, you’ll get to learn about Paylocity and about QuickBooks. As you move ahead you’ll learn more and more about Paylocity Integration With QuickBooks.

A Sneak Peak into Paylocity

QuickBooks Paylocity Integration

Paylocity is a cloud based payroll application designed to simplify HR related operations. This software offers advanced payroll and human resource features that makes it stand out. This software is easy to use and has a very friendly interface. Every employee expects a fair payment. Paylocity has made this possible with its extended features. 

  • With QuickBooks integration feature you can avoid overwriting or missing a certain amount by integrating all calculations to one.
  • You can manage employees and their tasks with Paylocity employee  and labor management features. It also maintains a link between employee and employer.
  • The activity dashboard will show how much each employee has worked and help you judge the performance of your firm.
  • The Paylocity employee portal contains details of all employees and helps connect all of them over a network.
  • Its automated push notifications keep reminding you of new hires, submissions, leave approvals etc.
  • With interactive reporting, you’ll get to see what tasks are completed, pending and ongoing. Moreover, you’ll see a full fledged report on employees and assigned tasks.
  • Payroll integration and management.
  • Pre-registration 
  • Document templates
  • Self service employee.
  • Analyzing finances.

A Sneak Peak into QuickBooks

A Sneak Peak into QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a top accounting software that helps in bookkeeping and auditing. It is amongst the top in the list and has been for a long period. Let’s look at some key features of QuickBooks:

  • Automatic Reminders For Payments
  • Reporting
  • Customized Invoices And Receipts
  • Professional Services
  • Automatic Entries
  • Communication

Paylocity Vs QuickBooks

  • QuickBooks is an accounting software that does offer payroll accounting but not as a prior feature. Its main feature is to keep record of all cash inflow and outflow and generate reports, thus helping you to judge your company’s performance. Payroll is just a sidelined feature. 
  • On the other hand, Paylocity is specifically designed to support HR and for payroll. Therefore, its main focus is the same.
  • QuickBooks is mostly operated by small to midsize businesses. Paylocity can be operated by small to large businesses.
  • When both software were compared for their setup payroll in QuickBooks feature, QuickBooks was selected the best suited payroll as it not only helps in fairly paying employees but also tracks their salaries and keeps a record of the transaction.
  • Paylocity starts from $2/month with features limited to only HR intended and payroll. 
  • QuickBooks start with $5/month with  widespread features that include payroll but several others too.

Advantages of Paylocity QuickBooks Integration

By Paylocity QuickBooks Online Integration, you’ll get to utilize features of both software together. Therefore, there are tons of advantages.

  • Paylocity QuickBooks Online Integration helps make best use of  these two software.
  • You can track every part of the business with utmost clarity and accuracy.
  • You will not need separate payroll tools by Paylocity Integration With QuickBooks.
  • When you pay using Paylocity, QuickBooks records all the payments because of Paylocity QuickBooks integration.
  • With Paylocity QuickBooks Integration, you can use all other applications indirectly that are integrated with Paylocity while operating QuickBooks, as they are linked.
  • Just by Paylocity QuickBooks Online Integration, you can use automatic payroll feature to pay your employees automatically.

Advantages of  Paylocity QuickBooks Integration    

 Paylocity QuickBooks Integration    

  • Start by verifying both Paylocity and QuickBooks accounts.
  • Once you’ve logged into Paylocity, move to Paylocity web pay and log in here.
  • Now go to integrations and select web services. 
  • After selecting integrations, tap on explore marketplace menu.
  • Here, you are gonna have to browse the marketplace menu and look for QuickBooks.
  • Once you will finish filling the form, you’ll get information from the vendor you select on the details that are to be transferred.
  • As soon as you press integration, a form will pop.
  • This is Payroll Automated Data Exchange form (PADE)
  • You’ll have to finish filling and. Make sure you sign it digitally.
  • Doing this will flash a request ticket. This ticket can be used to start an analysis of partner integration.
  • Once you’ve performed this, wait for 2-4 days
  • You’ll receive a call that will tell you all billing details and other supporting documents.
  • To start Paylocity QuickBooks Integration, go to QuickBooks online.

Characteristics of Paylocity QuickBooks Integration    

You’ll get to see two factors for the integration marketplace of Paylocity, also known as IPAAS (integration platform as a service). These characteristics are just one way, i.e. when Paylocity transfers to QuickBooks and not the other way round. These are:

  • To tackle the already available integrations.
  • To allow browsing and look for new integrations in the list of vendors that are supported by the same.

Paylocity QuickBooks Integration: Steps to Perform

Paylocity Integration with QuickBooks can be a little complicated however it is not rocket science. All you have to do is follow the instructions below carefully and you’re all good to go.

  • Start with logging into Paylocity. Then access Paylocity web pay.
  • Go to web services > integrations.
  • Open marketplace menu.
  • Tap on browse and look for QuickBooks.
  • In the data exchanged action tab you’ll now get details of all the information shared by the merge vendors in QuickBooks you choose.
  • After you’ve done checking the data, tap on begin integration.
  • This will open Paylocity Automated Data Exchange form (PADE).
  • Fill it out, finishing off with a digitized signature.
  • The analyst partner will contact you in 2-4 days after you submit the form. Verify all billing details with them and anything else the vendor needs.
  • A request ticket will be opened.
  • Finally tap on begin integration to launch a journal entry setup page. Here, you’ll have to connect your QuickBooks account and match the web pay codes to correct QBs accounts.

Things to Remember: Paylocity QuickBooks Integration    

  • If you want to perform Paylocity Integration With QuickBooks, you’ll need to setup the payroll feature in QuickBooks.
  • You’re gonna have to update the quick pay screen and edit the data as per needed.
  • Manually check the setup and data.
  • Paylocity offers you and your employees to log into the application and review the performance.
  • You will have to make sure that the audit screen is completed, all batch tools have received the approval and tap on submit.
  • Make sure you have logged in with administration credentials.

Get Professional Help!

If you feel stuck somewhere between these steps or are not able to understand what to do and how to do, you can contact our support team. We have specifically combined a team of certified professional advisors to help clients and even our employees in QuickBooks queries and difficulties. Customer support team is available 24 hours at your service. You can contact and ask for any QuickBooks related query and your problem will be taken care of.

Wrapping Up

With this, we come towards the end of Paylocity QuickBooks Integration. This article is filled with everything you need to know about Paylocity QuickBooks Integration, the benefits and the steps, about Paylocity and QuickBooks etc, you name it, we’ve added that to this article. You’ll learn the know-how of Paylocity QuickBooks Online Integration. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 : What payroll programs work with QuickBooks?

  • Paylocity
  • Gusto
  • Rippling
  • Xero 
  • OnPay 
  • Buddy Punch

Q.2 : Does Paylocity have an open API?

A: Yes Paylocity has an open API feature that allows it to be integrated with any software. It enables you to use all its features and the software’s features at their best. Moreover, one thing to remember is that in order to integrate Paylocity the second software should have this specific feature.

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