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Several QuickBooks File Extensions the program uses to preserve the data you can see while using QuickBooks. There are multiple file extensions in QuickBooks that are used for various things. You must know every detail about your file as it contains all the information about your company. You should understand the use of every extension that you use with your file. Today, we are going to discuss the importance and common file extensions with you. So, let’s start. 

Overview of QuickBooks File Extension

In QBs, file extensions are the add-ons that come after a file name and specify the file’s intended use. The QuickBooks file extension is often in form .xxx. Users can identify files and determine the functions each file performs with the help of the file extension. Thus, QuickBooks file extensions are crucial for users as they help with simple file identification.

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Importance of QuickBooks File Extensions

Here is an overview of the importance of QuickBooks company file extension given below:

  • It helps in saving a lot of time as by looking at the file you can say its type.
  • Additionally, they help safeguard files by helping to authenticate them.
  • The file types are identified by the extensions, which can then assist the desktop in opening the file in the appropriate program.
  • You can also identify the content with the help of extensions.
  • To preserve the accounting data organized and avoid data merging, you can classify the same type of QuickBooks file extension using extensions.

Different Kinds of QuickBooks File Extensions 

We are mentioning different kinds of QBs file extensions below:

  • QuickBooks Backup File Extension

QuickBooks Backup File Extension

If you take a backup of your actual company file then QBs software creates a backup file with .QBB extensions.

  • QuickBooks Company File Extension

Quickbooks company file

QuickBooks generates a file with a .QBW extension whenever you make a company file. Your company’s file and account details are kept in this file. 

  • QuickBooks Bank Statement File

After downloading the transaction from the bank you will see that file with the .QBO extension in QuickBooks. To easily add transactions to your bank record, one may import a QBO file.

  • QuickBooks Portable File

QuickBooks Portable File

QuickBooks makes a portion of your company file with a .qbm extension if you email or transfer a company file.

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Some Other QuickBooks File Extension

Below is a few other files extension that you may see if you use QuickBooks:

  • QuickBooks Report Template File

When you export a report template then QBs make a file with .QBR extension.

  • Layout Designer Template File

A file with the .DES extension is produced by QBs when you export a modified form template. Numerous templates are available in QuickBooks. You might want to export your unique templates so that you can share them with others or use them in other company files.

  • US Tax Table File

This file is needed if you are using payroll on QBs desktop. Because it contains all the information that is required to calculate payroll taxes.

  • QuickBooks Web Connector File

A file with the .QWC extension is produced when independent developers create ‘Web Connector Apps’.

Few Utility & Log Files

Go through the list of utility & log files that you should know for your business:

  • Transaction Log File

Transaction Log File

The modifications made to your company file since the last backup. This data is saved in a file with the extension .TLG. QBs refreshes the company files the next time you back it up.

  • Intuit Interchange Format File

When you export the list info then QBs generate a file with .IIF extension. You can share this list with others with the help of IIF files.

  • Network Data File

When you first use QuickBooks in multi-user mode, a file with the .nd extension is produced. With this file, you can control user access preferences.

  • Event Log File

QBs list main events with .LOG extension Log files can help to drag you out of any problem.

  • Entitlement File

A file with the .ecml extension is produced by QBs

A file with the .ecml extension is produced by QBs if you install & register it. This file informs QuickBooks that you are utilizing a licensed item.


QuickBooks is a great tool for small businesses. However, it’s important to understand the different types of QuickBooks files and how they work. This guide should help you understand the basics of QuickBooks file extension so that you can make the most out of this powerful software.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What are the different QuickBooks file extensions?

  • .QBB: QuickBooks Backup File
  • .QBW: QuickBooks Company File
  • .QBO: QuickBooks Bank Statement File
  • .QBM: QuickBooks Portable File

Q2. What is a QuickBooks data file extension?

Answer – A file with a .QBW extension is produced by QBs whenever you make a company file. Your company file & account information are stored in this file.

Q3. What is a QuickBooks qba file?

Answer – The QBA file duplicates the file produced by QuickBooks software, which is used to enter and save financial data.

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