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Several businesses have benefited from QuickBooks’ assistance with their accounting issues. It is quite difficult to get a package of such advanced features at a reasonable cost. But QuickBooks has made it possible. However, QuickBooks makes the best use of every system component possible to provide you with the finest results in the race to the top. As a result, any errors—whether or not they are in QuickBooks—will influence your task. One such glitch is QuickBooks Error Code c=387. Most of you are asking what this means and why you are seeing it. This blog, which is based on QuickBooks error c=387, will answer all of your queries.

What is QuickBooks Error Code C=387?

QuickBooks Error Code c=387 What is it

The c 387 error code QuickBooks occurs when your registry entries are corrupted or damaged or you are not able to run old QBs operations. It also appears when there is a problem with the QBs invoice layout. This will stop you from doing any QBs activities. When you get this error then you can’t understand the causes of these errors. Then only go-to solutions to fix QuickBooks error code c=387.

Factors that Cause QuickBooks Error Code c=387

Knowing the factors that are causing QuickBooks error c=387 will keep you in line with your problem.

  • In case you are not able to access QBs traditional activities.
  • Wrong installation of QBs on PC.
  • There is an attack of malware on your system.
  • If you deleted some important files by mistake.
  • Your software is shutting down unexpectedly.
  • Due to a blocked firewall QBs stop running.

Rectifying Methods of QuickBooks Error Code c=387

You are likely familiar with QuickBooks Error Code c=387 at this point. You can start rectifying this issue immediately.

Method 1: Download the “Repair Tool”

You need to download a component repair tool from the QBs website to fix QuickBooks error c=387. Follow the steps mentioned below:

QuickBooks component repair tool

  • Once the downloading process ends, you need to tap on the Installation process.
  • Then select Start Scan to fix the issue and hit on Next.
  • Choose Repair Now and your error will get resolved.
  • Lastly, restart your system.

Method 2: Renew your PC & Make Invoices

Creating some invoices and refreshing the system are also easy ways to resolve QuickBooks error c=387. Follow the instructions to get rid of this error:

  • Move to the Customer option and choose to Create Invoices.
  • Choose the layout and write necessary information like amount, Customer name, and item.
  • Tap on the Delete option and when the form is closed, click OK.

Method 3: Download the “Re-image Tool”

This tool helps in increasing the speed & performance of your computer. If the above method doesn’t work, use this method to fix it. For that look down the procedure:

Re-image Tool

  • You need to ‘download’ the Re-image tool and save it on your desktop.
  • Now, open the file and install it on your PC.
  • Once it starts, unbind the checkbox and it will automatically start scanning.
  • Using the Re-image tool, you can download & upgrade your QuickBooks files.
  • When the scanning finishes they will inform you of any changes needed or not.

Method 4: Run ‘Rebuild Data Utility’

By running a rebuild data utility you can fix small issues in your company file. Don’t forget to keep a backup of your file. Here is what you should do to run the rebuild utility:

Run ‘Rebuild Data Utility'

  • Tap on File and select Utilities.
  • Then select Rebuild Data and after it ends, open it again.

Method 5: Fix ‘Template Error’

It might be possible that your template gets damaged or corrupted and it will throw an error. So, to overcome it you need to just follow these simple instructions:

  • You can find Templates under Lists. Make sure this menu is active.
  • Select a template and click on Open Forum.
  • Do these steps till it will display QuickBooks error code c=387.
  • In the Template Window, choose the template with the error
  • Lastly, make changes in the template till it gets resolved.

Wrapping Up

QuickBooks Error Code c=387 prevails when your registry entries are corrupted. But, there can be many other reasons which we have mentioned above. You just need to follow the directions and your error will be fixed. If you feel that you are stuck anywhere and not able to understand it then contact our professionals. We will be happy if we get a chance to serve you again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How to fix QuickBooks Desktop update errors?

  • Check your Internet Connectivity.
  • Verify the Date & Time of your PC.
  • Open QBs as an “Administrator”.
  • Run Quick Fix My Program.

Q2. How do I fix error code C 343 in QuickBooks?

  • Turn Off Windows Compatibility Mode.
  • Download Recent versions of QBs.
  • Disable Windows Compatibility Mode for QBW32.exe file.
  • Download the Supportive Version of Windows OS.

Q3. How do I stop QuickBooks from aborting?

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