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Being old in the business yet new to the Technical shift of things at the workplace can be very frustrating as you are expected to forget the traditional ways of Accounting and Bookkeeping, for instance, and move to a Company assigned and trusted software called QuickBooks. Thankfully, the tech guy at the firm holds your hands to train you on the software and recommends installing any updates, whenever available. Just when you thought you were getting a hang of the software, you see an Error message on the screen while installing Updates on your QuickBooks software ‘QuickBooks Error 15103: The update program is damaged or the update program cannot be opened.’ 

This is just how QuickBooks works- popping not only errors but also valid & relevant solution tools right away. We understand if you do not wish to seek Tech support at your Company every now and then and that is exactly where we come in. Stay with us as we take you through a detailed guide to understanding this particular error and ways to solve it. In no time, you will be helping your younger colleagues with the QuickBooks Error 15103. Let’s dive right in.

Overview of QuickBooks Error 15103

QuickBooks Error 15103 presents itself on the user screen when the server meets with a technical glitch while downloading a QuickBooks Payroll update. Consequently, it obstructs the user from accessing the latest updates on their Payroll interface or QuickBooks Desktop. There are various reasons why this Error occurs, which we shall discuss as we take you through the article before sharing the easy steps to resolve it.

Main Reasons behind QuickBooks Error 15103

The Error 15103 in QuickBooks desktop shows up as an alarm for an unsuccessful update installation. Varying from a Faulty Windows Setting to a lack of admin rights before installing QuickBooks, there are quite a few reasons why this error arises. Try inspecting and identifying for yourself so that we can find a suitable and relevant solution to fix the issue:

Causes of Quickbooks Error 15103

  • An incomplete QuickBooks Installation 
  • damaged QuickBooks company file 
  • Lack of complete administrative rights required before installing an update
  • Presence of Spy sweeper in the Webroot antivirus
  • A simple Internet Connectivity issue
  • Wrong Date & Time settings in the system
  • Invalid Digital Signatures
  • Corrupt Windows registry

Troubleshooting Guide to Resolve QuickBooks Error 15103

As we have a clearer perspective towards the basics of QuickBooks Error 15103, we can now delve into the solutions so that the error can be tackled efficiently. Let’s take a look at the measures you can take to clear the  Error 15103 in QuickBooks desktop:

Method 1: Check the Internet Connection and QuickBooks Settings

First and foremost, you should check whether you are connected to a stable internet source while downloading the QuickBooks update as well as the basic QuickBooks settings to avoid the Error 15103 QuickBooks update:

  • Grant the access to QuickBooks Files to both Incoming and Outgoing Internet sources.
  • Setup a sturdy Firewall and antivirus to avoid any bugs in the later process.

Method 2: Change the QuickBooks Mode to Normal Startup Mode

When the QuickBooks Error 15103 pops up, this is one way you can alter the settings and try reinstalling the update to see if the error is gone:

  • Open the Run Window by pressing Windows + R.
  • Now, type MSCONFIG and press Enter.
  • Choose the Normal Startup Mode and Apply the changes.
  • Click OK and restart your system before attempting installation to check for the Error 15103 QuickBooks Desktop.

Method 3: Run the Reboot.bat File

QuickBooks Error 15103- Reboot.bat File

Another reason why the QuickBooks Error 15103 occurs is the unsuccessful Update installation. Launching the Reboot.bat file may help if none of the earlier methods have worked for you:

  • Shut the QuickBooks application and Right Click on the Icon.
  •  Choose Properties > Open File Location.
  • Type Reboot.bat in the Search bar and select the option to Run as Admin.
  • Restart the system and try the update installation without error 15103 in QuickBooks Desktop.

Method 4: Set Up a Firewall & an Antivirus Defender

The inability to access a Company File is one of the causes of QuickBooks Error 15103. To correct the misconfiguration between the file and the server, set up an Antivirus Defender. Here’s how:

  • Open the Edit menu > Preferences in the QuickBooks Software.
  • In the Networks window, grant access to communication between QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online and Save the changes.
  • Now, Run the Antivirus installed in your system.
  • Activate the QuickBooks ports in the Firewall to clear the server issue and get rid of the QuickBooks Error 15103. 

Method 5: QuickBooks Clean Install Tool

In this method, we shall try to uninstall and reinstall QuickBooks software to try getting rid of the QuickBooks Error 15103:

  • Once the Software is Uninstalled, Open QuickBooks Clean Install Tool.
  • Rename the QuickBooks Folders in the system and Reinstall the application.
  • Check if the Error 15103 in QuickBooks Desktop persists.

Method 6: Launch Quick Fix my Program from QuickBooks Tools Hub

Quick Fix My Program-QuickBooks Error 15103

QuickBooks Tools Hub, popularly, comes as a handy solution to many of the existing QuickBooks Errors. In the case of QuickBooks Error 15103, the Quick Fix my Program tool is used. Follow the steps below:

  • The first step is to Install QuickBooks Tools Hub in case it is not already installed.
  • Once the download is complete, Browse through the Tools Hub menu to the Program Problems.
  • Click on the Quick Fix My Program and launch the tool.
  • After Finishing the process, open the QuickBooks software and continue working smoothly.

Method 7: Check the Existence of Skysweeper.exe in the Webroot Antivirus

As discussed in the causes, a presence of Skysweeper.exe in the system could be a potential reason for the occurrence of QuickBooks Error 15103. It needs to be treated in case it is found. The process is described as follows:

  • Open the Task Manager > Processes tab
  • Locate the Skysweeper.exe and Choose the option to Add\Remove Programs
  • From here, the .exe file causing disruptions can be conveniently deleted and so is the QuickBooks Error 15103.

Method 8: Switch Off the User Account Controls

Temporarily terminating the User Account Controls can be useful while facing QuickBooks Error 15103. The settings can be reversed once the error is successfully resolved. Here’s how to do it:

  • In the Start Menu, Move to the Control Panel > User Account Controls
  • Choose the Option to Never Notify in the display Window
  • Click OK to apply the changes
  • Once the Update is successfully installed without Error 15103 QuickBooks, don’t forget to reset the settings back.
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Method 9: Install the Update in Safe Mode

If none of the above explained Methods have been successful, another measure you can try is to install the update in Safe Mode. This should work well to get rid of QuickBooks Error 15103:

  • Open the Run Window by pressing Windows +R
  • Now, type MSCONFIG and press Enter
  • Choose the Safe Mode and Apply the changes 
  • Click OK and restart your system before attempting installation to check for the Error 15103 QuickBooks Desktop

Method 10: Download a Fresh Digital Signature

Digital signature-QuickBooks Error 15103

A valid digital signature is required by the system to approve an update file installation. If the QuickBooks Update error 15103 pops up, it is a sign that the system is not able to identify the digital signatures. To fix the same, follow the steps below:

  • Close the QuickBooks Desktop and the Company file. Onto the Windows button, in the search bar, type QBW32.exe
  • Right Click on the option and select Properties
  • Add Intuit.inc under the Digital Signatures list
  • From the Details option > View the Digital Certificate > Install Certificate
  • Finish the process once the installation is complete
  • Retry downloading the update without interruptions of QuickBooks Error 15103


After going through the varied number of options we provided for you to fix QuickBooks Error 15103. We hope you are satisfied and have found the right solution for yourself. Our team is here to ensure the convenience of our users 24*7. So please provide us with feedback and reach out to us in case you were still not able to find a fix to the error.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 How do I fix Frozen QuickBooks?

Ans – Hold on to the Alt Key when a File doesn’t load. Keep at it until it does. QuickBooks should display any empty page with this solution.

Q.2 How do I fix QuickBooks Error 1310?

Ans – You can try the following steps in order to resolve QuickBooks error 1310:-

  • Using the Install Diagnostic Tool
  • Re-configure the User Account Control Settings
  • Update the Permissions from the Command option
  • Setup the Microsoft Windows Installer properly

Q.3 How do I fix an error in QuickBooks?

Ans – There are various QuickBooks errors that come with a more specific solution for each of them. However, a few general solutions that aid QuickBooks Errors are as follows:

  • Use the QuickBooks Tools Hub to solve a lot of errors with the sub-tools that it comes with
  • Keep the QuickBooks File Doctor handy in order to resolve any issues within the Company files
  • Launch Quick Fix My program
  • Check the Firewall Settings to make sure there is no disturbance there
  • Update your QuickBooks Software from time to time 

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