Jobber QuickBooks Integration: Everything You Need To Know


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Imagine how well two software which are pros in their field will perform when integrated and used together. The remarkable duo that we’ll talk about is Jobber QuickBooks Integration. In this article, you’ll learn about Jobber’s key features and QuickBooks characteristics. Moreover, you’ll learn the wonders and the benefits they provide you when integrated together. Further stated are the steps to Get Jobber QuickBooks Desktop Integration. 

Now if you’re eager to get Jobber QuickBooks Integration Support, take your pen and notebooks and start taking notes. 

What is Jobber?

Jobber QuickBooks Integration

Jobber is an internet-based software that helps you manage your resources via scheduling, invoicing, tracking etc.  You get your work done faster and more accurately with Jobber. The key features that you get are:

Schedule Tasks

You can book and schedule tasks for your team members. You can also mark them as the level of priority. 

Tracking Via GPS

You can track the location of your team members whenever they clock in and clock out. Moreover, you can track if they are going overtime or under time or if someone is late.

Add Comments To Jobs

Any task you assign, you can add notes and attachments along with it for better understanding or to maintain proper interaction.


You can use inbuilt templates or customize them as you need for sending invoices to clients. Moreover, you can send bulk invoices and schedule them as well.

Automated Tasks

Routine tasks or recurring tasks can be scheduled or even automated. Therefore workload will be reduced and the process will be much faster than it used to be.

Manage Clients

You can track, review and keep a record of each and every detail and work of clients in a well organized manner.

Pricing And Plans

  • Core: $37 – $69 per month
  • Connect: $97 – $169 per month
  • Grow: $187 – $349 per month

What is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks: Features, Pros And Cons

QuickBooks is among the top accounting software. It presents you with advanced bookkeeping features that help you perform different accounting and auditing tasks. You can track sales, send invoices, generate yearly monthly or weekly reports to judge your firm’s performance and much more.

  • Automatic Payments Reminder
  • Customized Receipts & Invoice Available
  • Single & Multi-user Support Equipped
  • Automated Entries
  • Anytime Anywhere 24×7 Services
  • Reporting Features

Plans And Pricing

  • Self Employed: $5/month
  • Simple Start: $30/month
  • Essentials: $55/month
  • Plus: $85/month
  • Advanced: $200/month

Why Do You Need Jobber QuickBooks Integration?

Jobber serves as a manager that manages all your tasks and resources properly. QuickBooks is your accountant that helps in accounting and bookkeeping. However, knowing the benefits it provides, Jobber Integration with QuickBooks has become essential. But before we learn the benefits from Jobber And QuickBooks Integration, we must know why it is essential.

  • Jobber keeps a record of all clients and their demands. Therefore with Jobber Integration With QuickBooks, you can provide utmost satisfaction to clients by prioritizing their work. Thus, a happy client will keep your books in good shape.
  • With Jobber QuickBooks Integration, you can utilize Jobber’s search feature to locate any transaction, client or invoices.
  • You can add notes or attachments to tasks or transactions if you Get Jobber QuickBooks Desktop Integration.
  • Using the increased sales process tool by Jobber, you can manage sales accounts and fight your competitors well.
  • Jobber QuickBooks Integration Support helps your employees by alerting them if any change in schedule occurs.
  • You can make the reports in a manner that is suitable to you. You can select what you want to see and what is not important using both Jobber QuickBooks Integration.
  • By Jobber QuickBooks Integration Support, you get notified for clients’ demands.
  • Since invoicing is an essential part of accounting, it is important for QuickBooks. In  Jobber And QuickBooks Integration, Jobber automatically creates invoices via job details.
  • Invoices can be sent with just a few clicks. Therefore Jobber Integration With QuickBooks provides easy invoicing.
  • Keep an eye on your team’s work, their location, timings. With Jobber QuickBooks Integration, you can even use this information for payroll accounting.

Jobber QuickBooks Integration: Benefits

Jobber QuickBooks Integration: Benefits

There is a reason why we are hyping Jobber And QuickBooks Integration. It is because together they offer wonderful and attractive benefits that will help you grow and improve. These benefits includes:

Client Support And Management

Jobber And QuickBooks Integration offer to manage clients in a proper manner. You get notified for fresh tasks or demands of clients. You can keep a record of all details of clients and their work. However, You can mark tasks that are a priority and hence complete them with utmost care. However, You have access to different tools that will help in providing best services to clients.

Quick And Easy Invoicing

Invoicing is an essential part of both Jobbers and QuickBooks. Therefore, when you Get Jobber QuickBooks Desktop Integration, you get automated billing for repeated deals. Jobbers create invoices via job details and you can send them to clients through emails in just a few clicks, effortlessly. Your clients will get alerts and reminders of unpaid invoices.

Payment Convenience

Jobber QuickBooks Integration Support easy credit card payments from anywhere, even if you are out of the field. Clients can use the client hub to make payments . all the payments are secured and protected, thus the risk of data leak is eliminated. 

Cost Tracking

Jobber And QuickBooks Integration helps in tracking all expenses. You can track time spent on a project and therefore calculate whether the return is worth the time you are spending or spent. You can make purchases and those will be recorded automatically. 

GPS Tracking And Time Tracking

Not only QuickBooks but Jobbers also offer time tracking. Not only this, by Jobber QuickBooks Integration, you can track the location of your employees whenever they clock in and clock out. You can track time spent on a particular task, you even even check if any employee is late or early. Further you can see the employees that are working over time, or under time.

Task Management

You can create tasks or jobs, schedule them, assign them to your team members and filter them based on priority, cost etc. moreover, you can add notes or attachments with any job for better understanding or to provide special instructions, thus, maintain interaction. You can even set which jobs are a priority. In addition, You can edit these tasks, change date and time, and you can change the employee you have assigned the job to. The employees will be automatically alerted of the changes you make.

Things to Keep in Mind: Jobber QuickBooks Integration    

Before you start Jobber Integration With QuickBooks, there are certain things you need to know or keep in mind. These are:

  • Jobbers can be linked with all versions of QuickBooks, except for QuickBooks Self Employed.
  • Do not perform several syncs simultaneously. Make sure you send data in just one sync.
  • If you have a client account in both jobbers and QuickBooks. With Jobber And QuickBooks Integration, you can accidentally create duplicate accounts.
  • Make sure you do not have the same customer added in both software.

How to Perform Jobber QuickBooks Integration?

Until now, you have learned key features of Jobbers and QuickBooks, need to Get Jobber QuickBooks Desktop Integration, benefits of Jobber Integration With QuickBooks and points to remember before linking. Now you are all set to start with the syncing.

  • Click on the gear icon.
  • Select app marketplace > QuickBooks card.
  • Tap on connect to QuickBooks. You will b e asked to log into your QuickBooks online account. If you do not have the account, create one.
  • Once completed, you will be directed to Jobbers.
  • Select QuickBooks updated version. By default QuickBooks is set according to Us, you can select your country.
  • Now set your preferences and select the data you wish to transfer.
  • After you have successfully synced Jobber QuickBooks Integration, the preferences will be saved for future syncing.

You can alternately access QuickBooks sync and settings from:

  • Go to the QuickBooks gear icon.
  • Move to settings.
  • Tap on connected apps.
  • Select QuickBooks from here. 
  • Or go to the QuickBooks icon on top of your page and select sync and settings.

End notes

This article includes:

  • What are QuickBooks and its features?
  • What is Jobber and its features?
  • Need for Jobber QuickBooks Integration.    
  • Benefit from Jobber QuickBooks Integration.
  • Steps to perform Jobber QuickBooks Integration.

With this, we put an end to the blog. We hope you successfully performed Jobber Integration with QuickBooks. The main reason for this integration is to utilize both apps with one another in order to bring out the best results. The Jobber QuickBooks Integration will help you perform all your tasks quicker and with more accuracy. It will help in better clientele and thus will increase your growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1: Does jobber work with QuickBooks desktop?

A: Yes, you can sync Jobber with QuickBooks and utilize both apps’ features for best outcome. You will soon see your resources and finances being managed in such an organized way with a good client remark. Your firm will grow more and more.

Q.2: Does Jobber do bookkeeping?

A: Jobber is basically a management application that helps you in managing your resources. But it keeps track of your expenses and invoices. However, it can be integrated with bookkeeping apps like QuickBooks.

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