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Quickbooks users have this very common question in their mind- “can I use my Quickbooks on more than one computer?” The answer to this question might be different according to different people fortunately, the answer to the question is yes, and you can use Quickbooks on more than one computer. It has been made mandatory by the Intuit that if more than one user is using Quickbooks, you will need to register individually. If you, being a single user is using the Quickbooks on the other system using the same license, then you can use Quickbooks on more than one computer. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that if you are Quickbooks pro, you will able to use a maximum of five licenses and they come with a single license but if you are enterprise user, then you will have ten licenses and can use up to 30. In this blog, we are going to talk about how can install and set up the Quickbooks on more than one computer. We have mentioned the process in detail, but if you still feel the need for assistance, you can reach our support team and they will help you in resolving the issues.

Number of systems on which Quickbooks can be installed on

It depends on the conditions of the license that you are using for the software on how many numbers of computers you can use the Quickbooks. We have mentioned all the scenarios to make it more understood to you.

  • The point is that you have bought a license for a single user. If so, you will be able to use the Quickbooks on a maximum of two computers, with the fact that both the computer belongs to you only.
  • The other scenario is that you have bought a license for multi-users. In a basic multi-user pack, you can use the software on five different computers with five different users. As many users can use the Quickbooks software on their systems to which you have paid. 
  • The other scenario is that you can increase the number of users that can use the Quickbooks by buying the additional license. You can increase the number of users to a maximum of 30. You can update the license using the Quickbooks software only. The maximum number of users allowed also depends upon the version of the Quickbooks you are using.

The stepwise process to use Quickbooks on more than one computer

  • Download on your system

The first step in the process is to install the Quickbooks using the Quickbooks installation CD. When you will insert it into the system, it will take you the installer. You will have to then start the installation process by selecting the .exe file in the folder of Quickbooks. In case you do not have a CD and want to download Quickbooks from the official website, you will have to select the .exe file from the downloaded folder. In the installation window, it will ask you to accept the terms and condition, accept and move the other step.

  • Choose the installation type

The next step in the list is to select the type of installation. After you have accepted the terms and condition and clicked on OK it will take you to a new window in which you will have to select the installation type from the list provided to you.

  • Sharing the Quickbooks

Now that you have chosen the type of installation, you have to choose the network options so that you can share the Quickbooks over the networks. For this, you will be required to choose the custom option rather than express. If it is already selected, move to the other step by clicking on the next tab.

how can i use quickbooks on more than one computer

  • Fill up your credentials

Now, the fourth step is to enter the product and the license number for the authorization of the product. You will have to look at the back of the CD cover to get the product number and license number if you opted for installation through the CD other than that if you have downloaded it from Intuit, you will get the credentials through email. In case you are getting an invalid pos number error, fix it in simple steps mentioned in the article.

  • Set the network option

Now, this step is for users who have opted for custom options. When you will click on next, it will different options, you will have to choose from the option list the most relevant option for you.

  • Set the installation path

The next step in the list is to set up the path for the installation. You can either choose the default path provided or you can opt for changing the installation location. If you have opted for changing, you will have to select the appropriate location from the browse option and click on it.

how to use quickbooks on more than one computer

  • Revise settings

Now that you have set up all the things, we recommend you to go thoroughly with the setting you have made. Check the type of installation, the location and everything.

  • Complete the process

After clicking ok in the previous step, now you will have to click on finish and wait for the software to install. Once the process is completed, you will have to start the Quickbooks software.

can i use quickbooks on more than one computer

  • Install the software on another system

Now, the last step is to repeat the whole procedure on each system on which you want to use the Quickbooks software. If you won’t install it on your system, you won’t be able to use it.

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Despite being an easy process to use Quickbooks on more than one computer, a person with no technical knowledge can get stuck on some steps. We have tried to mention all the steps in a detailed manner to make it very understandable to you. We believe if you read the steps carefully, you will not face any of the errors while carrying out the process but if you do, you can get in touch with our professionals and they will help you with it.