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Online banking is one of the most important features of QuickBooks as it allows you to connect your bank to the software and perform all the banking work. This feature enables you to balance your bank account and provide your system with an accurate list of details.

However, sometimes, it encounters a few difficulties while using the online banking feature of QuickBooks. Since Banking is the most important and used feature of the QB software, a  minute error can cause a disastrous impact. 

Hence, you must Troubleshoot issues with Bank Feeds as soon as possible. With this post, you will learn the quick and permanent fixation of the bank feed errors that occur in QuickBooks.

Factors Leading to Bank Feeds Errors in QuickBooks

The following factors significantly contribute to QuickBooks Desktop Bank Feeds errors and cause users trouble. There is an error that you can face which is a Quickbooks error 324. Furthermore, by understanding the below factors, users can avoid this error from manifesting again.

  • Having an inactive bank account that doesn’t allow online banking.
  • In case, your bank updated their Web Connect services.
  • When your bank is engaged in a change of name or merger.
  • Your bank server is temporarily unavailable.
  • Your system experiencing internet connectivity problems.
  • An outdated QB Desktop or Windows version.
  • Having a conflict with your bank.

Tips to Follow Prior to Troubleshoot Issues with Bank Feeds

Tips To Follow Before Troubleshoot Issues With Bank Feeds

Before troubleshooting the QuickBooks Bank Feeds issues, it is recommended that users go through the below-stated tips for uninterrupted troubleshooting of QuickBooks Bank Feeds error.

1: Connect to a high-speed and constant internet connection.

2: Make sure to set the “Internet Explorer” as your default browser.

3: Try to log in to your internet banking to avoid any wrong credentials issues. 

4: Ensure that your system has the newest version of QuickBooks Desktop.

5: Utilize the QuickBooks on a single-user mode.

Methods to Troubleshoot Issues with Bank Feeds to Fix OL and OLSU Errors

When users come across the QuickBooks bank feeds not working type errors, they often receive OL and QuickBooks OLSU error codes.

These errors occur while importing or uploading transactions using QuickBooks Desktop and they can be fixed by performing the below methods consecutively.

Method 1: Prepare a New Sample File of Your Company

The First method in fixing the OL and OLSU errors in QuickBooks Bank Feeds is to prepare a fresh company sample file. Here’s how:

  • First, launch “QuickBooks-Desktop” and tap “File”.
  • Then, choose “New-Company” with “Express Start”.

Express Start To Troubleshoot Issues With Bank Feeds

  • Now, set up a bank account under the new test company
  • Next, set up the account for your bank feeds
  • Finally, test the created account via downloading bank feed transactions.

If the error still troubles you then try the next method for enabling TLS 1.2 on Internet Explorer.

Method 2: Enable TLS 1.2 Using Internet Explorer

For applying this method, make sure to update your Internet Explorer to the latest version, and afterward, perform these:

  • Firstly, launch the latest IE version.
  • Then, select the gear icon.
  • Next, choose “Internet-Options”.
  • Now, click “Advanced-Tab” and scroll down for “Security”.

Use TLS 1.2 To Troubleshoot Issues With Bank Feeds In QuickBooks

  • Then, unmark “USE-TLS 1.0”.
  • Next, mark “USE-TLS 1.2”
  • Now, tap “Apply” and click “Ok”.
  • Finally, close any active programs and do a reboot.

Method 3: Add a New Account and Perform Merging

Many times, the bank feeds errors such as OL and OLSU arise because of an old account and while downloading the transactions.

By adding a new account and merging it, users can troubleshoot issues with bank feeds. Here’s how:

  • Firstly, under the “General-Ledger” visit “Chart of Accounts”.
  • Then, tap-right on the troubled account and hit “Edit-Account”.
  • Next, select “Account-Name” and click “Copy”.
  • Now, input an asterisk (*) at the end of the account name.
  • Then, visit “Bank-Feed” Settings.
  • Next, “Deactivate All Of The Online Services”.
  • After that, hit “Save” and then “Close”.
  • Now, visit “Chart of Accounts”.
  • Click “Add New Account”.
  • input the same “Account Name” excluding the asterisk (*).
  • Thereafter, hit “Save” then, exit and open your QB company file.
  • Now, again visit “Chart of Accounts” and right-click the ‘account’ having an asterisk (*) mark.
  • Afterwards, choose “Edit-Account” and remove the (*) mark and hit “Save” and “Close”.
  • Now, on receiving any warning message, tap “Yes”.
  • Finally, Set up the account for your “Bank Feeds” use.

Method 4: Deactivate the Accounts having Online Services.

In case the user has set up multiple accounts for online banking, it may prevent QuickBooks from connecting to your bank.

Therefore, to troubleshoot issues with bank feeds, deactivate the accounts using online services. Here’s how:

  • Firstly, from the bottom of “Chart of Accounts”, tap the “Include-Inactive” box.

Deactivate Online Services To Troubleshoot Issues With Bank Feeds

  • Then, deactivate the inactive accounts and bank feeds.
  • Next, exit and again open the file.
  • Finally, Set-up each account for the “Bank Feeds”.

Method 5: Windows Update

An outdated Windows OS contributes to QuickBooks bank feed errors. Hence, updating Windows is a crucial step to troubleshoot issues with bank feeds. Here’s how:

  • Firstly, press “Win+R”.
  • Then, input “Control Panel”.
  • Next, hit “Ok” and launch “Windows-Update”.

Windows Update To Troubleshoot Issues With Bank Feeds

  • Now, tap “Check-Updates”.
  • Then, install any discovered updates.
  • Finally, do a restart.

After restarting your system, launch the QuickBooks program and verify the bank feed error.

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Method 6: Contact your Bank

In case the QuickBooks bank feed not working related errors still troubles you even after performing the above methods, contact your bank and they’ll assist you to ascertain the exact issue that your bank may be facing.

Furthermore, if somehow they can’t rectify your issue, you can ask the bank executive for transferring the concern to Intuit’s online connectivity group.

Method 7: Update QuickBooks Desktop

Updating your QuickBooks Desktop offers newly added features along with the included fixes for errors and issues such as the QuickBooks bank feed not working.

To update the QuickBooks, ensure to possess administrator rights and afterward perform these:

  • Firstly, from the homepage, right-tap “QuickBooks-Desktop.exe”.
  • Then, hit “Run as Admin”.
  • Next, allow permissions.
  • Thereafter, choose “Help”.
  • Then, click “Update-QuickBooks”.
  • Now, tap “Options”.
  • Next, “Mark-All” and “Save”.

Update QuickBooks

  • Finally, use “Update-Now” then “Get-Updates”.

Now that your QuickBooks Desktop is updated, you no longer need to troubleshoot issues with bank feeds. 

Make sure to restart your system after installing the latest QuickBooks Updates and then continue using the banking feature in QuickBooks.

Frequently Asked Questions

To fix the banking feed errors, the below steps are to be performed:

  • First, visit “Banking-Menu”.
  • Then, select “Link-Account”. 
  • Locate/Select your bank.
  • Next, copy its URL.
  • Finally, log in to the bank’s website through the saved URL.

Reconnecting the bank feeds can be done by following these:

  • First, visit “List-Menu”.
  • Then, choose “Chart of Accounts”.
  • Next, tap “Include-Inactive”.
  • Now, tap “View-Menu”.
  • Then, “Re-sort” List and hit “Ok”.
  • Finally, relaunch your company file.

You can set up a bank feed in QuickBooks by following:

  • First, visit “Banking” and opt for “Connect-Account”.
  • Then, “Upload-Transactions” when you have an account.
  • Next, locate your bank then click “Continue”.
  • Finally, read the terms and “Agree” to set up your bank feed.

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