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Are you the one who is facing trouble with Bank Error 9997 in QuickBooks Online? Well, you are not the only one as this error is pretty common and many users face it. QuickBooks error 9997 usually occurs when you’re trying to connect your QuickBooks Online account to your bank. When this error occurs, it’s usually because the connection between QuickBooks and the bank has been lost. There are a few different ways to fix this error, and the quickest solution will depend on the cause of the error.  

So, in this article, we are going to tell you some of the best ways to fix QuickBooks Online Bank Error 9997. Just follow the solutions given below and you will be able to get rid of this error in no time. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What is QuickBooks Error 9997?

QuickBooks error 9997 is a pop-up error that appears on your screen when the Quickbook and your bank are unable to interface with each other. This is a common scripting error. This error won’t let you see the latest transaction or the payment you have made so far. This is why it is also called QuickBooks online bank account error 9997. This error can quickly be fixed with simple tweaks and steps that you can see below. 

What Triggers QuickBooks error 9997?

Before getting into the resolving phase, we need to catch the root cause for better results. There are various reasons that we can enlist for this but the major reason for this is the server error between the bank and QuickBooks. But let’s get into some more causes in the list.

Connectivity Problem

Connectivity problem generally causes the issue. As the lack of connection refers to a buffer and that led to uncertainties in the transaction. It would be better if you make the connection stable and then try to load the page.

Malware or Antivirus

New antivirus could lead you to the error as any update or any change in Windows update settings affects QuickBooks to run properly.

Cache and Cookies

Sometimes cache and cookies allow the browser to run faster but in the case of QuickBooks cache and cookies block the page to load. Due to the access cache, your system starts lacking this could be a major reason why the error comes.

System Requirements

If your system doesn’t match the QuickBooks requirement then also there is a chance of an error. There is a certain configuration that every other software demands and you need to fulfill them. Similarly here in this case you need to have certain requirements.

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Troubleshooting Methods of QuickBooks Error 9997

It is time to troubleshoot the error that has come to your device. There are a few quick methods through which you can solve the QuickBooks error 9997.

Method 1. Incognito Browser

quickbooks in Incognito Browser

In order to eliminate QuickBooks online bank account error 9997. You need to perform some of the basic steps. You must know about the incognito mode and how it can turn off the safe search and gives you more exposure to load any site. Similarly, here incognito provides you an advantage to remove the error. What you need to do is written below.

  1. Open the incognito mode and log in QuickBooks there.
  2. Click on the banking icon coming on your screen. Now, click the pencil (At the top right corner) to edit.
  3. Now you have entered the banking section. Here you can edit your transaction in whatever way you may want.
  4. After you have made the changes it is time to save.
  5. Now you can review your tab and check whether the problem is solved.
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Method 2. Window OS Settings

Windows OS Settings

As we have already talked about the causes, Malware and antivirus can be the reason for the error. You need to resolve the cause to solve the issue. Here what you need to do is change the Windows OS Setting. Might you have refreshed the window setting and that setting causing the issues. So, what changes you are required to make are listed below:-

  1. Uninstall the security software and apps that you have installed recently.
  2. Turn off the firewall if it is on.

Note: You must ensure that during the troubleshooting you have closed every other app running on your device in order to get a better result.

Method 3. Change File Extension

This method is related to the problem if you are facing an issue with file extension in QuickBooks. You can simply fix the issue by changing the file extension. You can rename your file and then save it with the help of new extensions. Here are some quick tricks to do so.

  1. Rename the file.
  2. Try to open the file on another system and see if it works.
  3. You can reinstall your QuickBooks file to resolve the issue.
  4. Before opening the file run an antivirus program.

Method 4. Restore Backups

Simply restoring the company file can help you out in troubleshooting QuickBooks error 9997. Restoring the backup will help you to open the transaction file of the payment you want. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Launch QuickBooks and open the company file.
  2. Now you can see the option “Open and restore the company”.

Open and restore the company

  1. Click Restore and Backup now you need to choose whether you want to save it online or locally.
  2. Choose the file in the QBB extension, After that select the destination.
  3. Don’t forget to restore the file in QBW format. Tap enter to complete the process.
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Method 5. Recreate Lost Transaction

Recreation could be the way out of the error problem but this is a bit tricky thing to do. Here you need to create the transaction manually by the transaction log file. 

  1. Open the folder where the company file is saved. Click Settings
  2. Select Audit and see what transaction is missing. 
  3. Now you have to re-enter the transaction with the original date.


We have provided you with comprehensive information about QuickBooks error 9997. From the causes to the resolving methods, we have mentioned it all. Hoping that this would help you and you have resolved the issue. If not then don’t worry because we are here for you. You can reach us in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Why does QuickBooks error 9997 occur?

Answer – QuickBooks error 9997 occurs because of the low connectivity which prevents QuickBooks to interface with the bank and causes errors.

Q2. Can I fix QuickBooks error 9997 on my own?

Answer – Yes, you can do that as it is a normal and very general error caused by some disrupted settings in your system. Just fix them and remove the error.

Q3. How to uninstall security software to eliminate QuickBooks online error 9997?

Answer – Follow simple steps to uninstall recent security software.

Open Control Panel> Programs> Right-click on the program that you want to uninstall. Here you will get the option to uninstall.

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