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Nobody likes disruption, especially when it’s in the middle of a hectic workday. Having said that, errors in QuickBooks are nothing but troublemakers arising due to issues in your system that even you were not aware of. QuickBooks error 5502 is one such error. This is a synchronization error that arises when you try to access the company file.

Are you facing QuickBooks error 5502 and are stuck with nowhere to go? Well, don’t worry. We are here to help you out of this issue, for the better now. In this blog, we’ll discuss every aspect of QuickBooks error code 5502 that you should know and quick-fixing solutions. 

QuickBooks Error 5502: An Overview

QuickBooks allows you to change the size of your company file as your business expands. After changing the size, when you try to access the company file you might come across error code 5502 in QuickBooks. There can be several reasons why you’re facing QuickBooks error code 5502.

QuickBooks error 5502

This can happen when the sync manager is not working or when QuickBooks cannot access the server. Therefore, in such cases when you try to access the company file QuickBooks error 5502 pops up. The error message says: “QuickBooks data has been uploaded, but failed to connect via the server” or “Sync is not completed properly.”

The instant reaction is panic. Users are scared away and do not know how to proceed. QuickBooks error code 5502 might seem alarming, but can be resolved just by following the instructions.

Possible Causes of QuickBooks Error 5502

Before we venture down to the troubleshooting methods, we need to know where the issue is arising from. Knowing the source of the error helps eliminate the hit-and-trial method in resolving it. You can directly use that one specific troubleshooting method that suits you best. Let’s look into the most common causes of  error code 5502 in QuickBooks:

  • The size of the company file has changed significantly and QuickBooks isn’t prepared.
  • Malfunctioning of sync manager.
  • The company file you’re trying to access is not stored locally.
  • An application (third-party) is distributing the sync process.
  • When expanding, a suited extension was attached to the file.
  • The company file is either corrupted or damaged.
  • The system is infected with a malicious attack.
  • When the workstation and the server gets disconnected, QuickBooks error code 5502 pops.
  • The internet connection is weak or disturbed.

QuickBooks Error 5502: Warning Signs

When error code 5502 in QuickBooks pops on your screen and is not resolved right away, it tends to hamper your system. Here’s a list of symptoms you need to beware of:

  • The system is working in a sluggish manner.
  • QuickBooks error code 5502 flashes on the screen whenever trying to access the company file.
  • QuickBooks freeze or shut down very frequently.
  • All the active window crashes.
  • The system crashes every now and then
  • You are not able to operate QuickBooks.
  • Users cannot access the company file data.

Instant Fix Solutions of QuickBooks Error 5502 

Now that you know what causes error code 5502 in QuickBooks and what are the warning signs to look out for, you’re all set to eliminate the threat. Without wandering around, let’s hop right into it.

Step 1: Clean Install QBs

A clean install means uninstalling and then installing the QBs software again in order to fix installation issues. These issues can be causing QuickBooks error 5502. Before you do that, make sure you keep the license and product key handy. Here’s how you can perform a clean install:Clean Install QuickBooks

  • Open the File Explorer.
  • Go to the Programs and Features section.
  • Locate .exe file.
  • Click right on it and hit Uninstall.
  • Now, navigate to the official website of Intuit.
  • Download QuickBooks again.
  • Install it following the on-screen wizard.
  • Open QuickBooks and log into your profile by using the license and product key along with other details.

Step 2: Access The QuickBooks Database Server Manager

QuickBooks Database Server Manager ensures that users are able to access the company file over multiple user networks, smoothly. This helps eliminate any multi-user based source that might be giving rise to QuickBooks error code 5502.Quickbooks Database Server Manager

  • Launch QuickBooks on the server system.
  • Go to the File Menu.
  • Select open or restore company tab.
  • Next, select open a company file.
  • After locating your file, hit Next.
  • Make sure you tick the box saying Open file in multi-user mode.
  • Hit open.
  • Log in to your company file and now go to the file menu once again.
  • Tap on Close Company/Log Off and wait till the file closes.
  • Now, go back to the desktop. 
  • In the search field, type QuickBooks database server manager.
  • Open it > scan folders > browse.
  • Select the folder where the company file is stored, and press okay.
  • Tap on start scan to run the procedure.

Step 3: Update Your Sync Manager

One of the major reasons for QuickBooks error code 5502 is the malfunctioning of the Sync Manager. Update the Sync Manager to resolve it:

  • From the system tray, select Intuit Sync Manager.
  • Select one company at a time. (if case several are listed)
  • Tap on sync enabled > disable.
  • Perform this with every company on the list.
  • Once you’ve completed this, open the help menu.
  • Go to manage data sync > clear sync settings > okay.
  • This will clear out all the settings you have changed or set.
  • Next, you will have to close QuickBooks.
  • From the system tray, click right on sync manager > exit sync manager.
  • Next locate the sync manager at C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Intuit\SyncManager.
  • Change the file name of the sync manager ( preferable, add .old)

Step 4: Move The Company File To a Different Location

When you’re troubleshooting your system for QuickBooks error 5502, it is important to shift the location of the company file. Damages to the company file that might be because of the location, can be resolved. Follow these steps to do the same:

  • Firstly, create a new folder by selecting the New Folder option from the right-clicking drop-down menu on the desktop.
  • Go to the location where the company file is situated.
  • Hit copy by clicking right on the file.
  • Navigate to the new folder you created, and on empty space click right. Hit paste.
  • Change the file extension to .QBM.
  • Next, hit the Ctrl key and hold onto it.
  • Click twice on the QuickBooks icon. Do not release the Ctrl key until no company opens the window.
  • Now tap on Open or restore an existing company.
  • Locate the company file in the new folder and open it.
  • Once you’ve completed the above steps, navigate back to the new folder.
  • Change the extension of the file back to .QBW.
  • Now, repeat the entire process from pressing the Ctrl key to opening it in your QBs software.

Step 5: Change the Name of .ND File

.ND files short for network data file allows QuickBooks to sync with the company file over a network. Any damage in the file that might be causing QuickBooks error 5502 can be resolved by renaming the file. Here’s how:

  • Open the start menu and in the search field type QuickBooks.
  • Click right on the icon.
  • Tap on an open file location.
  • At this location, look for the .ND file.
  • Once located, right-click on it.
  • Hit rename and add .old to the name.
  • Perform the same procedure with all of the .ND files.

Step 6: Update QuickBooks To The Latest Version

Operating an outdated QuickBooks version can not only lead to QuickBooks error 5502 but many errors as a matter of fact. However, this situation is completely resolvable simply by updating QuickBooks to the latest version. You can turn on auto-update if you don’t want to miss future updates. Update QuickBooks

  • Go to the help menu in QuickBooks.
  • Click on update QuickBooks > Update Now > Get Updates.
  • Wait for it to get all the available updates
  • Now select all the updates you want to install and hit the update now button.
  • Let the process complete uninterrupted.
Turn On Auto Update
  • In the help menu within QuickBooks, click on update QuickBooks.
  • When the update window opens up, go to options.
  • You’ll see an automatic update option
  • If it is set as “NO” change it to “YES” and leave it as it is if it is set to yes.
  • Hit the save button and close it.
  • All your future updates will be downloaded automatically without you missing it.

End Notes

QuickBooks error 5502 not only slows down your system but also hampers your routine tasks. The error can be caused simply because of malfunctioning of the Sync Manager or a weak internet. There are a wide variety of causes that we’ve already discussed. In order to resolve this issue, we recommend you follow all the steps carefully without missing out on anyone. If the error still persists, contact our support team for assistance. We’ll help you eliminate QuickBooks error code 5502 or any other issue you are facing. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1: Are QuickBooks support providers effective in resolving issues?

Answer: QuickBooks service provider is a team of experienced and professionally trained experts. These people know their job and are really good at it. They are experts who know QuickBooks inside out technically and nontechnical as well. Summing up, these service providers can provide effective solutions to any of your issues related to QuickBooks.

Q.2: What is the cause of error codes?

Answer: QBs Error codes are used to indicate an issue with the system and enable you to simply research it and resolve it. 

Q.3: How can I clean and install QuickBooks desktop?

Answer: Clean install is for resolving any installation issues that are further causing errors in QuickBooks.

  • Firstly locate the QuickBooks icon.
  • Click right on it and hit uninstall.
  • Now install it again from the official website of Intuit.
  • Log into your profile.

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