How to Carry Out Pipedrive QuickBooks Integration?


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Pipedrive CRM is a cloud-based hosting sales “client relationship management” software that is a powerful tool for small sales teams. If you have this software to conclude your sales-related tasks and somehow you have thought of double the benefits of this software for several reasons. Then going with Pipedrive QuickBooks integration will be a great choice. With their integration, you may pursue so much more that you are not capable of them earlier. Continue reading the article to know more about it. 

Overview of QuickBooks Online: Pipedrive QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks Online is a bookkeeping & accounting software that facilitates SMBs to use the platform from different devices like computers, mobile phones, and tablets to care for their business growth. With the subscription package varied for the user and its business, you can manage your data from any location. You can verify minor to major business details with the purposeful adoption of the time-to-time upgraded features. Moreover, if you want to save time and go long, you can safely sync this software with over three hundred other applications. Pipedrive integration with QuickBooks is one among them.

Features of QuickBooks Online

This cloud-based accounting program has multiple features accompanying decent design and a user interface. Let’s focus on some of those features below. 

Overview of QuickBooks Online

Customers and Vendors

You deal with various customers and vendors to operate the daily activities of your business. As a result, you must keep the data up-to-date to know which customers and clients are good and bad for your entity. Paper registers are not effective in today’s time. The time is gone when you would mind a few details for the customers and dealers. Nowadays, you need their complete history to track your past time perspective and future outcomes to them. QBO helps you save the information of countless customers and vendors. 

Sales Report

The products and services are the original glories of a business. How efficiently the sales team handles this glory ensures long-lasting high revenue and reputation in the market. QuickBooks online assists in this background from production costs,  QuickBooks expenses report, and other additional expenses. All-in-all it is perfect for Pipedrive QuickBooks Online integration.

Invoices Management

Proper Invoice management via QuickBooks Online or QBO generates more revenue than your expectation. It lets you know who are your customers who have joined your recently for goods and services and have they paid the amount you asked for your services. Moreover, if you deal with the vendors or receive invoices this platform helps you pay the bill on time with the API network. 

Easy Tax Calculation

Tax calculation is a critical deed for any business. Tax norms vary from time-to-time. QuickBooks online platform eases this assignment and makes you relax for timely tax payment to the tax authority.

Overview of Pipedrive: Pipedrive QuickBooks Integration

It is a CRM or client relationship management and SPM or sales-pipeline management tool that assists the sales team of small to medium sized businesses to generate more revenue from the prospects and maintain the balance sheet. Pipedrive lets you focus on the real growth instead of an illusion created by inaccurate sales reports. The potential team has the right to monitor their monthly goals, forecasting and customer-business relationship management with proper sales cycle. Not just that old customers have these benefits only instead it tracks the lead for the new and most interested clients.

Features of Pipedrive

Overview of Pipedrive

The user can also transfer the reports to other platforms while managing your sales from start to finish. 


You deserve the best for your business and the sales team works in this condition. However, the team can’t give an effective outcome until it doesn’t have a proper platform and administrator to lead them in the goal achievement. Pipedrive works on a pipeline view that goes through the most authentic and exceptional deals for the business network. If you have the continuous growth perspective for your sales time efforts make sure to join Pipedrive. 

Accurate Forecast

There is a timeline view that works automatically via the software to give you an idea of the forecast of your business scale. What is the current status of the month, quarter, bi-annual or annually. Means, you have a clear picture to decide the strategy for achieved or non-achieved sales targets. 

Easy Customization

Every company or enterprise works on different perspectives even though they have the same fundamental goals from higher revenue generation to client relationship management. For the successful execution of these things, each has to go with the easy customization of their requirements. Pipedrive facilitates in this case too. 

Safe and Secure

With the multiple features and functions available on the software, you reveal the information that is critical to secure from threats from competitors and cyber attacks. Pipedrive secures your data and makes it available to you whenever you need it. 

Advantages of  Pipedrive QuickBooks Integration

See the advantages below for pipedrive integration QuickBooks. 

  1. With the usage of integration software you can run a copy of any data among the two applications. Invoices generation will be easy for you and your sales team. 
  2. Whenever you deal with any particular client or customer and generate invoices against it you have to track whether the customer has paid the bill or not. One can do this without the pipedrive application.
  3. Any time you can run, view or analyze the sales history.
  4. The merger will help you go for the error free entries in the sales report
  5. Save your time and take extra charge of other goals where technology can’t lead. 
  6. QuickBooks Pipedrive integration will allow you generate new leads via chat box and email marketing. 
  7. Any time you can communicate with your potential client to take the following after the accurate record check. 
  8. Customization of the data following your need will make you rely on it in a more trustworthy way. 
  9. Get the latest updates on your dashboard without going to two different apps to expend the efficiency of your employees and sales department. 
  10. High-grade security features from Pipedrive and QuickBooks give you alerts of any data suspect. 

How to Go for Pipedrive QuickBooks Integration?

How to Go for Pipedrive QuickBooks Integration?

For the smooth integration of Pipedrive and QuickBooks online, follow the below steps. 

  1. Choose “QuickBooks’ from “Tools and Applications” and then “Invoicing” to merge QuickBooks and Pipedrive. 
  2. The Pipedrive marketplace page will be on the screen. Finish the installation and access the app with account details. 
  3. Uninstall the software from “Tools and Applications” following “Marketplace Apps.”
  4. After the login details verification of QuickBooks you will be redirected to Pipedrive settings. 
  5. In the preparation of an invoice select “Pipedrive fields” and “Due-date” for configuration among QuickBooks and Pipedrive.
  6. Fill the required details to complete QuickBooks Pipedrive integration.
  7. Click on the save button and start generating the bills or invoices against your customers.

The Final Note

With the help of this article, you can finish the pipedrive QuickBooks integration process with ease. Moreover, you can do multiple jobs within a few clicks. Sales reporting and invoice generation is prime in this case. Still, you have any query regarding QuickBooks and other integration compatible applications, you can get in touch with us.. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Does Pipeline CRM Integrate with QuickBooks?

Yes, with the Pipeline CRM integration with QuickBooks, you can add or control new customers via contacts saved in your Pipedrive account already. 

Q.2 Can You Invoice From Pipedrive?

Yes, selecting invoicing from the reporting tools and apps section of the software, you can create, view, share and receive invoices from Pipedrive. 

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