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Error codes are probably nothing new to you if you’re a business owner who frequently uses QuickBooks. The QuickBooks POS Error Code 181016, however, can be particularly annoying because it appears when you attempt to open or convert QBs POS files. We’ll outline four solutions to QuickBooks POS issue 181016 in this post. Numerous factors can lead to this issue, but by following these instructions, you can resolve it and resume your tasks. Let’s begin.

What is QuickBooks POS Error Code 181016?

QuickBooks error 181016 prevails when you can’t open your company file in QuickBooks POS or are not able to upgrade QBs Point of Sale to the latest release. An error message will flash on your screen “Problem could not open the QuickBooks Point of Sale data” or error 181021 “Problem could not create company”. But no need to worry as we are going to look at the causes, system requirements, and fixing solutions that will resolve your issue.

System Requirements Needed to Use POS Application

Make sure that you will be able to meet the system requirements for QuickBooks. So, that your QBs POS work fluently.

windows 7

  • 8 GB RAM is needed.
  • 1 GB disk space is expected.
  • Your screen should be 1280*768 bigger in size.
  • You need a 2GHz processor speed.
  • It works on Windows 7 or on the latest version of OS.

Possible Causes of QuickBooks POS Error Code 181016

The cause of QuickBooks POS error 181016 can be many but you must eliminate the QuickBooks error 181016 from its root in order to fix it. You must be aware of its causes, which are as follows:

signed in as an admin

  • Your TCP or IP address is damaged or corrupted.
  • You might have signed in as an Administrator.
  • Many versions of QBs POS have been installed by you.
  • The system’s firewall is the barrier.
  • This error appears because you haven’t used a distinct company name.
  • If you are facing an issue in QBs Point of Sale company file.

Fixing Solutions of QuickBooks POS Error Code 181016 

When QuickBooks POS problem 181016 shows on your display, your first task is to resolve it. However, understanding what it is and how it impacts your system is more crucial. After you have got a basic understanding, now is the time to resolve QuickBooks error 181016.

Solution 1: Change the Name of Company File

Sometimes the file that you are using might be blocked by an antivirus. So, to fix it out you need to change the name of the file by looking at the steps below:

Change the Name of Company File

  • Firstly, keep backup of QBs company file.
  • Then verify the location for your company file.
  • Now, move to the location and choose File.
  • After that, click on Rename and change the name.
  • Lastly, press Yes to verify the process.

Solution 2: Sign in as an Administrator

It might be possible that you haven’t given the right to other users. So, you are not able to update anything. In that case, you need to sign in as Admin by following the instructions:

Sign in as an Administrator

  • Hold Windows Key + R, you will get the Run window. Type up Control Panel & hit Enter.
  • Go to the Control Panel and look for User Accounts.
  • Now, try to open User Accounts and click on Manage another account.
  • Lastly, verify if you sign in as Administrator.
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Solution 3: Check ‘Company File Using a Unique Name’ 

You have noticed that 2 company files might have the same name. In order to fix this error you need to check it by giving 1 company file a unique name. For that look at the procedure below:

  • Choose File then select Company Operations.
  • Then go to the Open Existing Company.
  • Now look for instances of a similar company name in the Existing Company Data box, and if you find any, delete or rename them.

Solution 4: Make a ‘New Company File’

To fix QuickBooks POS error 181016, you need to create a new company file which will eliminate this error. Just follow these simple steps:

Make a New Company File

  • Sign in as Administrator and navigate the file.
  • Tap on Company Operations.
  • Now, choose Create a New Company and write a very uncommon name to check it.

Alternative Solution that You Can Try

  • You can look for QBs POS Troubleshoot Connection Tool.
  • Ensure Firewall is not causing the problem.
  • Make sure that TCP/IP is enabled.
  • Verify your QuickBooks Database Manager and make sure the file is not damaged.

Final Say

When you are unable to upgrade QBs Point of Sale to the most recent version or are not able to open a company file in QBs, then QuickBooks POS error code 181016 will appear. You can immediately fix QuickBooks Error 181016 using our step by step guide. However, we have also given you backup plans that you can use in case the aforementioned steps don’t turn out to be effective.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How to resolve error code C 272 in QuickBooks?

  • Open the original company file in QBs.
  • Create a sample company file
  • Turn off compatibility mode in QBW32.exe file.

Q2. How to fix error C 47 in QuickBooks?

  • Upgrade QuickBooks.
  • Setup internet settings.
  • Use Quick Repair.
  • Run the Verify and Rebuild data tool.

Q3. How to update QuickBooks?

  • Access QuickBooks help menu by opening it.
  • Go to the drop-down menu and choose QuickBooks update.
  • Then click on update and tap on Get Updates.
  • The new updates will be downloaded.

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