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The best way to know a car and its features is to take it for a test drive. What if we tell you, you can do the same with QuickBooks? Yes, you heard it right. QuickBooks offers a demo for its users, famously known as QBO test drive to help them explore each and every aspect of the software. The best part about QuickBooks test drive is that you can operate QuickBooks like you normally would but with a demo company file. Therefore, any blunders made during the QuickBooks online test drive will not at all affect your work.

We know you’re thrilled to learn about this further. To make it more interesting, QBO’s advanced test drive is completely secure. Since you don’t have to sign in, connect any bank account, or even use a real company. So, without any delay, let’s proceed.

QBO Test Drive: An Overview

The thing about selecting the right accounting software is that there is no room for mistakes. Any mistake can lead to huge losses. Therefore, QuickBooks offers this amazing QuickBooks online test drive feature. It is a demo of how each function of QuickBooks works and how one can operate the software. If you want to learn, all you have to do is create a demo company file and you’re all set for QBO test drive QuickBooks online. 

QuickBooks online test Drive

This will allow you to make invoices, pay bills, maintain accounts, and perform any other function you’d normally perform in your QuickBooks accounting software. But the twist is, you will not be operating a real company, but a sample one. Hence, even if things go south, there will not be any consequences. Cherry on top is that there isn’t any requirement to sign in. You’ll get a sample account to run your sample company.

Summing up, the advanced QBO test drive is a demo for you to learn and experience the use of each and every feature of QuickBooks with a sample company. You can experiment and test QuickBooks features so that when you actually operate it using your real company, you will not make blunders and run it like a pro.

QBO Test Drive: Important Things To Know

There’s always more when it comes to QuickBooks. Before you get started on the QBO test drive journey, there are some things you need to catch on to. Below we’ve enlisted important pin pointers:

  • QBO test drive QuickBooks online is available in only a few countries. Therefore, make sure you check if it is available to you before starting.
  • When you run a sample company and decide to purchase a subscription, your data will not be carried on your subscribed account.
  • Since you are using a sample account, there is absolutely no need to connect the bank account. Moreover, test drive QBO does not permit connecting the same.
  • Suppose, there comes a time when you decide to purchase a subscription. But you want your sample account data to transfer to your subscription account. We recommend you go for the trial version first.

Characteristics of QBO Test Drive

We know by now you’d be eager to get started with the QBO advanced test drive. However, it is important to learn about the features that you’ll be working on within the QuickBooks online test drive. The best part is, that you will experience using every feature except for connecting your bank account, that is, for security reasons. There are several other features. This is just a list of a handful of them, only for your information.

qbo test drive


QuickBooks Online has a dashboard where you can view different reports and other features. You can experience the dashboard with the advanced QuickBooks test drive with your sample company. The test drive QuickBooks online offers a fully functional dashboard with access to all features.

Modify Reports

You know QuickBooks is accounting software and accounting is impossible without reports like Profit and Loss Statements or Purchase Orders. QBO Test Drive allows you to preview and modify these reports. You can track how your sample company is doing by looking into these reports. All you have to do is navigate to the reports tab, you’ll see some features on top and others when you scroll.

The Inventory Tracking

If you really want to familiarize yourself with the features of QuickBooks, you’ll have to work with your sample company as you would with a real one. Therefore, you can also access the inventory feature in the QuickBooks test drive advanced. Here, you can track your inventory and stock. Having said that, you can even track inventory surplus or deficit and therefore manage it accordingly.

Personalized Invoice

Test drive QuickBooks online offers a whole lot of templates for invoices. You can use them or start fresh. You can design invoices as you wish and have full control over it. The point of this feature is that you can prepare yourself for creating customized invoices for your clients.

Create Form 1099

Running a company, you need to give details to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) about every income. That is what form 1099 is for. You can create a 1099 tax form in test drive QuickBooks online without any charges, solely for practice. You can even learn to file it with the Internal Revenue Service(IRS).

QBO Test Drive: System Requirements

When users get knowledge about any such feature that thrills them, it is normal human tendency to wonder what they’ll benefit from it. Well, for starters users get a chance to test, explore, and experience QuickBooks features. However, there are certain system requirements you need to meet:

  • A fixed and good connection to the internet.
  • A well-working up to date browser.
  • In case you are operating a QuickBooks online test drive on your mobile, you need to download Chrome or Safari for Android and IOS respectively. 

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QuickBooks Test Drive: Let’s Get Started

As already mentioned, the QBO test drive advanced feature is not available in all countries, only a few. Here’s a list of countries where you can operate test drive QuickBooks online:

  • United Kingdom
  • India
  • United States of America (advanced version also available)
  • Singapore
  • France
  • Australia
  • Canada

After making sure that the QBO advanced test drive is available in your country, you can finally get started if it is. Here’s how you can access the free QuickBooks online test drive feature on your system:

  • Start by opening your internet browser.
  • In the search field, type https://quickbooks.intuit.com/online/advanced/test-drive/ and press the enter key.
  • You’ll see the test drive now button, hit it.
  • Next, go through security verification.
  • Press continue after successful verification.
  • You will automatically be signed into your sample company for a demo.

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QBO Test Drive: Clearing Security Concerns

clearing security concerns

Many of you might be wondering if using QuickBooks online test drive is safe. The straightforward answer is yes! First of all, you will not be operating on your real company, but a demo one. Any mishaps or blunders will not cause harm to you. Therefore, your original company will not be affected by what you do in your sample company.

Secondly, the advanced QuickBooks test drive does not allow you to connect your bank account. This is because you are operating a sample company and you don’t need a bank account for that. Therefore, for your own safety, you are deprived of the bank account feature from the QBO test drive.

Lastly, you do not need to sign in or make any account for that matter. You are given a sample account, in which you are automatically logged in when you start the QuickBooks test drive advanced. Again, any mishaps will not cause any consequences to you or your accounts and company.


Encapsulating the QuickBooks test drive is that it is a demo for users who are either new to QuickBooks or who want to experience, test, and learn QuickBooks features or both. Moreover, it is safe to say that this feature is completely secure. You are not allowed to add a bank account or even sign into any account as a matter of fact. You are provided a sample account to operate your sample company to learn and experiment with QuickBooks features. This is a great opportunity for those who are indecisive if they want to select QuickBooks as their accounting pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

Intuit launched a QuickBooks test drive feature, that is, users can access each and every QuickBooks feature without having to connect any account with a sample company file. Therefore, the user interface of the QBO test drive is exactly like the normal QuickBooks interface.

Yes, QuickBooks offers you to run a demo company in order to test QuickBooks features or even check and resolve errors. You can open a demo company in QuickBooks by:

  • Open QuickBooks.
  • In case your company file opens up automatically, close it. (File menu >> Select close company)
  • A message box will pop up saying no company is open.
  • Hit the open sample file option.

QuickBooks test account offers a whole lot of roles. These are:

  • Standard user
  • Company admin
  • Reports-only user
  • Custom user
  • Take payments only user
  • Limited (Customers and Sales)
  • Primary Admin
  • Time tracking only user
  1. Go to the QuickBooks Online Test Drive website.
  2. Choose the “Payroll” feature in the sample company.
  3. Explore payroll features, create paychecks, and practice using the Test Drive environment.

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