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When it comes to tax preparation, the Turbotax software is favored. This incredible software help users get benefits on their annual tax return and can be accessed via or through the CD. The TurboTax software can be installed on your Windows, Mac, and even mobiles.

Presently, many people are moving towards this incredible tax preparation software but facing difficulties in Turbotax download and installation. This complete guide on Turbotax software covers the basic requirements for its versions and the download and installation steps for different OS. So, let’s begin.

Basic Requirements For TurboTax Software - System Requirements

In order to perform a smooth installation and use of TurboTax, it is crucial to meet its basic requirements. If you want to use the latest version of turbotax then download turbotax 2021. Below are the requirements for TurboTax versions from 2016 to 2021:-

Operating System For Turbotax Versions

2021: Windows 8.1 or higher, macOS Catalina 10.15 or later

2020: Windows 8 or higher, macOS Mojave 10.14 or later 

2019: Windows 10, Windows 8.0/8.1. macOS High Sierra 10.13 or later

2017 2018: Windows 7 or later, macOS X v10.11 or later 

2016: Windows Vista (SP 2 or later), macOS X v10.9 or higher

Hard Drive Space

2020 – 2021: 1 GB for Windows & Mac

2016 – 2019: 650 MB on Windows & Mac


2019 – 2021: 2 GB or higher

CD/DVD Drive – For installation from the CD.

How To Installturbotax Using CD/DVD Drive?

If you’ve purchased the TurboTax 2021 download CD, you can installturbotax using the following steps:

  • To start with, close all of the running applications from your system.
  • Then, make sure to temporarily disable your firewall and antivirus.
  • Next, take out your TurboTax CD and insert it into your CD-ROM. 
  • Now, launch “This-PC” and visit “CD: Drive”.
  • Then, run the setup.exe and click “Next”.
  • After that, tap “I-Agree” to agree with the agreement.
  • Now, tap “Change” to change the location of the installation files.
  • Finally, tap “Install” to finish the installation.

Note: The installation process may take 3 or 5 minutes as per your system performance. After that, launch turbotax premier 2020 or whatever version you’ve installed.

Installation Procedure Via InstallTurboTax.Com - Download Turbotax Online

The turbotax 2021 download and installation can be done via CD and online via For turbotax download online, follow these:

  • First, Visit TurboTax official website.
  • Then, ensure to have the license code handy.
  • Now, reach
  • Finally, either login or create an account.

Create An Account

The steps to create an account for are as follows: 

  • Start with clicking “Create An Account”.
  • First, fill the email address.
  • Then, the User ID.
  • Next, Phone number.
  • Now, the Password.
  • Finally, click on “Create-Account”.

Sign In

After you create an account or already have one, visit and scroll down to select the “Sign In” option. Thereafter, follow these:

  • Primarily, enter your User ID.
  • Then, provide Password.
  • Finally, click “Sign In”.

After you sign in to your Turbotax account, select the Turbotax product that you ordered or wish to order. The following Turbotax products are available for download:

  • Basic
  • Deluxe
  • Business
  • Home & Business
  • Turbotax Premier 2020

Note: Your system may take a while to download the software. After that, repeat the above process to installturbotax for tax filing purposes. 

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Steps To Install TurboTax App On iPhone

The Turbotax software offers its users to download turbotax 2021 and use the product on iPhones. It allows you to file federal and state taxes conveniently. Here’s how:

  • Start with launching your iPhone’s App Store. 
  • Then, use the search bar to locate “TurboTax”.
  • Next, when the TurboTax app appears, tap on “Get”.
  • Now, the application will begin downloading. 
  • Then, run “TurboTax” and create an account or log in accordingly.
  • Finally, start filing your tax returns from your iPhone.

How to use TurboTax On An Android?

The steps to use TurboTax for Android are quite similar to iPhones, Follow these:

  • Primarily, visit “Google Play Store”.
  • Then, search the “TurboTax” app.
  • Finally, download and launch it.

Now, you can use Turbotax on your android for filing your tax returns.

An Overview On How TurboTax Works

How Turbotax Works

Users often wonder how does the Turbotax work, so let’s check it out. The Turbotax software asks users some basic questions regarding their life that affect their taxes. 

When you answer these questions, the software prepares a deductions and credits file to apply in the tax form and hence helps users save on their taxes.

Furthermore, the calculations of Turbotax software are 100% accurate and include the newest tax laws for a reliable tax filing process.

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TurboTax stands out as a favored tax preparation software. To ensure a smooth installation, users must meet the basic requirements for their specific TurboTax version. We have outlined steps for downloading and utilizing the app for tax filing on mobile devices. However, the software computes deductions and credits, ensuring accurate calculations while incorporating the latest tax laws. Overall, TurboTax offers a comprehensive solution for users seeking a reliable and user-friendly tool for their annual tax preparation.

Frequently Asked Questions

In case you bought the CD for TurboTax but your system doesn’t have a CD Drive, you can download the software from its official website. Just make sure to keep the license of your CD handy.

To cancel the subscription of your TurboTax 2020 download, you need to remove all the products from your TurboTax Advantage account. Here’s how:

  • First, access your TurboTax Advantage account by signing in.
  • Then, on the right side, select “TurboTax-Advantage”.
  • Now, Under each of the products, click “Remove-Product”.
  • Finally, after you remove all the products the auto-renewal feature will be cancelled.

In order to install Turbotax without CD, follow these instructions:

  • First, visit
  • Then, choose, create or sign in for your account.
  • Next, provide the license code and select the OS.
  • Now, choose the product and hit “Download”.
  • Finally, install the software and continue using it.

If you bought the TurboTax CD, you’ll find the license code printed at the top of your CD. Moreover, If you purchased the TurboTax from the website, you’ll get the license code on its packing slip.

To download TurboTax 2021:

  • Visit the official TurboTax website.
  • Choose the version based on your tax situation.
  • Sign in to start your tax return and select the download option.
  • Choose your operating system (Windows/Mac).
  • Download the installer and follow the on-screen instructions.

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