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When you are a businessman, freelancer, or an individual handling multiple records with significant changes, it is always a great idea to go through a deep analysis of everything you choose in or out of the market such as accounting software like QuickBooks and Wave. If you are to decide which one is perfect for your entity, then you should be with us. Here, we will give you a complete comparison of Wave Vs QuickBooks in the easiest way possible. Let’s begin. 

Overview of Wave: Wave vs Quickbooks

Wave is a completely free package of “Cloud-based” accounting software. Though, free is quite attractive to those who don’t want to invest a costly amount in managing their finances. However, they may miss several features compared to paid programs like Quickbooks. If we go forward for more about Wave for QuickBooks Vs Wave Accounting, we get features like bookkeeping, payment processing, and invoicing. The setup process is quick and easy for the solopreneurs because the Wave account allows only one user access to the platform. Moreover, the one who wants a simple solution to track expenses must adopt Wave. 

Overview of Wave

Pros and Cons of Wave 


  • Send ceaseless invoices to get online payment at a lower cost.
  • Easy to Use and make settings
  • Record and manage the bills. 
  • Receive and print receipts
  • Get the desired accounting reports
  • Inbuilt integration with Google sheets & Paypal
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  • Not suitable for large business or their accounting requirements
  • Category-wise income and expenses explanation
  • Bank statement issues, the credit card transactions
  • Customer services

Latest Features of Wave 2023

  • With the maximum modification of the accounting software, it has added some settings in the user management section. 
  • Now, you can invite another user for the specific performance of your business and software. 
  • For a particular report, invoice, or any other document, it has Viewers, Payroll manager, Admin, or Editor options. 
  • The user who has the viewer option can not benefit from edit roles. 
  •  Editors are not rightful for modification of Wave settings, credit card payment view, or bank connection checkings. 
  • Furthermore, the payroll managers can go for the payroll tab only. 
  • Admins are the most potent setting where it can access anything anywhere because of absolute rights. 
  • Within the Wave app, the user can apply for insurance.
  • For workers’ welfare! It has added the next insurance features that automatically get processed via the payroll feature. 

Latest Features of Wave 2023

When to Choose Wave?

Wave accounting Vs QuickBooks have different factors to convenience their users. The main difference is the free and paid versions. Here we will talk about why one must choose wave.

  1. The first reason is when you don’t have money to buy the software. It is free and available for everyone seeking an accounting platform for finance-related calculations.  
  2. If you are a small business group owner, a freelancer, a writer, or a consultant with 1 to 9 employees. 
  3. No technical complications with the usage. Simple configuration of every feature. 
  4. Wave contains “optical character recognition” & endless “cloud storage” for receipts. You can scan the receipt effortlessly. 
  5. Ecommerce Integration feature.
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When Not to Choose Wave? (Wave vs Quickbooks)

  1. Wave is not appropriate for large industries. It can track the basics of inventories, and other solid features are accessible in software like QuickBooks Desktop and online. 
  2. Few employees max 10 are acceptable in the Wave. If you want to keep every pinpoint detail of your employees, you won’t be able to pursue it. Try another option.
  3. It doesn’t support critical analysis, three-way reconciliation, or a Point of Sale integration system. Therefore, it is not good for law firms, construction firms, restaurants, and retailers. 

Wave vs Quickbooks

Overview of QuickBooks: Wave vs QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a paid accounting software developed by Intuit. It is a cloud-based application that helps businesses to record their income and expenses with complete modification access whenever required. Multiple business owners of a small, medium, or large can buy the software on the fixed-time subscription package. See the Different Products of QuickBooks

  • QuickBooks Online: Suitable for small businesses for their financial record
  • QuickBooks Pro: Medium-sized businesses can adopt this software
  • QuickBooks Self-Employed: Freelancers’ product
  • QuickBooks Premier: Large Business
  • QuickBooks Mac: Mac Users
  • QuickBooks Premier: Niche industries

Overview of QuickBooks

Pros and Cons of QuickBooks

  • Compatible with third-party applications. 
  • Clear and sound accounting reports
  • Access from multiple devices, like Phones, computers, or tablets.
  • Winner of Wave vs QuickBooks
  • Customer, and client information savings
  • Easy to use to find, record or edit/fix the errors.
  • Direct Professional support is not available 
  • Limits the users product-to-product basis
  • Occasional errors while running the software
  • Data backup and duplicate copy issue
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Latest Features of QuickBooks Desktop

Financial transactions demand a high-security level. Intuit has made several changes in the Bank related transactions and statements. Let’s see some of them.

  • Apart from bank downloads, banks can directly connect with the upcoming version.
  •  It can help you download financial data automatically and provide bank or credit card information. 
  • Desktop Plus, Enterprise also can track vehicle mileage. 
  • A new cash flow hub is helpful to verify and manage the cash flow in the business or the industry. 
  • Desktop Pro, Plus, Accountant Plus, Premier Plus can have a new node card reader. 
  • In the team Quickbooks and Equifax, the employment and earning verification is automatic and safe. Employees can quickly get a response for their loan and credit requirements from Equifax. 

Prices for Wave Vs Quickbooks Online

Prices for Wave Vs Quickbooks Online

Wave is free of cost, even in 2023. However, QuickBooks Online 2023 has a price list. Let’s consider them from the list. 

  1. $30/month for QuickBooks Online simple start
  2. $55/month for QuickBooks Online essentials.
  3. $85/month for QuickBooks Online plus
  4. $200/month for QuickBooks Online advance
  5. 30% off on the current retail price & $20 for every extra file for QuickBooks Online multi-Company Package.

Prices for QuickBooks Desktop Products (Wave VS Quickbooks)

There is no discount on 2023 products from official sources. 

  1. $549/month for QuickBooks 2023 Desktop Pro Plus
  2. $549/month for QuickBooks 2023 Desktop Mac Plus
  3. $799/month for QuickBooks 2023 Desktop Premier Plus
  4. $799 (Premier bundle) for QuickBooks 2023 Proadvisor
  5. $1299 (Enterprise bundle) for QuickBooks 2023 ProAdvisor
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When to Choose QuickBooks?

  1. If you want a complete package of basic to advanced-level accounting features with payment plans, you should choose QuickBooks.
  2. Moreover, if you deal with retail or a great number of employees and want every single detail about them. Choose QuickBooks Desktop Premier.
  3. If- a plan is to expand your business in different spheres, go for QuickBooks. 
  4. The free version, Wave, cannot satisfy your business requirements, whether for bookkeeping, inventory management, payroll feature, POS, vehicle mileage, advance level reporting, & more. 
  5. Multiple user access on a single account.

When Not to Choose QuickBooks?

  1. When desiring free access to the features of QuickBooks
  2. Error-free experience
  3. Key reporting outside the software
  4. Can’t cooperate with multiple versions 

The Bottom Line 

That’s all from our side. We hope this analysis will help you choose between Wave VS Quickbooks. This thorough guide contains several factors that are highlights of both software. Wave saves you money by giving you basic accounting features. On the other hand, QuickBooks has all basic- to advance features with maximum user satisfaction. All in all, you must consider your needs, budget, and other business requirements when looking to choose your accounting software. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 – Does Wave Integrate With QuickBooks?

Answer – Zapier is an E-commerce integration feature that helps you send any information from QuickBooks online to Wave-free accounting software.

Q.2 – Does Wave Export to QuickBooks?

Answer – No, it doesn’t connect directly with QuickBooks. So, if you want to export transaction details, customer reports, and more, you have to transfer it in the ZIP file to CSV or Excel files first, then to QuickBooks.

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